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15 Tips For Decorating Your Office

12 October 2021

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. But, in the same breath, all play and no work makes Jack a mere toy. No one knows who this boisterous character is, but his constant struggle rings true to the challenges we face daily throughout our workdays.

When your job becomes too solemn, it’s hard to get things done. On the flip side, when things get too playful, you get distracted and are more likely to skip the fine print. The only option that most of us have is to ride this roller-coaster of shifting moods, reach the end, then get back in line for the next ride.

But did you know that you can “play” at work and still get things done? Sure, it sounds far-fetched but takes a moment to meditate on the words of one of the world’s leading graphic design virtuosos. 

“My work is play. And I play when I design. I even looked it up in the dictionary, to make sure that I actually do that, and the definition of 'play,' number one, was 'engaging in a childlike activity or endeavour,' and number two was 'gambling.' And I realize I do both when I'm designing.”

                                                                                                                      ― Paula Scher

Play at work starts with making the office more inviting and energizing. If that sounds like a tall order, then fret not because we’ve put together some of the best tips for decorating your office.

An Energising Coat of Paint

An Energising Coat of Paint

Without intending to or even realizing it, you intently stare at computer screens for most of the day. However, that’s not to say that your peripheral vision skips on noticing the details of your surroundings. Let’s face it; there’s nothing worse than constantly feasting your eyes on a drab and uninspiring wall.

Cheerful and bright colours such as sky blue and orange can help you set the jovial tone. If you like something more calming, you can go for subtle pastel pallets like olive green or a mild purple. But, you don’t want the space to look too busy so stay away from polarizing patterns or bright neon shades.  

Take Advantage of Windows

Decorating your office sometimes entails laying out furniture in a way that leverages each square inch. But, having a view can help in engaging your inner sense of wonderment. So, it may be wise to position your stunning office table and chair set in a way that lets you stare out your windows.  

It’s also essential to have an inspiring set of curtains or blinds. This helps block out the sun when it gets too bright or ensures privacy whenever you need it.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top

Stick to a Theme

There’s a thin line between functional and tacky office decorations. Tacky comes off as forced, plastic, or vane, while functional designs roll elegantly with whatever theme you pick. So, it’s important to stick to a limited colour pallet and avoid polarizing patterns.

Your theme should also be practical to your field of work. For instance, if you’re a lawyer, stick to subtle artwork or appropriate novelty items. But, if you’re a designer, such a theme wouldn’t speak to your creativity. So, go with a theme that encourages your clients to trust in your industry-related skills.

Remember the Ergonomics

Resist the temptation to sacrifice functionality when conforming to a set theme. For instance, you can find a novelty chair that looks amazing, but it hurts your back. In this case, getting a comfortable ergonomic chair supersedes the need for aesthetics, even if it goes against your theme.

Inspiring Artwork

Hanging a few paintings or posters on the wall is a subtle yet alluring way of decorating your office. You can also get some framed pictures, sculptures, or artisanal handicrafts for your desk. The beauty of art is that it provides an instant source of inspiration in almost all circumstances. 

Remember that art is purely subjective, so insist on what you like. You can find loads of great conversational pieces at your local flea market, artist’s studios, or online platforms like Etsy. Ensure that you get something that matches the conversational tone of your core business.

Office Furniture

Office Furniture 

Selecting the right furniture can help you set an appropriate tone when decorating your office. There are no rules here, so feel free to express yourself through your choice of office furniture. You can go for a decadent yet functional  Standing Desk. And, why not throw in a hot pink or azure blue Home Office Chair while you’re at it? Such statement pieces decorate your office while serving a practical function; the furniture enhances your visual aesthetics while addressing your ergonomic concerns.

Add Some Potted Plants or Flower Vases  

A few potted plants are an excellent way to decorate your office. The lush greens and succulent undertones of flowers add a dash of colour to any dull-looking space. They offer a great opportunity to distract yourself from a drab business. Most people prefer ferns for their bushy but uncrowded look. But, you could also go for a needleless cactus if you’re not too fond of watering. You could also get a bonsai or any other choice of a miniature tree if you’d like to add a sense of adventure to your general theme. 

On the other hand, it doesn’t need to be all about the plants. You can also make a personal statement with your selection of vases or pots. Pick colours and patterns that speak to your sense of style, but keeping in general theme with the intended workspace decoration.

modern table lamp ta1001


Fluorescent tubes and incandescent light bulbs are slowly getting phased out of the market. Why? Because they aren’t energy-efficient, and they create a drowsy atmosphere. The good news is that there’s a quick and easy fix- add a few LED light bulbs or strip lights.   

A Snack Bar

Having a few snacks between meals is an office tradition that existed long before we had formal offices. They supplement your calorie intake and ensure that your body holds before you’re able to sit down to a proper meal. Energy bars, nuts, and muesli can even ensure that you have enough energy to focus on work when you skip lunch. You can place your snacks in beautifully crafted mason jars, and this serves as supplementary decoration for your office.

Candy bars, gum, and other sweets come in attractive packaging. So why not take advantage of this and use their vibrance to spark life to your desk- stack them in a jar or spread them on a tray; the choice is yours! 

cable management tray

Rein In the Technological Chaos

Computers, printers, and other electronic devices are an integral part of the modern workplace. However, they occupy loads of space and come with the extra menace that is cables, which can be an eye-sore if not properly managed.

A cable management tray provides an excellent solution for your cable management needs. It neatly routes your cables and holds your plugs and extensions, ensuring optimum neatness. This also makes it easier to plug or unplug your devices. You can also take it a step further by getting fabric cord covers or adding strips of neon duct tape. It may feel whimsy, but the goal is to achieve a working space that speaks to you and recharges you throughout the working day.

Trophies, Awards, and Commendations

You’ve probably noticed a college diploma, awards, and other citations prominently hanging on a wall at your doctor’s office. Sure, these serve as decorations and embellishments, but they do more than that. They are a sign that someone recognized your doctor’s efforts in their field. 

It’s different for each field. Military officers and members of the defence forces rock their badges during official ceremonies, and besides the decorative aspect, the citizens are able to recognize the acts of service the soldier has made in honour of his country.

You can do the same in your office; you do not have to be a doctor, an astronaut, or even a rock star. It doesn’t have to be an Oscar to be displayed- you can even frame and hang your professional license. It will fill up an otherwise empty space while giving your clients a sense of professional aptitude. 

Personal Novelty Items

Personal Novelty Items 

Play at work sometimes means engaging your inner child in the efforts to ignite that spark of creativity. Nothing evokes this sense more than having objects that draw out your inner kid to come out and play. This could be anything from a children’s book, miniature auto replicas, Raggedy Anne dolls, or action figures.

The best part is that you can place them anywhere in the office as decorations. You can mount them on your walls, place them on shelves or have them on your desktop. If you have a child that’s outgrown a particular toy, you can adopt it as a memento and reminder as to why you work so hard.

Engage the Senses

For most people, engaging their senses when decorating revolves around two senses; touch and sight. There’s usually a complete oversight on the productivity-enhancing properties of working in an aromatic workspace. Your office may not stick but adding a distinctive scent creates a sense of style or elegance. This follows the same principle as wearing perfume and deodorant to enhance your sense of personal grooming.

There are many ways to go about such an initiative. Putting essential oils inside deodorizers or mini dehumidifiers works for most people. Aroma candles serve the same purpose and have the extra advantage of being highly decorative. Above all, regardless of your delivery method, there are so many energizing scents to choose from, such as peppermint, sage, or coffee. Pick one that works for you and make your office a pleasant space to be in.

Carpets, Mats or Rugs

Carpets, Mats or Rugs

Perfectly tiled floors or flawless hardwood floors make your office look great. But, there’s nothing much you can do with them while playing around with a colour theme. Here’s where carpeting comes to save the day.

You don’t even have to cover the entire floor. Just a tiny covered patch can add a much-deserved pop of colour to the overall look. Feel free to express yourself, but ensure the rug, carpet, or mat your pic doesn’t clash with your chosen theme.

It’s All Up to You

Decorating your office involves working gradually towards a desirable theme. However, it’s essential not to sacrifice functionality and overall ergonomics when decorating. Start by picking an office chair with lumbar support, then pair it with a functional office desk- the rest falls naturally in place with the tips highlighted above.

Make your space as inviting and playful as possible because you spend the larger part of your day in your office. You can also “steal” a few ideas when visiting other offices or from sites like Pinterest.