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11 Gadgets That Every Home Worker Needs

10 March 2022

One of the side benefits of working from home is the freedom to set up your perfect workspace. This opportunity includes maxing out on gadgets that add value to your day without needing to ask permission, or ever having to share!

Gadget 1 - An Air Purifier 

It may seem like common sense that without traffic fumes or industrial fumes, the air inside your home is safer than the air outside. Unfortunately, that's not always the case, although different pollutants might lurk inside.

Air purifiers are designed to tackle everyday odours, house dust, flower and tree pollen, pet hair, and smoke. These are common irritants, which at their worst may even trigger allergic reactions, so elimination is a worthy goal.

Nobody wants to spend the day with sore eyes, irritated skin, annoying coughing fits, sniffles or a runny nose. This isn't a good look during online meetings, either. That's why an air purifier is a must-have gadget for anyone sensitive to airborne pollutants. 

Air purifiers are pretty low maintenance, but they do need regular filter checks.

Gadget 2 – A Shredder

Shredders come in various sizes, from larger office styles to portable, desktop-friendly models. Anyone with sensitive paperwork to dispose of will benefit from having a shredder on hand.

There are some side benefits too. Shredding helps to reduce clutter, it compacts waste, and you get free bedding for pets like gerbils. Plus, the shredded material makes excellent packing material if your business involves sending products through the post.

Gadget 3 – A Mini-vacuum

A desk-sized hoover or vacuum is a quirky but invaluable gadget to keep in a desk drawer. A mini-vac tackles biscuit crumbs, dust, and pet hair powered by batteries or a USB cord. Some double up as keyboard cleaners too.

Gadget 4 – An Essential Oil Diffuser

Another battery or USB powered gadget, oil diffusers create pleasant smells and a calm atmosphere. That makes this a win-win device for any home worker. Essential oil diffusers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can choose a model that's practical, stylish, large or small.

Gadget 5 – A Mini Fan

There's nothing nicer than a cool breeze on a warm day, and you don't need to miss out when working inside. A mini desk fan can recreate that wind in your hair feeling when you like. 

Many mini fans are just a few inches wide but can pack enough of a punch to keep you comfortable. USB powered mini fans are convenient if you have an outlet to charge them.

Gadget 6 – Blue Light Glasses

All home workers who spend time at a screen should invest in blue light glasses. As their name suggests, these glasses have lenses designed to block potentially damaging blue light and help reduce eye strain. 

Although not all experts agree that these glasses are necessary, wearing them does make you more conscious of eye health. That means taking regular short breaks from looking at the screen and blinking more often to avoid dryness. 

Gadget 7 – A Fidget Spinner

A fidget spinner is a cheap and fun gadget that can help you focus or distract from damaging behaviour, like nail-biting. Some people like to play with a spinner while on work calls. Stress balls work just as well if you have one of those.

Gadget 8 – A Cycle Desk Bike

Fitness gadgets like a cycle desk bike provide a convenient opportunity to exercise while working at a desk. Some models come with the option of a work tray, so you don't even need a desk.

Gadget 9 – A Mini-Fridge

Okay, this might sound like an indulgent gadget choice, but there are some excellent reasons to splash out on your own little fridge. Primarily, it's all about productivity. 

A desktop version that holds a few cans or bottles keeps you out of the kitchen. Then there are the slightly larger portable mini-fridges that may fit nicely below your desk. They can deal with drinks, snacks and maybe even lunch too.

Gadget 10 – A Multi-Port Adapter

These days it seems every desk is littered with objects that need to be charged via a USB port, but there aren't enough free to cope with them all. That's what makes a multi-port adaptor such a good gadget to buy.

You can easily handle mobile phones, flash drives, fans, lights, and external hard drives with one of these as a backup. Or pretty much anything else that depends on a secondary power source.

Gadget 11 – A Smart Speaker

The market for smart speakers has boomed in recent years, and it's easy to see why. This convenient handy gadget can help with various hands-free tasks, quickly making itself invaluable. You could set yours up to help with things like instigate phone calls or add appointments to your diary.