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10 Clever Under Desk Storage Solutions to Maximise Your Space

19 April 2024

10 Under Desk Storage Ideas for Anyone Running out of Workspace

In the quest for a clutter-free and efficient workspace, one often overlooked goldmine of organizational potential lies right beneath your desk. Whether you're working from a bustling office or navigating the challenges of a home setup, under-desk storage is a game-changer for anyone running out of workspace.

This guide explores 10 innovative under-desk storage ideas that promise to transform your cluttered desk into a hub of organization and productivity. From tray organizers to foldable file storage boxes, these solutions are designed to streamline your work area, ensuring everything you need is neatly stored and within easy reach. Without further ado, let's dive in!

Tray Organiser

One of the most effective ways to make use of underneath desk storage is by using a tray organizer. Perfect for holding small items that tend to get lost in the shuffle, such as pens, sticky notes, and USB drives, a tray organizer neatly tucks away beneath your desk surface.

This simple yet effective solution ensures that these essentials are out of sight but within easy reach, thus maintaining a clean and organized work area. Opt for a sliding tray organizer that can be mounted under the desk for added convenience, allowing you to slide it out when needed and tuck it away after use.

Cable Management Bracket

Another great under-desk storage solution is a cable management bracket. A jungle of cables under your desk is not just an eyesore; it's a trap waiting to entangle your feet or disrupt your workflow. By consolidating your cables and routing them through a single bracket, you can free up space and reduce the risk of accidents or equipment damage.

Look for a bracket that offers flexibility in cable routing and is easy to install, like the FlexiSpot Desk Cable Duct CMP502 with its open ventilation design, ensuring your workspace remains both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient.

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Mobile File Cabinet

For those requiring more substantial underneath desk storage solutions, a mobile file cabinet is an excellent choice. Offering both versatility and functionality, these cabinets come with multiple drawers to store files, office supplies, and personal items, keeping them organized and out of sight.

The mobility factor is a game-changer, allowing you to move the cabinet as needed for easy access or to clean the area around your desk. With a variety of styles and sizes available, you can choose a mobile file cabinet that not only meets your storage needs but also complements your workspace aesthetics. Opt for a model with lockabl

e drawers, providing an extra layer of security for sensitive information.

Storage Bins

Storage bins are adaptable and cost-effective under desk storage units, ideal for storing a wide range of items, from office supplies to personal belongings. Available in various sizes and designs, these bins are particularly useful for those who prefer a flexible and scalable storage solution, as they can be easily added or rearranged according to changing storage needs.

For enhanced functionality, consider bins with lids to keep dust away or stackable options to maximize vertical space. The FlexiSpot Storage Bins with Lid and Clear Door Plastic Collapsible ST1 is a prime example. These stackable bins optimize vertical space, creating a compact storage solution without occupying valuable floor area.

Unique to the ST1 are its dual-access features: a top lid for easy top-down access, with grooves ensuring stability when stacked, and a translucent front door for quick content identification. This door also features a simple twist-lock for added security.

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Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer

Slim under-desk storage drawers are sleek solutions designed to fit neatly under your desk without intruding on leg space. These drawers offer discreet storage for office supplies, documents, and personal items, helping to maintain a clean and organized desktop. Their slim profiles are perfect for tight workspaces.

Installation is typically straightforward, with most models attaching directly to the underside of the desk via screws or adhesive strips, making them an accessible update for any workstation. The FlexiSpot Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer S07L, for instance, comes ready to use right out of the box. Just choose the desired location under your desk and secure it with the 6 screws included in the package.

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A Handy and Attachable Under Desk Hook

A handy and attachable under-desk hook is an ingenious solution for instant storage. Perfect for hanging bags, headphones, or even light jackets, this hook helps keep your essentials off the floor and within easy reach without cluttering your workspace. Its design allows for simple attachment to the edge of your desk, requiring no tools for installation in many cases. It’s an ideal pick for those seeking practical, space-saving solutions.

A Sturdy Under Desk Keyboard Tray

Elevate your ergonomic setup with a sturdy under-desk keyboard tray, designed to enhance posture and reduce clutter by positioning your keyboard and mouse at a more comfortable height. This tray slides out from under the desk, offering an adjustable and retractable platform that ensures an optimal typing position and can be hidden away when not in use. Its sturdy construction supports everyday use, making it a reliable addition to any workstation.

A Custom Laptop Holder

Tailored to fit your device perfectly, a custom laptop holder is designed to let you stash your laptop underneath your desk. This ingenious accessory is perfect for those looking to work in closed-display mode with an external monitor and keyboard, or simply maximize their desk space for paperwork or other activities. By placing your laptop in a secure, custom-fit holder under the desk, you free up valuable space on top, allowing for a cleaner, more versatile workspace.

Buy a Slim Office Cart

A slim office cart is an elegant solution for those needing flexible and movable under-desk storage. Its slender design allows it to fit snugly in narrow spaces, offering additional storage without the bulk.

Ideal for holding books, office supplies, or even small office equipment, a slim cart can be easily rolled out when needed and tucked away when not in use. Many models come with multiple shelves, providing organized compartments for various items. Some even feature locking wheels, ensuring the cart stays in place when stationary.

Look for A Foldable File Storage Box

For those who need a flexible and temporary solution to document storage, a foldable file storage box is a fantastic choice. The foldable design means that when they're not in use, they can be easily collapsed and stored away, freeing up space. When expanded, they offer ample space for files and documents, often with dividers or folder

s to keep everything in order. This makes them ideal for people with fluctuating storage needs or those working in limited spaces.


As we've explored, the realm of under-desk storage holds a treasure trove of solutions for anyone looking to reclaim their workspace. By implementing any of the 10under desk storage ideas we've discussed, from the sleek drawer storage under the desk to the practical foldable file boxes, you can not only get a tidier, more organized space, but also ensure everything you need is conveniently accessible. So, choose the idea that best suits your needs today and transform your workspace into a model of efficiency and inspiration.