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Key Standing Desk Features - Summarised!

27 April 2022

Unpacking the technicalities of standing desks is an essential but tricky stop on the road to the perfect new desk.
Here we lay out the key features you should be looking for and what options are available to suit your standing desk needs.
Key features to look into before purchasing a standing desk:
- Motor: check the weight, capacity, stability, and lifting speed offered by the motor.
- Keypad design: look into the number of preset options, whether an LED display is offered, and if reminders and alerts can be set up.
- Safety features: find out about the stability, whether it has rounded edges, the weight capacity and anti-collision features.
- Functionality: see if the height adjustability and stability of the standing desk meet your requirements.
- Worktop options: consider the aesthetic appeal of the desk and customisation options.
Let’s take an in-depth look at the key features to help you select your perfect standing desk:
#1 Motor
Whichever motor system you select, ensure it offers the stability, lifting speed and maximum load capacity you require.
FlexiSpot offers the following motor options with their standing desks:


Manual standing desks do not have a motor and are raised and lowered by using a crank. Although they require a little effort to operate, they are much cheaper than the motorised version and still have the same health and productivity benefits.

Single Motor

Single motor desks are great for lightweight use. One motor works to lift both legs of the desk seamlessly.

If your work is confined to a single laptop or you like to keep a minimalist desktop, the single motor option will suit you.

Dual Motor

A dual motor desk uses two motors to lift each side of the desk and is great for those with a bulkier desk setup. Although more expensive than the single motor variety, dual motor desks offer excellent stability.

#2 Keypad Design

The keypad is what moves your single or dual motor desk up and down. There are a few options with different levels of functionality:

Basic Keypad

A basic keypad controls the movement of the desk with two simple buttons. This option is great for someone who wants simple control over the movement of their desk but isn’t interested in additional features like reminders and presets.

Standard Keypad

A little more jazzy than the basic option, the standard keypad comes with additional features to help improve your standing desk experience. For example, FlexiSpot’s standard keypad comes with 3 programmable memory presets, an energy-efficient LED screen, and programmable sit-stand reminders.

Premium Keypad

The advanced tech of a premium keypad ensures the best standing desk experience. As well as the features offered by the standard keypad, FlexiSpot’s premium version includes a child lock, an upgrade to 4 memory presets, USB charging ports, and a programmable timer which alerts you to the need to switch positions regularly.

FlexiSpot’s Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk EG8

#3 Safety Features

Quality standing desks come with several safety features included, but here are the most useful to look out for:


Intelligent standing desks feature sensors which stop the desk from hitting any obstructions mid-motion. This way your desk won’t hit those under-desk drawers you need to hide your desk mess or knock into your knees as you return to a seated position.

Child Lock

The child lock prevents the desk height from being changed when it is activated. This is a great feature particularly for users with children or pets as it locks the desk in place, preventing accidental activation of the height adjustment.

Rounded edges

Opting for a desk with smooth rounded edges not only adds aesthetic appeal but also helps you to avoid those irritating bruises you get from accidentally walking into the corner of your desk.

The contoured desk options from FlexiSpot combine safety with design appeal. And their kids' desks come with rounded edges as standard.

FlexiSpot’s Kids Desk for Home Schooling

#4 Functionality

There are two important factors to consider when weighing up the functionality offered by a standing desk: the number of leg sections and column type.

Let’s break it down:

Leg Sections

Generally, the more sections the desk legs are made up of, the higher the height range. FlexiSpot’s three-section legs can be adjusted up to 1280mm and offer increased weight capacity too. For a light-weight desk user with limited height range needs, the two-section legs offer great lift speeds and stability.


Opt for the type of lifting column which suits what you will put on your desk. Inverted columns become thinner as the desk rises and so are best for users looking for a fast but lightweight standing desk. FlexiSpot’s enhanced columns can handle more weight but are slower moving.

#5 Worktop Options

The worktop you choose can boost the aesthetics of your workspace.

Start by measuring the space you have available for your new desk and think about how much equipment you will be putting on the worktop.

Then put your interior design hat on and select a color and material which will complement your space. FlexiSpot offer a range of designs to suit any taste - from sustainable bamboo, to classic wood, or stylish and versatile laminate (which is available in ten different styles, including mahogany, marble and custom graphite).