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Increasing Your Office Flexibility With A Desk Stand

01 March 2022

If you’re wanting to upgrade to a standing desk but limited on space or budget, a desk stand might be just what you need. Working in smaller spaces has become a reality for a lot of us as we adapt to working from home. As we settle into this new normal with more and more jobs requiring full-time home working or hybrid working, creating a permanent office space that is comfortable alongside living spaces is crucial. Various desk technologies have been recommended as upgrades for home workers to improve their health and productivity, but they are not an option for everyone.

Standing or sit-stand desks have been proven to reduce aches and strains on the body, improve focus, and keep your work life productive without compromising your health. But, investing in a brand new work desk can also be expensive. If a new desk is out of your budget or you're working with minimal space, a desk stand could be the perfect solution for you.

Desk stands can maximise on your existing space, providing the flexibility of a standing desk when needed whilst working on your current desktop. There are a lot of elements to consider when looking to invest in a desk stand that works for your space. Fortunately, the Flexispot range offers some of the best variations for all requirements, so you’re likely to find the perfect desk stand for your office with just a little research. Let’s take a further look at some of our options.

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter M7

The AlcoveRise Standing Desk Converter M7 offers reliable desktop elevation with a classic design, available in black or white. The AlcoveRiser’s two-tier shelving design provides separate support for your desktop monitor and keyboard, ensuring you can maintain a comfortable seated position to minimise strain on the eyes, neck, or wrists when working. The seperate keyboard tray also detaches easily thanks to the built-in quick release mechanism, making your desktop fully customisable to your needs.

Flexible height adjustment allows you to find your optimum working height, whether seated or standing. We know that long-term standing can be just as tiring and stressful on the body as long-term seated work, so the option to switch between the two as needed creates optimum working conditions for a comfortable and productive day.

The range in sizes for the AlcoveRiser really sets it apart. With small or medium sizing to choose from, you can enjoy the benefits of a cheaper and simpler standing desk install whether you work with one small monitor, or you work across two desktop screens.

Standing Workstation Converter F3

For heavier or more complex workstations, the Standing Workstation Converter F3 could be for you. With the staggered monitor and keyboard trays to allow ultimate optimisation, and a 15kg weight capacity, the F3 allows full mobility for heavier duty work stations. A quick-release keyboard tray also maintains your working freedom to change up your workspace as needed.

This particular desk stand makes the most of vertical space in your office to allow you to make the most of limited workspaces - perfect for maintaining productivity without feeling cramped. With a height range from 17cm to 43cm, you can find the perfect level that works for you, whether seated or standing, or even sharing your desk space with other users.

This option also comes in various colours, so you can find the perfect option to suit your office decor and maintain a cohesive, inspiring space to work in.

Transforming Your Work Space

Whether you choose to invest in a brand new standing or sit-stand desk, or the flexibility and lower budget of a desk stand is for you, you can see there are a wealth of options for transforming your workspace and incorporating standing desks into your workday.

The benefits of a standing desk are vast. Upgrading your office space to include the option to stand while working can improve circulation, greatly improve soreness, aches and strains in the body, and improve your focus and productivity.

However, switching between a seated and standing desk format needs to be kept quick and simple, especially when you’re working in a small space. A desk stand allows this swift adaptability and can be a great alternative to a sit-stand desk, ensuring workspace flexibility.

Whatever your furniture choice, the Flexispot range is a great place to start to transform your work space - let’s get started.