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What To Consider Before You Get A Foot Rest

10 January 2022

A footrest is easily one of the last pieces of furniture that people consider for their office, and many people skip it altogether.

However, despite the added expense, a footrest might be your back's saving grace, and not getting one could result in some long-lasting back pain.

It isn't just as easy as picking up a footrest, though; you need to know exactly what to consider when shopping to find the one that is right for you.

So, here is everything you need to consider when buying a footrest.

What Kinds Of Different Foot Rests Are There?

A footrest is ultimately just a comfortable place to rest your feet while sitting at your desk, but it isn’t just as easy as buying a random one online.

There are actually all sorts of different types of footrests that you need to choose between.

For example, do you want a rotating footrest or a stationary one?

Some footrests are designed to remain completely still, and you rest your feet on them, and they act as a bit of stability while you sit at your desk.

However, the types of rotating are built on an axle, allowing them to rock back and forth. This can be really good for those that suffer from restless leg syndrome, as it allows you to be always doing something with your feet.

There is also the decision to be made about all of the endless differences in shape, size, and how soft you want them to be, so make sure you are trying a few out at a physical store before buying one.

How To Match Your Foot Rest To Your Desk

The prospect of matching your footrest to your desk isn't something most people are even possible, but it is actually integral to properly use your footrest.

For starters, if your footrest is too low, then you aren't even going to be able to use it! If your feet cannot actually reach the footrest, then how can you be expected to feel any kind of relief when using it?

Furthermore, you can't get a footrest that is too tall, either! If you happen to be a particularly short person, then one of those big footrests with the cushion cresting almost a quarter of the way up from the floor to the desk just simply isn't going to work – it'll feel like you are putting your feet up, eventually impeding your leg's blood flow!

The trick is to either have a standing desk so that you can raise and lower your desk's height as needed, or you need to carefully measure out the desk's height before you buy your footrest.

You also need to take into account your own height so that you don't accidentally end up with something that doesn't fit you at all.

Do You Have Anything Else Under Your Desk That Might Get In The Way?

Something that a lot of people don’t think about when buying a footrest is whether or not they actually have any space for it under their desk.

While you hopefully have nothing under there other than your feet and maybe a computer tower, a lot of offices actually try and cram as much stuff as possible under the desk if they can get away with it.

For example, do you have any side tables or drawers underneath your desk that might get in the way? Or what about power outlets? Those cheap high-rise office buildings love to stick their power connections into the floor, jutting out under your desk so that your feet are always getting entangled into a bunch of wires.

Make sure you plan out where your footrest is going to go before you buy one so that you don’t accidentally waste your money.

Do You Actually Need A Foot Rest?

This one should be obvious, but before buying yourself a footrest, consider whether or not you actually need one, to begin with.

While a footrest is likely going to improve your comfort level and leave you feeling more settled and relaxed while you work, it might not suit your office working environment or even your height.

For some people, they are just so tall that there is no real way for them to sit at a desk and use a footrest comfortably. For those people, the best thing to do is to just get them a standing desk and allow them to stand comfortably, instead of having to splay their legs out under the desk.

Make sure that a footrest would actually benefit you before you take the plunge and buy one; and, if you do buy one, get one that lasts and feels comfortable when you use it.

Don’t just get the cheap, standard ones because they are inexpensive – your feet will thank you for getting the good stuff.