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How to Use Standing Desks to Their Full Advantage

06 June 2023

It's well-known that a sedentary lifestyle can come with all sorts of health risks. In an attempt to make our working day more healthy, many people are turning to height adjustable desks that they can stand under as well as sit down under.

The less time you spend sitting down and the more time you spend on your feet, the better your basal metabolic rate will be. If you're considering buying a height adjustable or standing desk, here's how to use it to its full advantage.

What is a Standing Desk?

Standing desks are increasing in popularity - and for good reason. A standing desk is a desk that you can stand under and a height adjustable desk is one that you can adjust to various heights.

Height adjustable desks can be moved up and down to accommodate either sitting or standing underneath, while a standing desk can accommodate standing or walking underneath it. Read on to find out the applications for a standing or height adjustable desk in daily life.

1. Install a Treadmill Underneath

Standing is much better for your health than sitting, but do you know what's even better? Walking! You can buy small treadmills or walking pads underneath your desk and walk while you work. Doing so supports your metabolism, burns calories, and improves your fitness.

The best part is, when you're getting on with a particularly demanding or engaging piece of work, you'll barely notice that you're exercising because you'll be so caught up in your projects! Just remember to take regular breaks and keep a bottle of water on hand so you don't get dehydrated.

2. Try Stretching At Your Desk

Stretching helps to stay flexible as well as iron out any pains or aches in our bodies, but we rarely get the opportunity to do so. Working under a standing or height adjustable desk gives you the opportunity to prioritise stretching.

Whether it's doing calf raises to strengthen and stretch your calves or touching your toes, you'll be able to enjoy a more flexible, pain-free body with regular stretching at your desk.

3. Stand On a Mat

Standing on a flat surface for hours can negatively impact your feet, so consider purchasing some supportive walking shoes or standing on a mat to make sure your feet don't suffer. Mats can add an ergonomic element to your standing desk to make it more comfortable and beneficial for your body.

You can buy mats online that are specially created to be used under standing desks, so you know you're getting something that really works.

4. Roll Out Your Feet With a Ball

If you exercise regularly or use your standing desk for a lot of walking, you'll probably benefit from rolling a ball or cold water bottle under your foot to relieve pressure.

The good news is, whether you're chatting at a team meeting or writing an email, you can easily roll a tennis ball or water bottle underneath your foot without it impeding your work.

5. Use it For More Than Just Working

Chopping vegetables for dinner? Having a video call with a friend during the evening? You can carry out these tasks and more on your standing desk!

A common misconception about standing desks is that they can only be used for working, but if you see your standing desk as a table rather than a desk, you'll find it has all types of applications.

Let's say you spend your evenings curled up in bed watching Netflix on your laptop. This probably isn't doing your long-term health any good, and sitting for hours on end without reprieve can lead to blood clots and other issues.

Instead of lying in bed for hours on end, try standing at your height adjustable desk for at least 15 minutes. That will break up an otherwise sedentary day and give your body some much-needed movement.

Other ways you could use your standing desk include sending personal emails, journaling, or watching YouTube.

6. Alternate Between Sitting and Standing

Understandably, the idea of a standing desk can feel overwhelming to some, but this is mostly the case when people misguidedly feel that they have to stand at their desks all day.

Standing up for long periods of time when you're not used to it can cause sore feet, so there's no reason to spend 8 hours per day on your feet. Instead, the best way to get the most out of your height adjustable desk is to do what the name suggests - adjust the height!

You could set aside certain periods of the day to spend an hour or so standing up or walking and schedule in time to sit, too. Alternatively, you could just try standing until you get tired and then enjoy some rest in an ergonomic chair.