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Ways to Enhance the Body Shape with the Use of the Desk Bike

07 May 2021

What is your body shape? Have you thought if yours is pear-shaped, square-shaped, or hourglass-shaped? Most women desire to have the hourglass shape because as they say, it's the most ideal among the other types of body shapes which shows a well-defined small waist and rounded glutes (one of the three skeletal muscles that form the buttocks and moves the hips). Although not all body shapes could have rounded glutes, one could still enhance the shape and complement their body type. It's because the body should be celebrated. After all, every shape is beautiful regardless of the buttocks are round or not. If you're wondering about it now, let us discuss more of it here in today's article. In this discussion too, we will:

a.identify each of the body shapes

b.the effectivity of Flexispot's V9 Desk Bike for certain body shapes 

Let's start now the Discussion: 

I.The Different Body Shapes: 

Every woman has a beautiful body shape. It is created to be celebrated in full wonders. Whether it's round or square, every inch of a woman's body is a gift bestowed on her. No one can say that she's more beautiful because she has rounder buttocks or because her waist is smaller than yours. Yours is unique and you should be proud of that. Hence, in this part of the article, we'll discuss the body shapes and their characteristics. The suitable exercise for each body shape, and the ideal diet for each. However, be mindful that there is no exact science in defining a body shape as it may vary in some ways. Thus, here are some of the other body shapes: 

a.rectangle or straight:

-the measurement of the waist is the same as the measurement of the hips or bust

-shoulders and hips have the same width 

-exercises that trim the waist must be done more 

-one must focus on heavy abs exercise 

-full sit-ups plus other heavy activities such as kickboxing 

-do brisk-walking for about 15-20 minutes 

-Ideal Diet: so sugar, white rice, white bread intake. One must focus on using olive oil when cooking

b.Hourglass Body Shape:

-resembles figure 8 

-bust and hips are rough of the same width

-smaller waist 

-the midsection is small 

-the rest of the weight is on the thigh, hips, and upper arms

-ideal workout activities: outdoorsy activities such as swimming and other cardio activities such as jogging and cycling

-bicep and tricep curls are highly advisable 

-the good news: one must not focus on developing the abs 

-the diet plan of this body shape includes more intake of omega-3 and starchy foods such as potatoes and beet; green veggies such as broccoli and zucchini should be taken more

c. Cone Body Shape:

-also known as the apple body shape 

-large bust, broad shoulders, thick waist, thin hips, narrow waist

-looks heavier than the other body shapes 

-ideal workouts: interval training (a combination of intensive workout and light exercise); workout activities like burpees and squats should also be done

-ideal diet: gluten-free foods and options like sprouts and eggs 

-refined carb and sugar must be avoided 

d.Spoon Body Shape: 

-waist and bust are smaller

-hips are larger

-ideal workouts: whole-body exercises like skipping and brisk walking

-building muscles on the upper body

-leg lifts to help tone the legs 

-ideal diet: no saturated fat, intake of dairy foods and other natural sources of fat

-lean proteins and plenty of green salads 

The diet workouts and diet plans mentioned are helpful for the respective body shapes. On the other hand, there are other ways to shed pounds which would also enhance the body shape. It was mentioned above that somebody types need more cardio workouts and the intensity or the force will be put on the abs. Hence, let us talk about an ideal product from Flexispot that can help people with different body shapes. Despite efforts in trying the right workout activity for the body shapes, all of these efforts would be put in vain if one would sustain a sedentary lifestyle which is done by many these days because of the current situation hence, let us discuss this product that is suitable for all body shapes and their workplace environment. 

II. The Effectivity of V9 Desk Bike for different Body Shapes:

This exercise bike can be used in two different ways: with a desktop or without a desktop 

Looking at this, we may ensure that one can have the option of whether to work while exercising on the desk bike or simply stride on the pedal. The desk bike has 

8-resistance levels as well which is good because the person with a specific body shape could be able to adjust the intensity of her workout if she needs to work as she strides on the pedal of the desk bike. She can also choose the levels of her workout-from light to intense; one does not need to worry about the outcome of her exercise. Another is this desk bike offers an ergonomic solution that is created for her body shape. One does not need to be worried about straining her ankles or injuring her knees or lower torso because this desk bike was created to protect the user's spine with its superior comfort. The possibility of losing balance is alleviated plus one can use it easily without having difficulty getting on or off the bike because of its instantly adjustable seat. This product is easy to move and transfer from one place to another because of its easy-rolling casters; one does not need assistance from others and would not need to strain her lower back when moving the equipment. With easy use, one could have an active day even just inside her room while she tries finishing her report at work. 

For these reasons, one may consider the V9 Desk Bike a great companion in enhancing her body shape and trying the most ideal workout and diet. Further, it may complement and make the most out of her body shape. 

III. Final Thoughts:

A lot of women struggle to meet the standard of society which forces them to try drastic measures in meeting that standard which is wrong. What is ideal is to accept your flaws and work out that beauty within you.