Winter is Coming: Find the Right Ergonomic Furniture to Prevent Aches

01 November, 2021

According to the Office of National Statistics, about 27% of workers in the UK work from home at some point, mostly in winter. If you are working from home, you may need a small home office. That means you need to get the right furniture for your home office in addition to remote working devices. While you may be keen to choose the right computer for your remote office, sometimes you overlook the furniture. Getting it wrong when choosing home office furniture increases your risk of back pain which could then reduce your productivity. But how do you find the right ergonomic furniture to prevent aches this winter?

Understand What Ergonomic Furniture is

Ergonomic furniture is a desk, table, or chair designed to give you the right posture when working to prevent aches in your back, neck, or shoulders. Most ergonomic furniture is designed for use in offices or to enhance the comfort of users with disabilities. However, you can buy ergonomic office furniture for use in your home office. Since few ergonomic desks, chairs, or tables are dedicated for home offices, your choice for the home office furniture should be guided by the following:

  • Frequency of use
  • Length of time spent on the desk or chair
  • Type of activities accomplished on the desk
  • Whether you are living with a disability

Here are some of the features you should consider when selecting the right furniture.

Choosing an Ergonomic Chair

Find the Right Ergonomic Furniture to Prevent Aches

A user-friendly home office chair should possess the following features:

Adjustable Seat Height

An office chair with a seat height of between 16 and 21 inches will be okay for most users. However, the seat height should be adjustable to give you the right sitting position depending on your height, preferences, height of your desk, and above all, your comfort.

The right sitting position should allow your feet to rest flat on the office floor. Your seat height should also allow your arms to rest and move comfortably on the desk or office table. The right office chair should allow you to adjust the seat high enough to achieve the right seating posture.

Backrest Lumbar Support

Lower back pain is a common complaint in people who sit for long hours. However, the pain is not caused by sitting a lot, but by assuming the wrong sitting posture. A user-friendly chair should give you a posture that maintains the natural S of the spine to reduce the discomforts responsible for back pains.

Seat Width and Depth

The right home office chair should have a width and a depth that allows you or any other user to fit comfortably.

The Swivel

A conventional home office chair should rotate freely to allow you to minimize the strain when accessing different areas of the office desk or table.

Backrest Recline

An ergonomic home office chair comes with an adjustable backrest recline. The adjustable backrest allows you to change your sitting angle to a more comfortable position, allowing you to redistribute the pressure on your spinal disk.


If you are sitting for long hours, you may need an office chair with a headrest. The headrest allows you to rest your head and reduce pressure on your neck and shoulders.

Choosing an Ergonomic Table or Desk

Find the Right Ergonomic Furniture to Prevent Aches

Working from home may tempt you to use a coffee table as your work station. However, using the wrong table increases the risk of back and shoulder pain which may reduce your productivity.

The right table or desk should allow your legs to fit comfortably under the desk or table if you are seated with your feet on the floor. An ergonomic desk or table should be high enough to create an angle of 90 to 110 degrees between your forearm and upper arm. A user-friendly table or desk should allow your hands to rest comfortably on the desk or table top.

The width and length should also leave enough space for your laptop or desktop computer and other writing materials. In addition, ensure the table or desk of your choice has an even and smooth top that prevents your materials from rolling or sliding to the floor. The table top should also be strong enough to withstand the weight of your work materials.  

Choosing Special Needs Ergonomic Furniture

Working from home allows some degree of flexibility. For instance, you can exercise while still working by getting yourself a cycling desk. An active seating office chair will also help you work out your joints by moving back and forth or sideways, especially if spend too much time at your workstation.

We Can Help

If you have been using the wrong chair or desk for your home office, it is time to shift to ergonomic furniture. At FlexiSpot, we provide you with the right furniture to reduce aches, enhance comfort in your home office, as well as keep you active through the working hours. Contact us at +44 204 5187 138 to place an order for your ergonomic furniture.

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