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Personality Types, Happiness, and Workstation Design

22 April 2021

The type of personality and the design of the workstation has a great impact on the happiness and productivity of a worker.  In fact, research shows that the type of workstation design could promote the personality and emotional level of an employed person. For example, if the worker has an extrovert personality, they may be happy to work in an “open bench seating” while for other personality types, it may not be the case. In other words, the result gives a good idea on how the workstation should be designed giving much consideration on the personality types of an employed person. Awareness of different personality types would be of much help in office furniture design. There are different personality types or traits that should be given some focus on workstation design.

One of the personality types is the extrovert.  People who have an extrovert personality are active, very energetic, and outgoing.  With these character traits, they may opt to have a workstation that is open and always ready to accommodate friends, officemates and other people who may not always be in a close relationship with them.  They are highly sociable and excited to meet new acquaintances and new co-workers.  Extroverts like to interact and share ideas with others and are open also to new ideas that are presented to them.  Moreover, extroverts are outgoing, sociable and optimistic.  They are what we call “the stage hogger” in social gatherings and become the “life of the party.” 

So with this kind of personality, the overall look of an extrovert’s workstation must reflect their personality. As an extrovert longing for conversations with others, the workstation should be inviting and the overall color must be brighter like bright yellow or bright orange.  These colors symbolize energy and strong character.  For extroverts, the workstation should have pieces of furniture that are intricately designed and at the same time functional. Every furniture must reflect sociability and outspokenness.  High energy should be reflected in every piece of office furniture in the office and at home where he wants to dabble in his work. Moreover, each piece of furniture has to evoke oneness as a community and lively interaction.  If you are an extrovert, there must be more ideas for your workstation to be a “showcase” of your character and a source of happiness and productivity as a worker. 

On the contrary, an introverted worker is shy, often like to work independently, often recluse and individualistic. They like to stay in places where they could commune with nature and often focus on their inner thoughts and feelings.  They also long for a company such as family members and friends however, most of the time they prefer to be alone and solitary.  Introverts are also known as “daydreamers” for they find happiness in thinking about future plans, ambition and success sometimes tend to daydream oblivious of their surroundings.   

For introverts, they are happier in a workstation that has a neutral color, subdued and unnoticeable reflecting their character.  While extroverts like laud and bright colors, introverts are exactly the opposite.  Introverts like dark color like black and darker shades of color to complement their personality.  As for the pieces of furniture in the workstation, introverts would be happier with a comfortable office chair and a bigger desk. Introverts like a spacious desktop for organizing things and tools necessary to perform well and to be more productive.  Office supplies must be within reach and other pieces of furniture must be placed strategically within the workstation. Since introverts prefer to work alone, it is ideal to furnish the workstation minimally as they prefer to focus more on their work and less interaction with people.  At home, a workstation setup in simple style and just a few pieces of furniture may make an introvert happy and content.  This setup could boost or improve their productivity. 

Designing or creating a workstation for workers who have different personality types or traits is worth considering because based on some research conducted, a workstation that is suitable or complements the employed person could increase the level of happiness and consequently increase productivity. 

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