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Knowing the Importance of Being Healthy in your Early 20s

13 May 2021

They say that you are to reap what you sow after a few years of aging. This is indeed true. So, for those youngsters that are applying the "You Only Live Once" concept, you better re-evaluate your life choices and think twice or even thrice. 

You may seem to think that there are not enough days and nights of partying, drinking, smoking, or mindless eating. As a young adult, you keep saying to yourself that, "there is still tomorrow." However, that hedonistic living and thrill-seeking would only be as good as the second you are doing it. Having that mindset can be destructive to your health. Yes, you would not be feeling that for now but say 10 to 20 years later, the side effects are strong. 

There might come a time that you were once this star athlete that can conquer anything that may come your way. Fast forward to 10 years, you might not even be able to climb a few flights of stairs without huffing and puffing. This is where regret and shame kick in. Why put off something you can do now to prevent any health conditions that may show at a certain timeframe? Why not end that poor lifestyle for now and think about your health just for a minute?

This article will help you realize that there is more to life than living as if you are to die tomorrow. If you carry on with that type of lifestyle, you might speed things up and die this instant. This is not meant to scare you but to give you a glimpse of what lies ahead and what the bigger picture is. Read on to learn more.

It is Time to Wake Up!

Most twenty-somethings are not seriously considering their long-term fitness. They live off instant noodles, fast-food items, too much caffeine, and other things that do not sound so right. Little did they know that the time is now for them to start taking care of themselves. 

That youthful glow stems from the period where you think that you are unstoppable. This period of life is quite often overlooked and taken for granted. You think that you are pretty safe from health issues as someone in their 20s. You think that there is a lot that you can get away with. On the other hand, that will not be the case in the decades ahead.

If you start changing your poor lifestyle habits now, you can drastically improve and prolong the quality of life you envision having as you grow old. Lifestyle improvements can minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease by 70 to 80 percent, whether it's diabetes in its early stages, heart attacks, strokes, dementia, or cancer.

According to a Northwestern University study, staying healthy in your 20s is intricately linked to a lower risk of heart disease in middle age. Most people who followed five healthy habits in their 20s – a lean body mass index, moderate alcohol intake, no smoking, a healthy diet, and daily physical activity – remained healthy well into middle age, as per that survey.

It is Not Just About the YOLO Lifestyle

It can be particularly difficult for a young adult to concentrate on his or her well-being. Young people also work long hours, making it difficult to exercise and eat well. They have to deal with work pressure, romantic difficulties, financial difficulties, and family stress. Who has time to consider their long-term well-being?

Despite all that, young adults should still pay close attention to their health and should take the time to regain strength through a proper work-life balance. 

You should be able to build healthy habits and break those unnecessary practices that they have been doing for quite some time. By determining what needs to be changed and fixed, you have better control and flexibility to tailor your activities and daily routine where a right and healthy living mindset is applied.

Breaking the Bad Habits 

Your twenties see you through your uncomfortable adolescent years and into full-fledged adulthood. The decade is all about doing new things, facing new obstacles, making mistakes and learning from them, and striving to become the person you were born to be. For these reasons, there's no better time than your twenties to kick bad habits and start being the best version of yourself.

Routine behaviors shape habits, and they're easiest to break when you're still young and malleable. It's a good time to develop the kind of actions you'll want to emulate for the rest of your life when you're in your 20s finding out what kind of life you want to live — from major career choices to relationships with yourself.

Although you may be feeling young, wild, and free right now, the choices you make today will have a significant effect on your life in the future. Some habits are related to well-being and survival, while others have a detrimental impact on your health and cause misery now and later in life.

Breaking those poor health habits, we're all prone to sometimes all it takes to ensure you're offering yourself the best shot at a long, happy life. Simple decisions made today will pave the way for future success, both now and in the future. 

If you are currently all over the place and exerting too much effort because of adulting, you might not get an adequate amount of sleep and rest. Also, you favor drinking caffeine over water and sometimes forget to do so. Maybe you might be slouching over your computer desk for an extended time without breaks. You might even have vices and you poorly control yourself. There are lots of bad habits that you are certainly doing. If you do not get a head start now, you would be surprised by what lies ahead. 

15 Things You Can Do to Better Take Care of Yourself

● Learn How to Cook a Decent Meal

● Avoid Consuming Processed Sugar

● Live an Active Life

● Go to Regular Health Check-Ups

● Find Ways to Make You Happy

● Get Enough Sleep

● Create a Routine that You Can Follow

● Take Care of Your Skin

● Practice Proper Hygiene

● Balance Fun and Healthy Choices

● Add Mindfulness and Meditation 

● Start Taking Your Mental Health Seriously

● Limit Your Screen Time

● Get Some Fresh Air

● Take Care of Your Body Even Through Little Things

Final Thoughts

Maintaining good health is indeed much easier than reversing the course if something goes wrong. It's important to start thinking about these issues in your twenties and to develop healthy habits as soon as possible. In this often difficult and transitional time of our lives, it can also simply feel nice to be more health-conscious. Always remember that the way you treat your body in your 20s can affect your health for decades.