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Standing Desks: An Effective and Simple Way of Optimising Your Well-being and Enjoying Your Work

14 August 2023

Modern employees are seen to be getting more health conscious, which is why we're seeing a pretty big boost in the adoption of standing desks in many of today's workplaces. Ergonomic desks are designed for comfort and posture support. In addition, they provide a bundle of excellent benefits ranging from enhancing your physical and mental well-being to improving your blood circulation and amping up your energy and focus levels.

Moreover, a standing desk is also ideal for individuals who are looking to lose weight or maintain their weight. These types of desks are also excellent for people looking to get rid of chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain by achieving a natural arch in their back. Plus, standing desks also decrease eye strain by helping you adjust your screens at eye level.

However, keep in mind that standing for extended periods can also be detrimental to your health, which is why your set-up must include an ergonomic chair so that you can alternate between sitting and standing. Standing for hours at a time can put a strain on your back and can also lead to muscle soreness and fatigue.

In light of this, we're going to talk about some incredible mental and physical benefits of height-adjustable desks.

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Ergonomic Office Chairs

1. Helps Enhance Your Mood and Minimises Anxiety

According to research, it has been determined that sitting for hours at work can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Studies have also indicated that there's a significant correlation between your body's movement and your brain's response to that movement.

This is essentially why you feel that burst of energy after an intense workout at the gym. Exercise is an essential way to help your body release endorphins and growth hormones that help improve your immunity and keep your heart and brain healthy.

Working standing up is also considered a great way of establishing that mind-body connection, helping you burn calories along with staying focused and stress-free. There's also research that has identified that using a standing desk can help employees combat stress and anxiety compared to individuals who sit for longer hours.

2. Helps Optimise Your Brain's Productivity

One of the most important ways movement helps boost your brain health is that it improves oxygen flow to your brain. A healthy amount of oxygen in your brain can help you focus and concentrate better, feel more energised, and help you steer clear of procrastination. In this regard, standing desks can be a pretty great way of boosting your cognitive performance, which in turn can increase your productivity and creativity at the workplace.

3. Perfect to Achieve a Natural Posture

When you talk about the physical benefits of using a height-adjustable desk, one of the best things it can do for you is correct your posture. Sitting for long periods without any movement or stretching can have an adverse effect on your spine, neck, and shoulders, causing chronic pain.

Moreover, sitting hunched over will also result in a curved spine, which in turn, puts a lot of strain on your vertebrae, which is what causes that sharp and annoying neck and shoulder pain. Not to mention, it can also lead to acute lower back pain in the long run. Using a standing desk, you can easily keep your spine and torso straight while moving your legs to achieve a neutral posture.

4. Helps Relieve Stress in your Body

Another reason why you should invest in a standing desk is that these products are designed for streamlined ergonomics and stress reduction, especially when it comes to shoulder and neck pain. Sitting hunched over your laptop, you aren't aware of the strain you're causing your neck by constantly looking down at your screen.

Working standing up can eliminate this problem by bringing your screen at eye level. This means you'll be able to stand straight with your shoulders and neck in a neutral and natural position. In turn, this can help prevent those nasty tension headaches and muscle soreness that you may have suffered just by sitting in an unnatural position.

5. Helps Boost Your Productivity

Climbing the corporate ladder of success is all about maintaining a consistent streak of productivity. And working sitting down for hours can be seriously counterproductive. Standing desks are built with features that help you stay focused and healthy. According to one report posted by the British Medical Journal, more than a hundred workers were given sit-stand work desks and were monitored for productivity. The outcome revealed that the employees who worked standing up were more productive and full of energy.  

Bottom Line

So there you have it. Some incredible reasons how and why standing desks can help you enjoy your work along with boosting your mental and physical health.