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Our 5 Popular Office Desks

22 February 2022

Ready for An Office Revamp?

Never underestimate the power of an office revamp to reinvigorate your productivity. Whether you’re feeling swamped under a lack of storage, hating your office layout, or struggling with old or broken furniture no longer fit for purpose, investing the time and effort into refreshing your working space is a great step to beating those office blues.

That said, knowing where to start on a revamp can be another issue altogether. However, we’ve pulled together a selection of our best office desks to start your office inspiration off and help you create the perfect workspace for your next project.

Home Office Desk FD01

We’ll kick things off with the Flexispot Home Office Desk FD01, a classic statement piece that brings a touch of style to your office, without taking up too much space. This desk offers a simple home assembly, constructed from eco-friendly materials, and a subtly stylish finish that can compliment a variety of decor themes. There’s also plenty of space underneath for filing cabinets, keyboard trays, or hidden desk drawers or baskets, if you’re looking for the option to add in extra storage.

At 120cm x 60cm with a 75cm drop, there’s enough room to work comfortably, without the desk feeling obtrusive in your space. This can be especially handy if you’re working from home in an open living space and trying to create a workspace you can easily step away from when needed, leaving work behind you for the day.

The high quality desk finish is also heatproof, waterproof, and fade resistant, so you can rely on high quality and durability for years to come, at a discount price. If you’re looking for something simple, low budget, but long lasting, the FD01 is for you.

Adjustable Overbed Table

If you’re thinking of trying out an entry-level height-adjustable table, take a look at the Adjustable Overbed Table. With a sleek desktop, compact support tower, and hidden casters and height adjustment buttons, this table makes desk work an absolute breeze.

Designed to sit comfortably over a bed or easy chair, yet equally flexible to fit a range of heights for standard seated or standing desk use, this is one of the most diverse adjustable desks we’ve found, and can suit a variety of working environments.

If you’re new to adjustable or sit/stand desks, or expecting to work in various different environments from home, this might be just what you were after for your office revamp.

Esben EHD2

Looking for more of a statement piece with some built-in storage? We’d recommend the Esben EHD2. With a distinctive, stand-out design, contrasting white and tan design, and two deep drawers for optimum storage, this piece is worth the extra spend if you want your office to say a little more.

The Esben also hosts subtly concealed USB ports, so you can keep all of your devices on the go, without an ugly tangle of cables in the corner, and a height adjustment range between 75cm and 125cm. Whether you're seated, standing, or chasing up messages on your phone on a coffee break, this desk can handle it all.

If you’re looking for a statement adjustable desk at the higher end of the budget with a mixture of modern capability with traditional design, the Ebsen is the one for you.

Comhar All-In-One Standing Desk EG8

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk EG8 combines a super sleek, modernistic glass desk top with adjustable height functionality, concealed built-in USB ports, and a hidden embedded storage drawer.

With an approximate adjustable height range of 28” to 47”, the option to save up to four height presets, and an anti-collision function to halt desk movement if an object is recognised in its movement path, the Comhar has some of the most advancement height adjustment technology of any of our range.

If you have multiple workers sharing one desk, and you’re looking for something adaptable yet sleek and stylish, the Comhar sounds like the desk for you. With an extensive warranty included as standard, you can feel secure in your purchase, too!

L-Shaped Adjustable Desk E1L

If you’re routinely sharing a desk with someone else at the same time, you’re probably looking for something along the lines of the L-Shaped E1L. With a reversible dual panel desktop, you can choose the perfect desk configuration that works for you, allowing ample space for all users.

An adjustable desk height running between 71cm and 120cm allows a range of sitting or standing desk possibilities, with a sturdy 100kg weight capacity. Adjustment itself is quick and easy thanks to the advanced all-in-one LED controller, which includes three different height presets. The E1L also features a sit/stand digital reminder function to ensure you’re staying active and focused throughout the day.

The E1L is our go to desk for shared office space that requires functionality, flexibility, and optimum layout for busy projects.