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12 Tips to Help You Avoid Being Sedentary at Work

05 November 2021

We've been using beds, kitchen tables, and even dressers as workstations for over a year, and now we're looking into how sitting motionless from 9 to 5 can affect our minds and bodies. We took the quantity we moved for granted on any given pre-Covid day. Working remotely has reduced our daily steps to the microcosms of our houses — from desk to kitchen, sofa to bed, and, depending on the weather, from inside to your garden and back.

Worse, while working at home, our bodies have been robbed of office furniture – which, in most circumstances, is ergonomically meant to support our neck angle, posture, and even distance to our screens.

Many businesses switched to standing desks as a resolution, but according to research, you may not need to purchase a standing desk if you remember to move around. Make it a point to get up for at least a few minutes every hour. The best choice is to go for a walk, but even standing up and stretching is preferable to sitting all day.

In a survey, individuals who sat at their workstations for more than six hours per day registered much higher psychological distress measures than those who sat for less than three hours. And the statistics were accurate regardless of how much leisurely activity they got. To put it clearly, we have to move much more and sit less. How can you break long spells of sitting and cut down on the amount of time you spend sitting throughout the day?

Set A Timer

Set A Timer

Keeping track of how much time you spend sitting by setting a timer can help you change your habits. You'll be more inspired to make adjustments once you realize how inadequate your physical activity is. 

Leave Your Desk for Lunch and Breaks

Turn break periods into active breaks to acquire moderately intensive physical activity rather than just getting up and moving. Desk bikes are great for quick, moderate physical activity in the workplace. They can be used with a traditional desk or with a standing desk while working or by themselves as a stationary exercise bike. You can effortlessly transport this desk bike from FlexiSpot from one room to another as it comes with wheels. You may take it outside for that quick workout.

Choose the Right Desk

Choose the Right Desk

Standing desks aren't a complete remedy to sitting, but they can help. If you're ready to make the switch, get in touch with us because we can discuss which of our standing desks fits your preferences. Turn it into a treadmill desk if you want to take it a step further. Add an under-desk treadmill to your standing desk, like these from FlexiSpot. If you need to travel and work somewhere else, these are collapsible and portable, making them easier to take with you.

Stay Hydrated and Visit the Water Cooler Often

After a day of sitting motionless, water is essential to feeling less dull. Keeping your brain hydrated will help you be more efficient. You don't have to give up your coffee, but ensure you're also drinking more than enough water, so you don't leave the office with a headache. You'll have to get up more frequently to replenish your water bottle or drinking cup/glass, and you'll probably have to take more bathroom trips as well.

Walk That Talk

Walking while conversing is an excellent method to reconnect with team members, especially for more casual conversations. It's also a far more exciting experience, giving your eyes a respite from the monitor and allowing you to get the rewards of both fresh air and exercise.

Do Not Make Things Too Convenient

Do Not Make Things Too Convenient

It's all too easy to spend the day sitting with that espresso machine on your desk. Anything that isn't necessary for your tasks doesn't need to be within arm's reach. Move them somewhere else, so you get up and go for a quick walk if you need something that isn't close to your workstation.

Dress for Physical Activities

If you find yourself making excuses about how hard it is to stand or walk in your stiletto or dress shoes, it's time to shift to comfy shoes or bring a pair of trainers with you. If you're hesitant to move because your dress or pants are too snug, adjust your wardrobe.

Stretch Your Back

Even a few easy motions can drastically improve the way your core, hips, and neck feel. While the stiffness may be noticeable at the end of each day, the long-term impacts of desk sitting can result in severe issues.

Use an Under-Desk Bike

Use an Under-Desk Bike

While working at a desk, an under-desk bike is a terrific way to keep your muscles active. Cycling and pedaling work the major muscles in your legs, and they're both light activities that don't require you to sit still.

Active Food Prep

Instead of packing a ready-to-eat sandwich or snack, push yourself to prepare it while standing at a countertop or table for a moment or two. Spend an extra minute making it Instagram-worthy and enjoying it from every angle.

Exercise At Your Workstation

Quick desk-based workouts to relieve tight muscles and stiffness include neck and back rotations, shoulder shrugging, leg stretching, and shoulder blade stretches.

Choose a Standing Desk

Choose a Standing Desk

You can set up a standing desk with a preset height at the proper height for optimum ergonomics. You might aim to make a standing desk element of your workspace while simultaneously having a conventional desk and switching between the two. You may elevate or lower across the day several adjustable desks if you or your employer wish to make the investment. You can sit or stand whenever you choose. FlexiSpot's best adjustable standing desks may be found