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At FlexiSpot, we bring you ergonomic furniture for a traditional or home office. We imagine and design solutions that help people lead healthier and more productive lives.
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So the kind people at @flexispot_uk sent over this standing desk for me to test and try out. I personally think it looks great in the space! I've seen a lot of people using these desks and I've always been intrigued. I can definitely say I enjoy switching between sitting and standing to get me through each work day!
I’m so happy with my new desk 🤍 - it helps me to have a healthier work lifestyle by: - having an adjustable height by the touch of a button; I can easily adjust the desk to perfectly fit my size - having the option to sit or stand while working which is a lot better for maintaining a healthy posture
The dual-motor lifting system enables a higher weight capacity of 125KG for all your desktop needs. The 3-stage frame design gives extra flexibility of your desired height adjustment (60 - 125cm) Smart control panel,The premium keypad has LED display and 4 memory presets. Child lock, If you’re in the market for a new desk I’d highly recommend checking out