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The impact of office furniture on employees

05 May. 2022

An ideal workforce is not determinant on the size of it, but instead by how motivated, healthy and productive they can be. It can be one of the greatest advantages your company can ever attain. While hiring the right kind of people can surely make a difference, it is also important that you play your role as an employer and provide them with the confidence and trust your employees look for in a workplace.

If your company workers have been subject to lethargy lately and haven't been able to submit tasks on time properly, look for other reasons and distractions for why they might not be able to do so. If you’re maintaining a positive environment, providing nutritious meal options, and giving out sufficient breaks, then you might want to take a look at your office design and furniture. As crazy as this might sound, did you know that these two can play a key role in maintaining a healthy and productive workforce?

Investing in the right furniture allows you to contribute to a relaxed and supportive environment that leads to productivity and helps companies optimize workflow and business profits. Here are some of the ways you can leverage office furniture to increase employee productivity and steer your business to ultimate success.

Invest in ergonomics

An unproductive workforce can be costly to your business and may even reduce the potential profit your business may be looking at. A good way to counter that would be to invest in ergonomic furniture for your office.

An ergonomic chair differs greatly from regular office chairs, especially in terms of bodily support and flexibility. Ergonomic design supports different heights, shapes, and body types of users which allows them to move about between different heights and angles so that they can work at ease.

Know that if your employees are comfortable enough they will keep away from being distracted and readjusting themselves now and then. Doing so could interrupt the workflow and process and may even lead to procrastination. Ergonomic chairs could be the ideal solution to ensure your staff members are happier and more relaxed at work.

Not to mention it can also prevent health issues such as shoulder, neck, and back pain that usually occur as a result of sitting in an uncomfortable seating arrangement and maintaining a bad posture all day. It slows down employees and they would probably need more breaks than usual to deal with the tension.

Look for optimal storage solutions

A messy office can not only look awful but it can also impact the productivity of your employees while they are working. You’ve probably heard of the out of sight, out of mind phrase and it’s there for a good reason. A cluttered desk or workspace can easily distract an employee and lead to long hours of procrastination. However, tidying up the workspace can ensure employees stay focused from the very beginning of the task.

Incorporating effective storage solutions may even encourage employees to work efficiently. You could even ask your employees to clean their desks before they leave to ensure the office’s efforts to declutter do not go in vain and it is also a great way for employees to stay fit at work.

Opt for diverse furniture options

Diverse furniture options are just what you require today, especially when you are looking at activity-based working. This allows employees to choose the work environment they want as they undergo different business tasks and activities. The ideology involves creating spaces for a specific activity like teamwork in order to enhance efficiency within the workspace. Not only does it look super cool and modern, but it also allows employees to work in a dynamic environment while fulfilling business objectives.

Move out any unnecessary furniture

Lastly, we highly recommend that you get rid of any unnecessary, useless furniture pronto. Chunky and obsolete pieces of furniture can slow down the productivity levels of your workforce and overall it just does not give a good image of your company.

You may even want to look at those pieces of furniture in particular that are causing employees to feel uncomfortable or lethargic while they’re working. For instance, a chair that is too relaxing may encourage employees to fall asleep rather than stay active. Instead, replace it with an ergonomic chair or one with its backrest upright, this way the employee maintains a decent posture throughout. However, make sure it is adjustable as you don’t want your employee to experience stiffness towards the end of the day.

Just a few changes in your office should be able to do the trick into maintaining employee productivity. Follow the tips above and enjoy working with your new, dynamic, and motivated workforce!