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On a Desk Bike, Reading Your Favorite Coffee Table Book

08 April 2022

I love bookstores. Wherever I go, I make it a point to stop by a bookstore and see what read I could pick up. There’s this one local bookstore that I love going to and would visit every week. One week before Mother’s Day, there were only a few customers like me. There were some who were scouring through the bookshelves while others were gift shopping for their moms. There were also children around who would open one children's book to another. And of course, the occasional serious readers at bookstores who were so engrossed with the book they were reading that they didn’t mind sitting down on the floor.

There was also a section for new coffee-table books—a shelf that surprisingly looked interesting to me at the moment. I am not a big coffee-table book lover because I’d prefer trivia magazines such as Reader’s Digest. I would always read it back when I was much younger and was very curious about the world. Back then, I enriched my vocabulary by reading Reader’s Digest issues, words of which I remembered when I joined a spelling bee contest. I don’t remember how long ago it was, but I hold this memory precious.

It’s different now. Most readers have stopped picking up paperbacks, coffee table books, and magazines. They just read the digital version on their Kindle or iPad. You could simply subscribe to a magazine or pay for an article on a back issue which they will give you digital access to. This is all you need for a reading session. You don’t need to go to a bookstore anymore because everything is pretty much paperless now.

But, of course, the romantics and believers of reading books in their paper form are still alive. There’s just something “magical” that makes you connect to a book more when you are able to sweep through glossy or slick pages as you turn the pages one after another. And don’t get me started with the smell! A newly arrived book smells like bacon to me. It speaks of love and romance, and something that just excites and brings butterflies to my stomach. Plus, it doesn’t cause any strain on your eyes as compared to reading on a computer screen. This is, of course, my personal preference, and respect what others like for themselves.

There’s this one coffee-table book that has managed to pique my interest. The title goes, “Psychology with your coffee? “a coffee-table book by the distinguished American historian of psychology, Wade Pickren” (review by Brock, A.C. 2014). I have never read the book but I wish that I will have the opportunity to read it someday in an outdoor setting, at the park, or somewhere near the beach. Reviews have said that the book discusses the history of psychology, an absolutely interesting topic for me to pick my brains on.

Coffee Table Books

A Backgrounder on Coffee Table Books

Bigger than ordinary books, coffee tables or cocktail books are usually hardbound and displayed on a table for reading entertainment purposes. David Brower is given the credit for what today’s coffee table book is known like. Arts Magazine first used the term “coffee table book” in 1961.

The allure of coffee table books comes from various topics, the ordinary to not-so-ordinary topics, that it covers. It’s different from digital books in the sense that we could flaunt it to visitors and they would be able to know a bit of our personality through the coffee table books we own and choose to display.

Glamour Magazine UK listed its best coffee table books of 2021. Below are some that fascinated me based on their titles and descriptions:

1. Interiors (Orange Edition) The Greatest Room of the Century - best for decorating

2. Delicious Places: New Food Culture, Restaurants and Interiors – best for foodies

3. Women The National Geographic Image Collection - best for feminists

4. Beaches by Gray Malin Enterprises – best for summer reading

5. If I could tell you just one thing by Richard Reed – best for inspiration and motivation

There are others that I wasn’t able to mention here but are still worth your time to read. I think coffee table books will never be outdated because it gives a timeless kind of pleasure and sense of fulfillment, whether new or old.

Coffee table book lovers would most likely recommend reading one in your garden or patio where you can feel the fresh breeze. A bedroom is also an ideal place for coffee table book reading. You just might fall asleep while you’re reading it, but that’s fine since you can always finish it in another reading session.

So what furniture will match your coffee table book once you’ve chosen and purchased one? One ergonomic furniture company that comes to mind is FlexiSpot. Maybe it’s your first time to hear of it but it is one of the leading manufacturers of home office furniture trusted by millions across the world.

Not only does the company design ergonomic furniture, but it also boosts the productivity and wellness of an individual. I think it is best to purchase a Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9 where you have a desk and a built-in bike so you could do exercises for physical wellness.

Smart Features of a Desk Bike

Smart Features of a Desk Bike

Durable and versatile, this amazing product can be used for physical exercise, reading, having your morning cup of coffee, watching online videos or video chatting with your children on the desktop.

You could literally do anything on the desk bike. Doing these activities while being able to exercise is shooting two birds at the same time. You are enjoying an activity while you tone your legs and lower muscles to improve your overall physical health.

Another great feature of this product is its adjustable desktop which you can move forward or backward, up and down—whatever configuration is comfortable to you.

You could also easily move it to another location in your home because of its four caster wheels. It also has an adjustable seat that could accommodate heights ranging from 5’ 1” to 6’2”.

You may change the six (6) resistance levels according to what you want and need. It will be great for you to keep just like your favourite coffee table book.