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10 Best Ways to Relax This Summer

13 June 2023

Flexispot's Summer Relaxation Hacks

How are you spending your Summer downtime? As the sun starts to linger and puts a spring in our step, there can be a pull to really make the most of the season and treasure your downtime. With longer, sunnier days, time off ahead, and space to relax and enjoy yourself, there's plenty to get stuck into – but we could all use a few pointers from time to time! The team at Flexispot have pooled together some of our favourite ways to relax during the Summer months to give you some sunshine inspiration.

Read At Home

Finding a comfortable spot at home with some natural light – your sofa, your garden, or a balcony if you're lucky enough to have one – can be a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. Get comfy with pillows and a blanket, perhaps a cool drink and a good book, and let yourself relax in the magic of reading on a sunny day!

Get Active!

A gentle morning work, an afternoon bike ride, or maybe even a swim or mountain hike on a sunny day could be a great way to relax this Summer. Don't forget to prepare to hydrate, take lots of water, and breathe in the gorgeous great outdoors.

Relax In A Green Space

Relaxing in a park or green public space opens up plenty of opportunities for a sunny Summer afternoon. From lazing with a book or meeting friends, playing frisbee or just people watching, parks can be a great way to top up the social contentedness whilst soaking up the Summer weather.

Have A Picnic

A picnic on the beach or at the park is always fun for the Summer! It doesn't need to be complicated, either. Some fresh fruits and vegetables, small snacks or even a fresh salad with some cool refreshing juices or flavoured waters can really make a statement of the day.  They can also be a great opportunity to meet with friends or make some new ones!

Yoga In The Garden!

A little yoga in the garden can be a great way to unwind after a long day or get going in the morning, whilst setting a relaxing tone for your day. Moving your body gently and focusing on meditative breathing is a great way to relax this Summer.

Try A New Hobby

Let the Summer brightness inspire you to take up a new hobby! Try painting, writing, or even baking – there's plenty to get stuck into and find ways to incorporate the beauty of Summer in new and creative ways.

Get Into Gardening

Summer is the time to get your hands dirty! An afternoon gardening – in your back garden or perhaps a local allotment if you have access – can be a great way to relax. Whether you're tending to flowers or would like to try growing some vegetables – get stuck in!

Visit An Organic Farm

Most cities and villages alike are close to an organic farm that’s open to the public. Take some time to research your local small organic farm and pay a visit; they can be a great day out with friends and family, a chance to meet some animals or buy some locally grown produce and learn more about local farming practices while supporting local producers.  

Write A Letter

Although they may seem a lost art these days as so many rely on digital communication in our daily lives, writing a letter can be a great way to relax, slow down, and show a loved one you're thinking of them. Everyone enjoys a handwritten letter! You can also take time to pick out your favourite stationary to make your letter an extra special gift.

Look After Your Neighbourhood

Spending time outside in your neighbourhood, volunteering for community projects or just keeping the area clean and saying hello to the neighbours, can be a great way to relax in the Summer. Try litter picking, community gardening, or checking in on neighbours in the area. Soak up some sunshine, feel connected with your community and do something good!

Have A Great Summer!

Supporting a healthy and happy lifestyle, however that looks for you, is essential to staying well throughout the year and feeling satisfied and fulfilled in life. As Summer arrives, there can be pressure to participate in activities in a certain way to make the most of the season – but however you like to relax and enjoy your free time is entirely up to you. Sometimes, the best relaxation over the Summer months can be the small, simple things. Little actions really do make all the difference!

With these Flexispot pointers, you're bound to have a great summer! Get stuck in and make the most of your sunny afternoons and weekends – find a new hobby, move your body, connect with your community and nourish your wellbeing. Enjoy your Summer with Flexispot!