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How To Stay Hydrated When Working From Home

23 Feb. 2022


Working from home has presented us with a range of new problems and staying hydrated is one of them. While drinking enough water sounds like a simple task, it’s easy to forget or drink sugary drinks like soda instead.

Don’t beat yourself up for falling into bad habits, though, as it happens to all of us! Remembering to stay hydrated in times of stress is even more difficult, as our mind is simply elsewhere. It’s also common to become so focused on a project that you forget to have a glass of water at all.

While dehydration is less than ideal, there are some easy ways to get back on track. If you’re interested in improving your work from home health, keep reading. We’ve researched why drinking enough water is important and how you can increase your general hydration levels.

How Hydrated Should You Be?

Experts state that we should generally be consuming six to eight cups of water per day for adequate hydration. Though these cups of fluid don’t have to exclusively be water, you should try to consume water as your main fluid.

Not only does water keep you hydrated, but it is also sugar-free, doesn’t damage your teeth, and it doesn’t have any calories in it either. If you want to make it taste nicer, consider adding some lemon or lime. You can even switch to sparkling water too.

Other healthy drinks include:

- Herbal teas

- Coffee (without added sugar)

- Fruit juices with low sugar

- Squash with no added sugars

When it comes to hydration, you want to avoid excess sugars, high levels of caffeine, or any harsh chemical ingredients.

Top Benefits Of Staying Hydrated

We all know being hydrated is important, but what are the benefits of hydration? Here are the top reasons to drink more water.

It Keeps Your Body Running Well

Drinking enough water helps your body function well. This is especially important if you’re into sports and like to exercise regularly, as your body will sweat out more fluids. The more fluids you lose, the more you need to replace them, so fitness fans need to remember to drink more water to keep their body and immune system running smoothly.

Your Energy Levels Will Be Boosted

Similar to the rest of your body, your brain needs to be hydrated too! If you aren’t drinking enough fluids, you may experience a lack of energy and fatigue. An extra cup of water or two will improve your hydration levels and you’ll feel more alive and ready to go.

Hydration Reduces Headaches

It’s common to suggest water as a solution to a headache, but why is this? Well, scientific research has proven that drinking water can relieve frequent headaches. In fact, the more dehydrated you are, the more likely you are to experience headaches and migraines too.

Improved Digestion

Hydration also affects our digestive systems too. High levels of dehydration often lead to digestive problems such as constipation. To ensure you’re feeling your best, consume your 6-8 cups of water a day and you’ll notice improvements in digestive health too.

The Best Ways To Stay Hydrated When Working

Struggling to keep your hydration levels up whilst working? Try these tips to boost your wellness.

1. Invest In A Fancy Water Bottle

As humans, we’re often more likely to do something if we’ve invested in it. For example, purchasing a new water bottle is a great way to remind yourself to drink more water. These days you can even find bottles that have time stamps so you can drink throughout the day without forgetting to stay hydrated.

2. Take A Few Sips Per Hour

Another way to remember to drink water is to take a few sips every hour. This will keep your water intake regular and you’ll feel better for it. If you’re super forgetful, an hourly alarm might help you to stay on top of this routine.

3. Avoid Dehydrating Foods

While some foods have a high water content, others can leave you more dehydrated. Key offenders include salty foods and alcohol, so keep an eye out for how often you consume these. If you eat a particularly salty dish, drink a tall glass of water with it to top up your hydration.

4. Drink Flavorful Drinks

While water can be refreshing, many prefer to consume fluids with extra flavour. If this sounds familiar, try some herbal teas or add some citrus fruit to your water. A splash of fruit juice squash can also liven up a glass of water is needed too.

5. Eat Soup And Broths

Finally, you can also consume more soups and broths. This is a great way to combine hydration and a lunchtime meal. Do note that any soups with a higher salt content might need an additional glass of water with them to combat the soup’s dehydrating qualities!

Are You Thirsty?

Staying hydrated throughout the workday will improve your mental focus, keep your body healthy, and it’ll leave you feeling generally happier too. Whether you opt for a glass of water or herbal tea, make sure you’re drinking water more frequently throughout the day.

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