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Minimalist Standing Desks to Add to Your Home or Office

24 August 2021

With minimalism at its peak, most homeowners are looking for furniture that has no unnecessary frills. And we cannot blame them, because a minimalist style is easier to maintain, simpler, and looks easy on the eyes. If you are on the lookout for minimalist tables that cares for your posture and back, FlexiSpot has got you covered with these two standing desks that would surely add a lovely and endearing charm to your home or office.


Work in comfort and luxury on a contemporary tempered glass computer desk with curved corners for enhanced safety, convenience, sturdiness, and charm. Comhar's All-in-One Standing Desk is ideal for working from home. This innovative desktop is a multifunctional and convenient standup workstation that not only helps enhance productivity by keeping you from having to sit all day but also has a slew of features and a distinguished style. The Comhar occupies little floor space while providing one of the largest desktops available. All that is required to fit Comhar is a nook, corner, or empty wall in the comfort of your own home.

The Comhar's four programmable height presets make it ideal for numerous users to save their favourite elevation configuration in a family or collaborative situation. With a single press of a button, shift from sitting and standing effortlessly and seamlessly. A simple pull-out compartment integrated into the tabletop allows for smooth storage of your home office items. By pushing this button, you can disable the control centre feature, ensuring that you are not disturbed by the unintentional touch of your children or cuddly animal pals! The sleek design fits seamlessly with the rest of the building while concealing and neatly storing your items! Three convenient USB charging ports (2x USB Type-A, 1x USB Type-C) are integrated into the desk, allowing you to avoid the tangle and inconvenience of intertwined wires in your space below your desk while maintaining your equipment charged during the day.

“To begin, let me state that this was an excellent deal for an adjustable electric desk. Additionally, the color possibilities were excellent. The 48' size is ideal for our room because it is not excessively large but still provides enough space for our laptop, second large monitor, and lamp. Our larger printer will not fit on the desk, which is fine with us. The drawer is quite convenient, although mine does not fully close on one side, which is not a major concern. The USB ports and memory settings on this device are incredible. The desk is quite strong and simple to assemble. I'm blown away by the craftsmanship, and it's really stylish. I have significantly less back and neck ache standing, but after several hours, I appreciate the option to rest. So far, I'm content. We'll see how long-lasting it is. I've only been in for a month.” - Martine K.

I have really no problems with this workstation! Even though it is incredibly hefty, it is extremely durable and is an all-around excellent desk. The storage is an added plus, as many standing desks lack one! There I keep my keyboard and trackpad, as well as other workstation staples. Additionally, the desk's dimensions are ideal! Sufficient enough for my 27-inch monitor and a 13-inch laptop. Prompt delivery. Simple to install. This is the ideal desk for my home office. Assembling the desk couldn't have been simpler. Simply tighten a couple of nuts and you're ready to go! I appreciate that I can now stand up for work instead of sitting all day! - Leroy N.

“One of the very few adjustable standing desks that has a compartment while maintaining a streamlined appearance. To startup, there are four memory configurations and a variety of USB connectors! The company was quick to deliver a replacement when a mistake was discovered, and delivery was quicker than claimed though I suppose that credit belongs to the courier. I'd endorse the item. I'm hoping they strive to provide excellent service to their consumers.” Karen S.

"Extremely robust and completely functional. Assists with the backache I experience from working all day at my desk at home. At the very least, I am now able to cycle between sitting upright and standing. It is well worth the money. I adore it.” - Nathan L.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Bamboo is among the most ecologically sound organic materials that have ever been discovered. In comparison to typical wood, bamboo grows at half the level and still produces 35% extra oxygen while absorbing approximately 12 tons CO2/hm annually. Additionally, because bamboo grows without chemical fertilizers and needs little commitment to reseed, it has drastically reduced soil degradation and forest destruction and has aided people in utilizing barren land. Because fully grown bamboo is extremely configurable and has strength properties of 28,000 pounds per square inch, opposed to steel's tensile strength of 23,000 pounds per square inch, it is one of the strongest and also most lasting kinds of products you may have in your household. Hardly anything compares to the inherent splendour of bamboo. FlexiSpot also uses lateral compaction techniques to ensure that each bamboo piece retains its gorgeous, organic pattern. Our workstation is prone to wear, moisture, and pests due to the carbonized 2H lacquer finish. The powder-coated steel tube adds additional robustness by keeping scrapes and dirt off the framework.

“For an individual of middle height, I need to fully adjust the table that required extensive lowering. I'll just have to fiddle with it to keep it from moving. Superb craftsmanship and my physician will indeed be pleased.” - Bethany T.

“Do not hesitate to purchase a Flexispot product! I have many of these and all perform quite well. I've been experiencing severe back pain for weeks. It simply will not go gone. I didn't want a weary body for the holidays, so I purchased a standing desk for my office after realizing how much sitting hurts my back. That was the wisest course of action. I no longer require prescriptions for pain medications. I discovered that it was the wisest move I'd made thus far! I'm extremely astonished at the price difference.” - Kleigh G.

“This desk is fantastic! Lines that are simple and graceful. Superior quality! The only negative is that if I had appreciated the practicality of the rounded front design, I would have purchased that version of the top. However, I am quite pleased with my buy! Many thanks, Flexispot.” - Harry M.

“I adore it. The surface is quite lovely, and its smoothness is quite pleasant to the touch. The columns are solid, and the motor motion is smooth, quiet, and quite soft. I truly enjoy the wide height range that the three-stage frame gives, and hence did not mind paying an additional fee for it.

Tragically, mine actually came with a gash in an otherwise flawless tabletop and a rather noticeable scratch on one of the legs, which aggravates my OCD to no end. However, I continue to give the table five stars. I could not find any other complaints regarding comparable issues, so it appears to be a one-off and I got unlucky.

Some points to consider:

  • This is a really substantial table. As a result, it is strong and capable of supporting a substantial amount of weight. However, you may choose to get assistance in relocating it. 
  • It took me more than two hours to finish everything together since I wanted to ensure that everything would be done properly. I am aware that some were able to complete the task considerably more quickly.
  • The initial step has already been completed for customers, on occasion users are unsure about the location of the beam's individual components.
  • Please remember that the table and framework are packaged separately and may ship on separate days, as mine did. Therefore, do not be surprised if you initially receive only one package.” Eric S.

There you have the minimalist standing desks that FlexiSpot can offer. The cost-effective price is also a great deal because not only would you have a beautiful and functional standing desk, you would also get your money’s worth. You will also save more money in the long run as using FlexiSpot standing desks prevents future health problems that would have you shelling out your hard-earned cash.