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Working From Home with "Fur-Workers"

16 April 2021

Working from home isn't so bad for introverts or homebodies like me. I mean, how bad can it be? Everything is within reach, the cozy awareness of being at your most comfortable, taking your ideal breaks such as taking a delicious nap or stretching on your yoga mat, or the undeniably most adorable of all--working around our pets.


Now for animal lovers like me, remote work is a dream. Pets have a magical, positive influence on people that some companies in office settings allow their employees to bring their pet once a week. Some other employers ensure the presence of a furry friend within the workplace once in a while. For us, working around our pets' company surely means it's a delight for us and our furbabies.


But did you ever wonder what happens to your cat or dog when they're left at home for hours while you're at work? I would sorely miss my cat and start worrying about him (even if he's strictly indoors) whenever I'm out for too long, especially if I have to run other errands after leaving the office. Knowing the independent and strict ways of cats, does it bother him at all, though? It's quite an obvious one when it comes to dogs.


Separation anxiety


According to the ASPCA, separation anxiety is caused when dogs are separated from their guardians or people to whom they are attached. Dogs with separation anxiety often attempt to flee, resulting in self-injury and property damage, especially around escape points such as windows and doors. Typically, when a guardian leaves a dog alone for a brief period—often minutes—the dog will begin barking and manifesting other distress behaviors. When the guardian comes home, the dog behaves as though he hasn't seen him or her in such a long time. Below are the most common symptoms of separation anxiety amongst dogs:


  • chewing and digging
  • howling and barking
  • urinating and defecating
  • escaping 


A pet's distress might be one of a fur parent's worst nightmares. So why would you want to be away? Let us list some of the advantages when it comes to having your pets with you while you work! 


  • Savings: You're out for eight hours a day or more during a typical workweek making you resort to dog walkers and pet sitters. Being confined to your home drops those expenses, enabling you to save money.
  • Exercise: Taking a break from work to go for a walk with your dog will help you be more productive for the rest of the day while also improving your overall health.
  • Bond: Being at home helps you spend more quality time with your pet, which can benefit your bond. Giving your pet the affection they need can boost their brain stimulation, confidence in you, and overall mood and temperament.
  • Focus: Your dog or cat can sometimes distract you, but their regular visits during the day serve as excellent reminders to get up and take a break. Taking frequent short breaks will help you feel more energized and concentrate more when returning to your tasks.
  • Mental Health: Having a pet provides a caring companion and avoids isolation for those who live alone. According to reports, petting and playing with animals lowers stress hormones in the body. It may also increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain.


Working from home could also mean that work can get constantly interrupted by our pet's untimely needs. Your labrador doesn't understand that you're in a Zoom call and that she can't hop on your desk, wobbling it and that she needs to keep the barking down. My tabby doesn't care at all if he walks all over my laptop then pushes my stuff off the desk so he can take a nap.


How can you make working from home with pets delightful?


  • Provide activities: To keep your dog satisfied, safe, and exercised, establish a routine with daily walks. Cats enjoy a quick playtime as simple as catnip toys, stuff that makes crinkly sounds, or my cat's favorite, creeping behind walls.
  • Healthy food: You can tell the difference between packaged or processed food and one that is direct to the table if you think about your own diet. Give high-quality pet food to your pet that they will appreciate, and you should be able to cut back on vet visits over time.
  • Reliable and comfortable workspace: Whether you will be sharing your workspace with your American shorthair or not, owning an exceptional desk can ease your worries about things falling off or having to sit far too long. While some of us indeed miss our standing desks at the office, standing desks are an excellent investment to make your remote work healthy and comfortable. FlexiSpot answers all our home office needs. Getting their durable and stable Standing Desk Frame E7 will give you confidence even if your golden retriever suddenly hops and leans on it. It comes in 154-275 lbs weight capacity and a stable desk frame with advanced functions, supporting the weight of your PC, accessories, or your pet! Their desk frames come in stages depending on your needs, whether for setting up larger and broader desktops or heavy facilities or for people requiring extra adjustability for their body height, like basketball players and kids. Plus, the frame is perfect for more varied scenarios, such as live streaming, child learning, or even simply a petting break with your fur-worker who's already showing its belly on your Standing Desk Frame E7. This standing desk not only combines advanced functions with an affordable price but is proven for its quality level and the sum of its effectiveness. To see how durable FlexiSpot's standing desk surfaces are, check out this video!


Every day is a different challenge, whether you're freelancing or working from home. You're fortunate to get a hasty lunch when busy; other times, you might find yourself bathing your dog or cleaning out your cat's litter box. As we continue dealing with the pandemic, we hope you and your fur-workers will comfort support each other.