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14 Fitness Products You Need in Your Home

07 January 2022

Want to exercise more often but can't afford a gym membership or go to expensive fitness classes? These are just excuses! These home exercise basics will let you burn off your calories without the need for a club membership. To construct a home workout area that suits you, pick and select from our curated collection of 14 fitness products you need in your home

Bike Workstation V9

Bike Workstation V9

The Home Office All-in-One Desk Bike will help you stay active, healthy, and productive all in one go! You can burn calories while sitting all day. The bike has a Pneumatic Adjustment Lever that allows you to adjust the height according to your preferences. It even has a stunning integrated digital display that allows you to monitor your speed, the number of calories burned, and workout times.

Eight resistance levels will allow you to go from light activity to a robust hard-core workout routine anytime you like. The superior comfort seating, spacious desktop, and gravity casters that can lock in help support your workout.

The bike operates at whisper-quality and runs smoothly. Plus, you don't have to worry about assembly at all! There is no need to bring out the tools since all you need to do is attach the bike to your desktop.

Extra-Thick Premium Yoga Mat by Gaiam

This workout mat is a versatile piece of workout equipment that you can use for anything from stretching and yoga poses to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and weightlifting.

While there are many possibilities, the Gaiam Extra-Thick Premium Yoga Mat is among the best since it is inexpensive, comes in various colors and designs, and is simple to clean. It also has a textured nonslip surface to ensure you are safe and secure as you sweat.

Furthermore, the mat is extra-thick, featuring 6 mm of cushioning, and weighs barely 3 pounds to keep you comfy on nearly any surface.

Dumbbells by Neoprene

The Good Housekeeping Institute's fitness specialists regularly examine dumbbells and hand weights for grip comfort, durability, and stability. We also consider how these goods will appear in your house and how functional they are.

Amazon Basics does an excellent job with the training equipment for the pricing, and it's difficult to find a better deal than the Neoprene dumbbells. You may choose between a pair of two weights ranging from 1 to 20 pounds and a pair of 2, 3, or 5-pound weights. We recommend the Rubber Encased Hex Hand Dumbbells if you're seeking heavier weights.


Image Source: GoFit


Given their solid build and ergonomic grip, these kettlebells were our top selection throughout our kettlebell testing. The kettlebell's seamless vinyl base will not damage your flooring, and it is available in several weight sizes, making it a fantastic option for home workouts.

Resistance Bands by Whatafit

Resistance bands are a compact and cost-effective solution to increase intensity for the exercise if you're short on space.

Remember that most resistance bands are color-coded as per the tension level while buying. As a result, buying a set is the most incredible option for optimum adaptability. Many items also come with attachments like door anchors and handle to help you expand the ranges of motion and execute more workouts.

The Whatafit bands are indeed a terrific choice since they provide up to 50 pounds of resistance to allow you to build and shape your muscles.

Along with the five resistance bands, the set comes with a door anchor, two ankle straps, two handles, and even a travel bag to keep everything together.

Adjustable Weight Bench from FLYBIRD

There's no question that the Adjustable Weight Bench is an essential item for any home gym, with more than 12,000 reviews online, more than 50% of which are five stars. The bench can be readily adjusted for full-body exercise and has four seats and six back configurations.

You won't be worried about it ripping or breaking very soon since it's built of high-quality steel and long-lasting leather. The bench is also foldable, wholly constructed, and capable of supporting 600 pounds for a secure and steady exercise.

Freestanding Punching Bag by FITVEN

Image Source: Amazon

Freestanding Punching Bag by FITVEN

A freestanding punching bag and boxing gloves are a terrific purchase if you like kickboxing, boxing, or mixed martial arts (MMA).

This FITVEN punching bag is robust and flexible, measuring 70 inches tall. Due to a network of springs, it's also meant to absorb stress and minimize noise better than other competitors in the market. It's also freestanding, which means you won't have to bother about fastening it to the ceiling.

It's worth mentioning, though, that while you may use water to fill the foundation, the firm advises using sand for improved stability.

Medicine Ball with Weights

According to reviewers, these sturdy balls, which have a 4.7 from a 5-star rating on Amazon, are tiny and provide a fantastic grip due to the rough surface. They are also made to rebound a bit when it hits hard surfaces. During exercises, medicine balls are excellent for increasing muscle strength and stability.

Resistance Bands for Exercise

This popular resistance band set comes with four bands of differing strengths:

Black=very heavy.

This resistance band set comes with four bands of differing strengths. They're small enough to fit in your bag while you're on the road. You can use them for both lower and upper body activities.

GoFit Equipment High-Density Mat from BalanceFrom

Image Source: Amazon

GoFit Equipment High-Density Mat from BalanceFrom

The GoFit Equipment Mat comprises textured, high-density material that minimizes slippage, offers stability to the workout equipment, and protects the floor. It comes in different sizes and has a folding version. The mat may also assist in the reduction of noise and vibrations.

While the 3-foot x 6.5-foot size is suitable for most cardiovascular machines, the 2.5-foot x 5-foot size is perfect for smaller devices or as a supporting surface for bodyweight cardio activities. The mat is also easy to clean and store since it folds up effortlessly.

System TRX Home2

With this TRX suspension training equipment, you can get a full-body exercise anywhere and at any time.

Suspension trainers use a set of straps and grips to provide a full-body resistance exercise without weights. Instead, during exercises like lunges, squats, pull-ups, pushups, and planks, the trainer utilizes gravity and your body weight to generate resistance.

The device is also perfect for tiny areas and is excellent for people of all sizes and fitness levels since it is lightweight and flexible.

The Home2 system comprises a TRX suspension training strap, suspension anchor, door anchor, mesh travel bag, and 35-page exercise guide, while the firm also provides a more advanced package.

Ohio Rogue Fitness Bar

The Ohio Bar from Rogue Fitness comes in four rust-resistant coatings and has a lifetime warranty against bending. This steel bar weighs 44.1 pounds (20 kilograms) and has high-quality knurling and bronze bushings that serve as bearing surfaces between the bar sleeve and shaft.

The Ohio Bar can support big weight loads and provides excellent value for money. Rogue Fitness' excellent customer service is praised by customers, who appreciate the brand's remarkable quality.

Echo Bumper Plates V2 by Rogue Fitness

Echo Bumper Plates V2 by Rogue Fitness

Bumper plates are a terrific addition to any home gym since they assist in decreasing noise and bouncing and protect your flooring when doing strength training exercises such as deadlifts.

We propose the Echo Bumper Plates V2, also from Rogue Fitness. You can pair them with your Ohio Bar. The plates have a long-lasting design with stainless steel inserts and high-quality rubber, making them a great value

Customers especially like the plates' narrow width, making it simple to increase weight loads. Several folks have also mentioned how simple it is to get the weights on and off the bar with their grip.

Echo Bumper Plates V2 come in pairs weighing 10–45 pounds (4.5–20.4 kg) or sets weighing 160–260 pounds (72.5–118 kg).

Tempo Studio

The Tempo Studio is a high-end exercise mirror with Bluetooth speakers, a 42-inch (107-cm) display, and sensors that monitor your motions, recommend weight loads, and give form feedback.

The studio comes highly recommended by Healthline Editor Mellanie Perez, who finds the individualized live form feedback option to be an excellent complement to her strength training routine. The live and on-demand lessons were very beneficial and motivational for her.

The mirror comes in three different bundles, including weights, a barbell, and a training bench.

Remember that you'll need to pay $39 a month for the Tempo app, which includes unlimited profiles and access to live and on-demand lessons.

While the 3-foot x 6.5-foot size is suitable for most cardiovascular machines, the 2.5-foot x 5-foot size is ideal for smaller gear or as a supporting surface for bodyweight cardiovascular activities.

The mat is also easy to clean and store since it folds up effortlessly.