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Signs You’re Ready For A Standing Desk

27 January 2022

It’s no secret that sitting too often isn’t the best for your health. Recent research has shown those office workers and other groups who spend the majority of their time sitting down are more at risk of health issues.

From diabetes to obesity, and heart problems, sitting down for a long period is an action that should be avoided. But, how do you know if you should ditch the traditional office chair and swap to a standing desk?

In this blog, we’ll investigate the key signs that you’re ready for a new desk set up. If you relate to any of these factors, you may want to consider a new routine or a standing desk to make sure your workday is optimized for your health.

Keep reading to explain the top signs you’re ready for a standing desk.

You’ve noticed slight weight gain

Weight gain and obesity are linked to how often you exercise and how balanced your diet is. If you’ve noticed that your office routine is resulting in some extra weight gain, you might want to look at standing desks to add some more movement to your day.

Standing desks help you burn more calories while working, no need for any extra workout sessions at the gym! If you have noticed your routine is mostly sedentary, a standing desk could help you lose a little weight without even trying.

Your blood sugar levels are high

It’s normal to see your blood sugar levels increase after a meal. But, if there’s a significant increase this could signal a health issue. A post-meal blood sugar spike isn’t great for your overall health and this can be reduced by adding some movement into your day.

Some research has proven that standing for 2-3 hours after lunch will reduce a blood sugar spike by up to 43%. This impressive statistic has motivated many remote workers to install a standing desk in their homes. If you’re ready to lower your blood sugar for a healthier body, it could be time to change your office setup.

Feeling low

Another key sign you might need to change your work routine is if you frequently experience low moods and stress. While these symptoms can indicate a range of issues, they can also be caused by a lack of movement and a sedentary lifestyle.

More research has proven that movement throughout the day releases hormones needed for a good mood and focus. If you want to add extra exercise to your day without missing a moment of work, a standing desk is a great compromise.

Back pain is part of your daily routine

Unfortunately, the average office worker experienced back pain from sitting all day. Whether you’re slouched and staring at a screen or battling with an uncomfortable chair in a meeting, back pain is frustrating and can cause health issues later in life too.

This common issue can be mitigated by an ergonomic office chair or a standing desk. Both solutions can ease back pain and improve posture too, creating healthy habits for the future. Constant back issues may be a sign that you need to switch to a healthier workstation.

You have a family history of heart disease

Over the years, many researchers have concluded that standing is better for overall heart health. While exercise can be used to reverse the effects of sitting all day, standing is still better for your heart.

With this in mind, anyone with a family history of heart problems should spend as much time on their feet as possible. Whether you try walking more or commit to working at a standing desk, it’s important to avoid long periods of sedentary work.

Your productivity is suffering

There are many so-called productivity hacks out there. But, the most effective ways to improve and increase your work output involve moving your body and fuelling it well. If you’re noticing your productivity is dropping off, you may want to introduce healthy foods and more exercise into your life.

While we can’t help you with your diet, we can suggest a standing desk. Movement can actually give you more energy, so working from a standing position will keep you productive and ready to go until it’s time to clock out.

Time To Take A Stand

Have you noticed any of these issues in your life? Whether you’ve experienced one or a few, it might be time to re-evaluate the way you work. Standing desks are becoming more popular than ever, so embrace this healthy working trend and allow your body to thrive.

Research is proving that standing desks have many effects on physical and mental health, plus they’re great for optimizing your workday. There is a range of different options available for all tastes and needs, so you can easily find one that matches your personal office style.

Flexispot is a leader in ergonomic work solutions, including standing desks. If you’re ready to explore these practical, yet aesthetic options, visit our best selling height adjustable standing desks here.