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The Best Ergonomic Chairs for Your Home Office

09 October 2022

The Beauty of Ergonomics

Do you find yourself shifting uncomfortably through your workday or even slyly stealing others' seats when no-one is looking? For many, the move to working from home may have seemed like the perfect opportunity to get comfortable at work, but home workers can also find themselves hunched over kitchen tables or propped up on sofa cushions, which can also only last so long until back problems set in.

Proper ergonomic support – and the best ergonomic chair - is essential for those who spend many hours working from a desk. A decent ergonomic chair that can support you fully, from lumbar to neck comfort, can relieve an extensive list of aches and pains, alongside stress symptoms such as headaches, digestion, and sleep issues.

First things first, you should be looking for a solid yet supportive backrest and seat pad, finding the perfect combination of comfort and tension to offer the best ergonomics all day long. Adjustability and flexibility in your ergonomic chair also allow you to adjust as needed, changing up your working posture for whatever project you are focusing on.

Backrests that can support the S-shape curve of your spine are the best choice in ergonomics, while your full body weight should be comfortably yet evenly distributed over the seat pad, supporting optimum posture whilst taking pressure off your legs.

Idealised ergonomic seated support will ensure your health, comfort, and work-based productivity are always at their best. Finding the ultimate ergonomic solution that also offers beautiful design and crisp aesthetic can be hard to find. Thankfully, we have made this our mission - and have some beautiful ergonomic chair options for you this season. Let’s take a look.

Our Top Ergonomic Chair Picks

The BS11 Pro

Making the most of our traditional ergonomic expertise, the Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro comes in a range of design options, whilst offering the best in both style and technology. Unique to our range, the BS11 Pro offers an attractive and modern design with all the essential elements of the most cutting-edge ergonomic posture support: an adjustable seat, customisable headrest, and flexible armrests make this your perfect fit, whatever you’re looking for.

The backrest design is advanced and supportive yet breathable, with an ergonomically shaped back, adaptable lumbar support, and breathable mesh upholstery. The durable seat pad blends in perfectly, designed in corresponding breathable mesh, offering reliable comfort with optimised circulation support and anti-fatigue padding.

Ergonomic chair back support can only go so far without adaptable neck and head support. With an arched design to fully support the cervical vertebrae in the most natural and comfortable position, the BS11 neck support helps reduce tension headaches, neck strains, and shoulder pressure.

The armrests on our most trusted ergonomic model offer three-dimensional adjustment across height, depth, and tilt angle, allowing full individual adaptability. Available in 3 classic colours with proven ergonomic support, the BS11 could be the perfect traditional addition to your home office this winter.

The BS13

If you’re looking for a true statement piece of ergonomic support furniture, the BackSupport Office Chair BS13 is exactly the thing for you. Designed by Yves Behar, the famed designer from the Fuseprojec studio, this striking yet functional piece has been awarded the world-renowned 2022 Design Award, and expertly combines stunning aesthetic with high quality construction and the best there is to offer in ergonomic support.

Finished in 3D elastomeric mesh, the BS13 provides ultimate comfort, with comprehensive adjustable lumbar support. From adjustment of the lumbar spine to seat depth and seat height adjustment and seat back tension adjustment, you can alter this chair to your exact requirements with minimal fuss. You can also alter the back tilt angle for a full range of ergonomic motion.

Alongside a breadth of posture and seating adjustments, the use of the highest quality parts in the BS13 ensure that this ergonomic chair will last for years of comfort and support. With a KGS certified Class 4 air pressure bar, durable pulley with 360-degree rotation, and alloy aluminium chair legs developed by Böker, you can place your full trust in this award-winning desk chair.

The BS13 has it all on offer: from maintaining the best posture, relieving aches and strains, and working in the highest comfort possible to hassle free adjustments, critic-acclaimed design and long-lasting durability, you simply can’t go wrong.

Pull Up A Chair and Settle In

Whether it’s the classic support of the BS11 Pro, or the chic design and innovative construction of the BS13 that catch your eye, we have something for everyone this season. If you’re ready for a month of focus, productivity, and optimum comfort - pull up a chair, take your pick, and prepare for success with your next purchase from Flexispot.