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How Can I Improve My Child's Reading Ability?

17 May 2024

Enhancing Reading Ability for Future Success

The power to read and read well is an undeniable advantage in the adult world. Preparing your child with a strong reading ability helps them feel more confident in themselves, and navigate the world more independently, knowing they have the skills themselves to succeed in life. Being able to read well also means developing a strong understanding of language and communication. This can help them develop relationships and connections as well as knowledge and success throughout their life; reading is an invaluable life skill.

As parents, nurturing reading ability can feel complicated for various reasons, and understanding a child's individual needs is important; some will struggle to develop their reading ability, while for others it will come naturally. There are also several new distractions and struggles in our modern world making it even more difficult for children to focus and thrive, alongside the increasing use of advanced tech which, whilst helpful for some, also threatens to detract from the autonomous learning and problem-solving capability of others.

As we look to navigate these elements and focus on our child's learning and reading ability at the center, knowing what to do to nurture your child's ability and understanding can feel daunting. Where do you turn if your child is struggling? How do you help create the right environment for them to learn in the way that fits that?

Fortunately, several approaches can help improve reading ability, and a host of tips and tricks to help support your child. At FlexiSpot, you already know we want to live like new - so we've put our favorite tips together to help you and your family thrive and nurture reading ability for everyone. Let's take a deeper dive and get you started!

Early Exposure to Books

Instilling a love of reading begins at an early age. Introduce your children to books as soon as possible, even before they can read independently, and instill a habit of reading aloud to your family. As well as creating time for family to spend together, this also makes reading and books part of the every day - making them more accessible to children, and surrounding them with language to help their curiosity and reading ability grow.

Support Literacy Development Throughout Life

Build on the early awareness of reading by creating opportunities to practice and develop literacy skills as your children get older. Encourage them to write stories, keep journals, and even create their books! You can also create family games nights, playing games and puzzles together that promote reading ability, letter recognition, and vocabulary development.

Create A Space for Reading

Creating a space that your child can recognize as their space for reading can make all the difference in their enthusiasm and learning progression. Make the most of the space you have; this could be a shared reading area for various members of the family! Speak to your child about what they would like to see in their reading space - it could be cozy pillows and blankets, some access to natural light or the outdoors, bright or cool colors, or a clear space to sit and enjoy.

When it comes to desk space, standing desks can be a great choice for flexible learning spaces for working with children as they grow, or for allowing flexible shared reading spaces for all ages. One of our favorites in our standing desks range is the E7, a long-standing favorite for many! With a safe and reliable height adjustment mechanism, a digital height display, 4 height preset options, and - importantly - a child safety lock, you can trust the E7 of all our standing desks to support your reading needs, whatever the style!

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Set The Example

It's so important to lead by example when it comes to encouraging your children. Make sure you're acting as a positive role model by demonstrating a genuine enthusiasm for reading; let your family see you reading for pleasure and purpose, whether it's a novel, newspaper, or recipe. Engage in discussions about books and share your experiences with them, share what you enjoyed and what you had questions about. By embodying a love of reading yourself, you inspire children to follow suit and embrace reading throughout life!

Reading Ability for Today and Tomorrow

Ultimately, nurturing reading ability begins at home, with consistent and positive exposure to reading and literature, and creating shared experiences with the whole family that inspire creativity and excitement around reading.

Understanding individual needs is essential - everyone will learn differently and in different ways. Finding the way that fits you and your children - from shared reading experiences to a dedicated reading space - can make all the difference in your child's reading ability and future life skills.

If a dedicated reading space sounds like a good first step for you, you can take a look at our standing desks here - there's no time like the present!