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Worried About Not Knowing How to Assemble the Electric Sofa You Bought? After Reading This Article, You Surely Will

04 March 2024

So, you've finally decided to level up your living room setup with an electric sofa, but once it arrives, you realize that it doesn't come assembled. This may be quite frustrating for you, but there's a good reason why most sofas don't come assembled.

For starters, it's easier for manufacturers to ship your sofa in parts, increasing the speed at which your sofa is delivered to you. Not only that but the chances of your sofa being damaged during transit are also dramatically reduced.

But now - let's get to the important part; How do you assemble an electric sofa that you've just bought? Well, that depends on the make and model you have

For this particular guide, we're going to be using the FlexiSpot X2 as an example, which is one of our most popular electric sofas. And if you don't have the X2, don't worry - the process will be relatively similar.

An Overview of the FlexiSpot X2

The X2 is one of FlexiSpot's most popular electric sofas. It features a premium build with polyurethane leather for maximum comfort. On top of that, it fully reclines and extends, allowing you to lounge in a position that suits your needs.

However, the main feature of this sofa is the fact that it's electric. The side of the sofa features two buttons that allow you to adjust the sofa's position without any effort. Simply press a button and feel the sofa recline or extend as you please. On top of that, it even has a charging port, allowing you to charge your phone through the sofa.

While this is a great electric sofa for any living room, it doesn't arrive assembled. If you ordered an X2 for yourself, you'll find that you have a few parts that you must connect before you can use it. But don't worry - we'll explain exactly how to assemble this sofa in the next section.

How to Set Up the FlexiSpot X2

The FlexiSpot X2 may seem intimidating to set up; it's just because the components are pretty big and bulky. However, once you break it down, it's a pretty simple process. If you follow the steps below, rest assured that you'll have your electric sofa set up and ready to go in just a few minutes!

Attach the Stabilizers

The first thing you must do when you get your FlexiSpot X2 is attach the stabilizers to the base. You shouldn't skip this step as this is what ensures that the sofa is stable and comfortable for you to sit in. Otherwise, you may end up with a wobbly sofa that's dangerous and uncomfortable.

You must attach the stabilizers to the bottom of the base of the chair using the wingnuts provided with the couch. There should be holes at the bottom of the base to align with the stabilizers and secure with the wingnuts. Make sure that this is secure and stable before proceeding to the next step.

Install the Armrests

Once you're done attaching the stabilizers, you won't need to do any more screwing to assemble the chair. All the other components of the chair slide and lock in without any tools, which is why the X2 can be set up in minutes. The second step of assembling this chair is installing the armrests, which simply requires you to slide in the armrests on either side until they lock in.

Again, you must ensure that these armrests are secured on the base of the chair. That way, you don't have to deal with any instability when sitting down. Once you're done with that, you can proceed to the next step.

Install the Backrest

Installing the backrest is very similar to installing the armrest. All you have to do is slide the backrest into the base so that it locks in. Make sure not to use too much force and align the backrest with the buckles on the base. Then, slowly push the backrest down until you hear a click, which means that the backrest is locked in and secure.

Connect the Cables

After installing the backrest, all you have to do is connect the cables. To do this, look for the white and red cables on the backrest and connect them to the white and red cables on the base. Make sure to connect white to white and red to red. From there, you can plug the chair into a wall or extension cable and it's ready for use!

How to Operate the FlexiSpot X2

Using the FlexiSpot X2 is super easy. All you have to do is press the buttons on the side to recline or extend the chair. The two buttons are all you need to adjust the chair's position and the USB charging port will work as long as the chair is plugged in. So, now that you have your sofa setup, it's time for you to sit down and relax


And that's about it. That's how to assemble an electric sofa. Whether you've got the X2 or an entirely different model - the process remains pretty much the same. Here, we'd also like to mention that it's always a great idea to refer to the manufacturer manual, which came with the same. There, you'll see the exact steps you need to take to assemble your particular electric sofa.