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How a Standing Desk Can Recharge Your Physical & Mental Health

24 April 2022

If you have a desk job, there’s no choice but to sit for 10 hours a day to finish your tasks. But studies have repeatedly shown through the years that prolonged sitting can pose serious damage to one’s health in the long run. Enter standing desks. This ergonomic product can quickly change the way your day goes about.

What you need is a workstation customized to your individual needs so that you are able to take care of your physical and mental wellness among other benefits. It’s hitting two birds with one stone, with other factors affecting your mood and health factored in as well. It will make your everyday work life easy, convenient, and comfortable.

Invest In a Standing Desk

Why Even Invest In a Standing Desk?

Standing desks have been trendy in recent years for good reason. They offer health benefits to their users. You might be skeptical about how a certain type of desk can positively impact your physical and mental health. But a lot of customers have attested to it; hence, the popularity of standing desks among clients rising every year. There are many options in the market that might overwhelm a new buyer like you. But you’re in luck because FlexiSpot can guide you on how to make the right purchase that will help meet your needs at work.

So what is a standing desk? It is a type of desk that allows its users to do desk work—be it reading, writing, or creating anything from scratch—while standing up or sitting down. As mentioned, there are a plethora of options because a standing desk comes in a variety of designs, some are adjustable while others are not.

A standing desk will change the way you work. Since you’re alert all the time and always on your feet, you could be ready in a matter of minutes when summoned. Moreover, you will be exerting more effort standing up than sitting down which could give way to burning some calories.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, standing desks will be compatible with your ergonomic and flexible chair, studies show. Both ergonomic, these items were designed with good health, well-being, and comfort in mind.

The Benefits of Standing Desks

The Benefits of Standing Desks

We already know that long hours of sitting can be detrimental to your overall health. The effects include increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and accelerated aging. On the contrary, standing desks will combat these dangers and promote general health and well-being.

Since you are able to stand up anytime from a sitting position, you break the hours of sitting for too long and protect your body from the dangers of the habit. More than just protection, standing enhances healthy blood circulation, makes you less exhausted, and improves metabolism.

Studies have shown that to live a healthier life, you should stand for at least 30 minutes at a time (4 hours or more per day) even when you’re busy at work. It’s a habit that is easy to sustain if you have the right tools to enable it. Enter sit-stand desks, more popularly known as standing desks or height-adjustable desks, that allows the user to shift from a standing to a sitting position rather easily at any time during the day. Below are the physical and mental benefits of having a standing desk.

Physical Health Benefits

Physical Health Benefits

1. You will avoid back and neck pain when you stand up more throughout the day.

2. Standing desks aid healthy muscle movement.

3. Staying in good shape is easier when you regularly stand during the day.

4. When you stand more, your chances of developing certain diseases such as those related to your heart, are low.

5. Stand up more and you instantly improve your overall physical well-being.

6. Standing will help improve your posture, inducing proper spine alignment.

7. For healthy digestion and metabolism, stand up more.

8. You will be on your feet more often than not, having an urgent mindset and being proactive at work are highly commendable.

9. Relieve your eyes from straining with standing desks that allow you to stare at your screen at a comfortable angle.

Mental Health Benefits

Mental Health Benefits

Aside from obvious physical benefits, standing desks also pave the way for better mental health. Do you know what kind of object may have a psychological effect on you?

Whether you’re conscious about it or not, your body position and stance affect your mind. Why? Because the mind and body are interconnected and should function together. Studies show that people who are exposed to prolonged sitting have experienced severe anxiety and depression levels. This state of mind can be solved by a standing desk’s ability to stand and sit in proportion with the standing desk—a certified mood enhancer.

We listed down some mental health benefits that you can enjoy from a standing desk.

1. A height-adjustable desk can help boost your mood and energy levels which makes working hours more fun.

2. A sit-stand desk can lessen your stress and make you feel less tired.

3. Standing desks can improve work productivity and widen your mental capacity.

4. The tool can heighten your sensitivity.

5. When you work at a standing desk, you might not notice how long you’ve been working because it’s been fun so far.

6. You won’t have to be constantly checking the time; using a standing desk, you would notice that time flies so fast.

7. You will get excited by this unique and innovative work setup.

8. You slowly improve your sedentary lifestyle.

9. You will feel less sluggish and restless.

10. It’s easier to and faster to finish your tasks, allowing you to easily juggle more than one task at a time.

These advantages are not a glaring advertisement—many have proved and attested with undeniable results of using standing desks to help improve their mental well-being.

It is much more relaxing to sit but standing will awake you and heighten your senses. Moreover, you engage your muscles and maintain balance even when standing up which makes you more mentally alert. There is a higher concentration which means the functional brain is more engaged.

If anything of these sounds interesting to you, then you may check out the range of products available on FlexiSpot's website.

You might find it expensive to purchase a standing desk. The good news for you is that this is not the case all the time. With all the benefits that standing desks will give you, this is an investment for your career and your overall health in the long run.


Most people do not stand to break the hours that they have spent sitting for the day. They forget the need to stand up which is why it would help to be equipped with tools including a standing desk. It won’t only benefit the body but also your mind. Your mental and physical health can be enhanced when you use a standing desk. You can take a look at the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Pro Series E7 as one of your options. And while you’re at it, why not browse through the other standing desks available on the FlexiSpot website.