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Simple Office Design Tips and Tricks

04 March 2022

Considering how you spend most of your day in your office, it is essential that you make it look appealing, comfortable, and inviting. This can even help you get your work done more efficiently since you will be more productive.

You can easily revamp your office layout with a few simple office design tips and tricks. An office should look not only aesthetic but also be functional and comfortable. This is why we have put together this thorough guide of the best office design ideas.

Whether designing a new space, creating a home office, or revamping your existing office space, keep reading this guide to know how to get started. We have also put together the best design tips that are simple and cost-effective but will go a long way in giving your office space a refreshed look.

How to Design an Office Space

How to Design an Office Space

Preparation and planning are keys to designing a great office space. This is why you should consider every aspect of the office and see what works. Here are the factors you will need to consider in order to get started on designing your office:

Identify Your Company Culture

Before designing your office, you must first consider your company culture. This will help you create a space that resonates with the office's personality. As a result, your office space will be distinctive and unique.

The best way to identify your company culture is to sit down with your team and determine what your company stands for in terms of words and images. Then design accordingly.

Allocate Enough Space for Your Office

For any type of office, including a home office, you need to allocate enough space to adjust a common seating area, meeting rooms, desks, and chairs. The location of your office is key. It should be accessible and large so that there is enough space in your office.

The office space should not be too small or cluttered. Hence you should have plentiful space and then design according to what space is available.

Select the Right Desk and Chair

Select the Right Desk and Chair

Perhaps the most vital aspect of an office design is the desks and chairs. They make a significant difference in the overall aesthetic of the office and make it comfortable and functional. The office chair should be comfortable and ergonomic friendly, such as the ergonomic office chairs from FlexiSpot. These will prevent posture problems and enhance productivity.

Similarly, your office desk should be wide enough to accommodate your computer and accessories. A popular choice for offices is the standing desk from FlexiSpot. These can adjust to a sitting or standing position, which will help keep your employees alert, productive, and comfortable.

Allocate a Place for Meeting

This is essential for any office space, but especially for those that have clients visiting on a regular basis. Employees should also have a separate space for keeping their meetings.

Make a Floor Plan

Once you have decided on what you want to be included in your new revamped office space, it is best to create a floor plan. This will also help you organize your thoughts and create a path for you to follow to design your office space. A floor plan will also help you decide which piece of furniture goes where and how space can be maximized.

Office Design Idea Tips

Office Design Idea Tips

When considering your office design, there are a number of things you will need to keep in mind. Here are the top office design ideas that will help elevate your office space and make it aesthetic, functional, and comfortable.

Offer a Variety of Seating Places

A variety of seating places, including stools, ergonomic chairs, and sofas, are excellent additions to a workspace. They also provide your employees with different places to work from. This flexibility will help with productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, plenty of seating places means you have several options for conducting meetings and hosting clients. They can also act as the perfect waiting area for clients and visitors.

Use Natural Light

Gone are the days of white fluorescent lights in office spaces. Now, the best offices are the ones with glass windows and doors to let in as much natural light as possible. Not only does it make an office aesthetically pleasing, but it serves several other important benefits.

Natural light can significantly help improve mood and allow them to stay focused for longer periods. If harnessing natural light is not possible, consider using lights in the office that mimic the feel of natural light.

Accessorize the Space

Don’t forget to accessorize your office space to make it unique, vibrant, and interesting. You can add inspiring quotes on walls, artwork, and decorative objects wherever you can. This will add personality to your space and brighten it up.

Tame and Hide the Wire Clutter

Tame and Hide the Wire Clutter

Nothing makes an office cluttered and unappealing than a mess of wires underneath desks and wires scattered everywhere. If possible, get cordless devices.

However, if that is not possible, take control of this wire clutter and tame it using organizational techniques. You can also try concealing the cords behind walls, on the floor, or behind furniture.

Take Down the Walls

The modern office is one that does not have too many walls or any cubicles. This is why, if possible, you should take down floor-to-ceiling walls and get glass partitions or no partitions at all. This will also help let natural light pass through the office.

Most modern offices are ones that are open, and there are no cubicles or separate rooms for each manager. It is all about collaboration and openness. If you need a space for privacy, then getting glass partitions would be your best bet.

Add Accents of Nature

Another excellent design feature you should consider is adding elements of nature into your office through indoor plants. These are actually great at boosting mood and feeling good. An employee’s good mood also equates to higher productivity, which is why it is a win-win for all.

Not to mention, nature can make the office atmosphere cleaner and also make it more aesthetic. These touches will make them more comfortable, creative, and engaged.

Add Vibrant Colors

Drab colours and white walls make an office space make it boring and unappealing. This is why all modern offices incorporate vibrant colours into the office on the walls, with accessories, furniture, and on the floors and ceilings.

You can either follow a set colour scheme for the office or add pops of colour to the office. Depending on the company culture and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve with the office, you can choose either.

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture

No longer do you need to keep one space for completing tasks. Modern offices allow more flexibility to employees because it is a proven way of increasing their productivity and morale. The best way to do this is through multipurpose furniture, like the height-adjustable standing desk from FlexiSpot.

This desk gives employees the opportunity to stand while working, which will help them stay active and burn more calories. It also keeps the body energized and the mind alert. The standing desk from FlexiSpot also features a bamboo top that is the perfect shade of brown to compliment any office space.

Organization is Key

It is great to have accessories, artwork, and multipurpose furniture in your office. However, if you are short on space, you run the risk of making all of it look cluttered, untidy, and stuffy. This certainly will not make the office aesthetic appealing or functional. This is why it is essential that you invest in organization methods through cabinets, drawers, and storage boxes. They will also help tidy up the place and keep it clean.

It does not just have to be cardboard boxes. You can think of creative organization methods!

Brand the Office Space

When it comes to a business, branding is key. You brand your products, service, laptops, and more, so why not brand your own office space as well?

Branding will help your office look unique. It will also make it visually appealing and creative features to the office. You can put up your business’ logo on the walls, on the stationary, or write your business name on the wall. Do whatever looks tasteful aesthetic and compliments the office space.

standing desk

Final Words

Whether you are refurbishing the entire office space or making minor improvements, using the aforementioned office design ideas will help you create a space that is conducive to work and visually appealing. So, get creative and have fun designing your office.

Getting a standing desk will dramatically elevate the space. It will also serve a myriad of other benefits since it will aid your employees' health and make them more productive. The standing desk from FlexiSpot features a bamboo top that is scratch and water-resistant. It also looks good and will blend in with any office space. For more details, visit their website today!