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10 Ways To Use Your Standing Desk

18 July 2022

Investing in a standing desk is great for your posture and health but can be less great for your wallet. But standing desks are so versatile that your investment will not be wasted.

Why a standing desk?

Standing desks have shown to improve your posture by encouraging you to be more mindful about how you sit and stand. Rotating between the sit and stand features can be an excellent boost for your health and motivation levels.

But standing desks are not only great for your work days - there are so many ways that you can use a standing desk. Your standing desk could help you discover a new hobby, support you in developing a side hustle or help you to stay fit.

Ten interesting and inventive ways to get the most out of your standing desk:

Make the most of your standing desk by trying out some of the following activities:

#1 Indoor gardening

Discover an interest in green-fingered pursuits by creating a mini indoor garden for your standing desk.

Small and easy-going succulents and cacti are great for beginners and can look fabulous on wood-top desks.

The process of looking after plants has shown to have great benefits for mental health. Indoor plants also have a positive impact on your general health as they remove toxins from the air and improve indoor air quality. And decorating your office with plants will certainly boost your mood.

#2 Gaming

Standing desks are great for gamers because of the benefits they have for your posture and health.

It’s very easy to become deeply engrossed in a game and emerge six hours later with an aching back. Using a standing desk with a sit-stand reminder or timer can help you remember to change positions regularly and activate your legs.

#3 Start a side hustle

Investing in a healthy, productive standing desk setup can help you be more productive. Having an appealing and comfortable workspace could encourage you to pursue new opportunities and even start a side hustle.

Starting a side hustle can be great for making a little extra money and for your professional development. There are all sorts of financially-viable side hustles that anyone can do, from selling homemade products on Etsy to flipping websites.

#4 Get musical

FlexiSpot’s Studio Standing Desk offers enough space, strength and stability for you to develop your musical talents. A regular sized keyboard will fit comfortably on the Studio Standing Desk and the multiple levels are great for music production equipment.

FlexiSpot’s Studio Standing Desk ESD1

#5 Get creative

Use the large open space of your standing desk desktop to try some creative activities. You could try painting, sketching, macrame, pottery or even upcycling small household items.

You could try your hand at making or repairing your own clothes. Many standing desks are strong and stable enough to hold a sewing machine. And the sit-stand function makes sewing large projects a breeze.

#6 Learn something new

Use the productive space you have created with your standing desk to learn something completely new. Take an online course, join a virtual workshop or watch documentaries to learn new skills.

#7 Tutor

Make a little extra money with your standing desk by taking up tutoring or creating online courses. Sharing your knowledge and skills can feel very empowering.

Two-tier standing desks or monitor mounts are great for ensuring your computer camera is at an appropriate level for Zoom calls and video recording.

#8 Desk workout

One of the best things about standing desks is the benefits for your health. Not only does the sit-stand function ensure that you avoid a sedentary lifestyle, but there are many other ways that you could use your desk to improve your health.

Raising the desk slightly will allow you to fit a stationary bike underneath so that you can work your legs while you work.

There are also great desk-based exercises which you can do on your lunch break or between video calls.

FlexiSpot’s Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair and Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk EG8

#9 Write a novel

Given the productivity benefits of working at a standing desk, this could give you the motivation you need to complete a large project. Why not try writing a novel?

Taking the time to sit down and write can be great for clearing the mind and helping you feel more creative.

Whether you decide to write to get published or just to write for yourself, there are broad benefits to dedicating yourself to a mind-stimulating task.

#10 Work

Although perhaps not the most inventive thing you could do at your standing desk, work is probably the most necessary.

Working at a standing desk can help your productivity, health, posture and mood as you shake up your sedentary working lifestyle.

Using your standing desk to experiment with different activities, goals and hobbies can help to enrich your life all while you make the most out of your standing desk investment.