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Ways to Fuse Nature into your Workspace

15 April 2021

Knowing that you have many things that you have to accomplish in a tight schedule, you turn to your home as your refuge. Bring pieces of nature into your workspace to reduce the pressure of your deadlines. There are several ways to communicate with nature even inside limited space. Here, we share some ideas to help you remodel your workstation to comfort your home for better focus and productivity.


Consider the colors, sights, and sounds associated with the operation or space when planning your design—select scents, shades, textures, and green schemes representing your ideal natural backgrounds.

There are many wall color selections, ranging from blues, greens, and browns. Another choice for all or part of your space is wallpaper, especially if you don't have any windows to see the world during the day. Gorgeous, nature-inspired wallpapers in soothing green tones can also be an excellent way to relax and boost your mood.

Green and rustic colors, textures, and fabrics will help you recreate the outdoors and bring more aspects of nature inside, making you feel more connected. If you choose to stick to your theme, do so, but only pick items that please you. It could be a framed picture of a photograph from a long time ago, and for others, it could be a hat. Then, emphasize that theme around the room with rocks, seashells, small potted plants, or anything that's made of wood.

The Desk

Your desk is your workspace's focal point, so it's only fitting that we put so much importance in selecting this. Not only should you consider what the desk looks like to match with your project, but making sure that it contributes to your well-being is such a plus. Sitting all day could be such a pain, and a way to keep that at bay is by investing in a standing desk.

What's up with a standing desk, though? A standing desk allows you to shift from sitting to standing to encourage mobility rather than staying sedentary all day every day on top of the stress that you while chasing those deadlines. By now, we are beyond aware of prolonged sitting's negative health impacts ranging from heart conditions to back problems. Don't just work on transforming your workspace into something pretty to look at, but ensuring your comfort boosts focus and concentration.

I could not think of a better option but the FlexiSpot Bamboo Standing Desk worktop. Nothing compares to the simple charm of bamboo. Classic. Trendy yet timeless. Most importantly, beneficial. To keep the beautiful, natural grain of each bamboo strip, FlexiSpot utilizes lateral compression technology. They come in both rectangular and curved boards to suit your traditional or modern tastes, as well as three different desktop sizes.

Each desktop is built from mature bamboo, which is stronger and more elastic than conventional wood. FlexiSpot uses renewable bamboo and eco-friendly lacquer coating that complies with the stringent E0 standards to provide you with an earth-friendly option. Carbonized technology coats the tabletop with a water-resistant 2H lacquer, rendering it moisture-proof, insect-resistant, and scratch-resistant. They also offer a unique curve-shaped desktop installed on oval-shaped legs for that sleek, chic style!


Plants are the most obvious way to bring the outdoors inside and a touch of green to your day because they thrive in nature. Consider plants that can survive without direct sunlight for a desk in a cubicle. Position plants on bookcases and file cabinets to add some greenery to your home. Many plants are flexible enough to thrive in less-than-ideal conditions. You may use succulents, cactus, or bamboo to adorn your desk.

Indoor plants will increase your energy levels, contributing to increased concentration and efficiency and increasing oxygen levels, improving overall air quality in your workspace and home.


According to a study conducted by Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois, staff exposed to natural light sleep longer and better (at home, not at their desks) than those who are not. Good physical health is an apparent result of better sleep habits. The standard of a person's view from their desk and their exposure to natural light are linked to the amount of sick time they take, according to a 2011 report from the University of Oregon. Employees exposed to less natural light were more likely to experience other health problems.

Natural light makes a room seem more accessible and welcoming. When you work in natural light, you are not only more engaged, but you are more likely to remain focused on your tasks. Draw those curtains back and let the sunshine in, or if possible, you may open your window or door if you live in a quiet neighborhood. If your house is situated away from the suburbs and closer to nature in general, we're jealous.


If you want to go a little extra, sounds or music and scents may assist you in heightening your work mood. You may set up your favorite music app and listen to birds, waves, wind, campfire, or simple meditative sounds. The sounds of flowing water are another way to fill the need for an outdoor experience. A tiny desktop fountain will help obstruct noise to keep you centered. Incense or scented candles can instantly transport you to places!

The world is only about to go back to living normally. Not everyone can afford to stay outside or travel for any reason to experience as simple things as nature and all its glory. We hope that these tips will inspire you to work on what we have for now by embracing changes and keep ourselves encouraged or even improve what we can for our well-being.