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Standing Desks Vs. Ordinary Desks: Which Saves You More?

06 July 2021

The Wise Spender’s Plea:

The pandemic of 2020 has created a huge global crisis. All around the world, countries have experienced a recession. Even up to these days, governments have already purchased vaccines and are slowly recuperating from last year's global impact. On the other hand, this crisis is still felt by many people. There are still businesses that struggle up to now and individuals who need to make both ends meet. Hence, tight budgets are set in. As they say, "You got to tighten the belt and buy the cheapest". This may be true but some compromise the quality in exchange for very low prices. There is a misconception when it comes to buying low-priced and reasonable-priced goods. In today's article, we will talk about this topic. Which one could make you save more especially when it comes to health. In particular, when we talk about health, proper ergonomics is what most people least focus on. Most of the time, this one is ignored and not given much importance because of the following:

  • Some are unaware of the dangers of improper ergonomics. 
  • Some ignore the possibility of acquiring ergonomic illnesses such as spine injury. 
  • Most believe that for you to have the best ergo solution, you need to spend thousands of dollars for a fancy desk in the office. 

Now, the question is "Which could you save more, choosing the low-priced ergo product but with a compromised quality or buying a reasonably-priced standing desk but with the excellent quality?" 

In the next part of the discussion, we will understand the real answer. 

Quality Standing Desks Vs. Ordinary Office Desks:

  • Quality standing desks like the Kana bamboo standing desks from Flexispot have the most excellent qualities of a standing desk. From the materials that are made from the natural bamboo fibers, you may be ensured that you use a product that is environmentally friendly compared to ordinary desks that you might not know the real materials used in creating it. Some have toxic materials that could cause environmental problems and may be hazardous for users like you. 
  • Aside from that, the standing desks from Flexispot like the Kana Bamboo standing desks have superb qualities such as lifting capacity. It's because these standing desks have a lifting mechanism that can help you optimize your work. With this standing desk, you can multitask while the desk is lifting by itself. You won't need to worry about the falling objects from the table because standing desks such as the Kana Bamboo standing desks are sturdy and could carry weights as heavy as 220 lbs; that includes the desktop weight. Compared to ordinary office desks that sometimes go wobbly, you can ensure that your stuff is safe on the surface of these desks. 
  • Ordinary desks sometimes have uneven surfaces and legs. This makes the desk wobbly and unsafe to use. If you noticed, most of the ordinary desks cause injury and accidents. Hence, it is not safe to use them for a long time. 
  • Another is, when you buy an ordinary desk you may not always be ensured with the quality. Thus, it is a waste of money. This is because spending on a low-quality product costs you an arm and a leg. After all, you can just use it in a couple of months. This is not wise spending. Thus, try to consider the reasonably-priced products such as the standing desks from Flexispot. You can purchase them with the most flexible payment terms. Usually, you can pay $38-$50 a month via Affirm should you wish to have a standing desk that ranges from 300 dollars and above. That is not too much of an expense because you may enjoy using these superb products for a long time without compromising your health, especially the ergonomics. 
  • Standing desks from Flexispot have a bracing system that makes the legs of this desk robust and flexible. If you compare them to ordinary desks, these Flexispot standing desks do not have legs or stages that get stuck because of the rust that builds up around the screws or the steel base. With Flexispot standing desks, you may ensure the easiest movements of these products. 
  • Standing desks from Flexispot can be sold with a single motor or a dual motor. These parts of the standing desks could make the product easy to lift. Compared to the ordinary desks in the office, standing desks from Flexispot can easily be operated on. Hence, if you choose the standing desks from Flexispot, you don't need to worry about the easy operation on it. You can enjoy more time doing your task plus you can ensure that you won't get injured or strain your arms, elbow, or shoulders.
  • Standing desks from Flexispot have incredible keypads; ordinary desks do not have. These products have either the basic keypads or the premium ones. The functions of these keypads are the up and down movements, the sit-stand reminders, and height memory presets. These are made to ensure that the operations of the standing desks are as easy as pie; with just a few clicks, the standing desks are ready for use. Thus, you can finish a task in no time. 
  • There are standing desks from Flexispot that have the anti-collision features; ordinary desks do not have. This is true. With Flexispot, you can be safe and free from getting injured because these standing desks can sense blockages when in operation. Compared to ordinary desks that do not keep the user from potential hazards. At times, these ordinary desks have parts that are easily chipped, making them dangerous for younger users. 
  • Standing desks from Flexispot are spacious enough. 
  • These standing desks are superb and made on a cutting edge. Purchasing stuff like these can make one save more money but enjoy the utmost ergonomic solutions. 

Final Thoughts:

Looking for cheaper products is normal these days because of the crisis that everyone experiences. However, if it would compromise the quality and the right of the person to experience the utmost ergonomic solution, buying these products is a waste of money. As a wise spender, you must look for the ones that are worth your money because spending on products that do not have superb quality will mean more expenses in the future. Try the sought-after brand in the market such as the Flexispot. You will never go wrong in choosing this brand.