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Make Your Desk Job More Bearable While Pregnant

27 May 2021

Carrying life for nine months is a remarkable blessing. It is a part of the motherhood stage that women go through. Despite that, companies only offer maternity leaves to new moms after the delivery. Women who are in their first to their third trimesters before labour still have to work to provide a good life for their babies. 

Whether corporate workers or freelancers, pregnant women must be given the comfort and flexibility that they require even while working. 

New mothers are entitled to some maternity leave, but most employers do not provide paid maternity leave. Pregnancy brings about a slew of physical changes, many of which make it more difficult to sit and work at an office job like you would when you are not pregnant. So, how can you make your work life more enjoyable while you are pregnant? 

Here are some of our best recommendations:

Arrange Your Workplace for Ease of Access

You might wish to alter your office setting to keep as much as possible within easy reach. Everything you use regularly during the week should be within easy reach. If you have to stoop over to reach drawers, extend to reach folders, strain your neck to use a phone, or do anything else along similar lines, you are going to fatigue muscles. 

You should have one place for paperwork, one for computer use, and one for meetings, for example. It all relies on your profession and the environment in which you work.

Frequently Alternate Between Sitting and Standing

Take breaks to shift between sitting and standing. You will get muscle problems if you sit for an extended amount of time. Also, standing for an extended time increases your chances of developing swollen legs and feet, sore feet, and back pain. This is especially true if you are always hunching over your work.

You are more likely to prevent both kinds of problems if you alternate between sitting and standing for roughly an hour at a time.

Use a Chair that is Both Comfortable and Ergonomic

Pregnancy alters the composition of your body, including your abdomen. Growing a new person puts a lot of strain on your musculoskeletal system, which can result in back pain. Investing in an office chair with a large number of adjustments is one of the best things you can do. This product is designed to help you get rid of back pain, neck strain, and muscle aches.

Make Sure Your Chair is in the Most Comfortable Position Possible

How do you adjust an adjustable chair for maximum comfort and support once you have one?

● Push the lumbar support forward to allow your shoulders to relax and rest in a neutral position.

● Seat height and depth should be adjusted so that your feet are flat on the floor. For the best comfort, remove your shoes.

● To maintain a neutral posture, adjust the back tilt of your chair. A straight line from the hips to the shoulders to the neck to the ears is your goal.

● You will probably need to make minor adjustments to maintain this posture throughout your pregnancy.

Elevate Your Legs with a Box or a Stool

Your legs and feet may swell up and become quite painful during pregnancy. Consider putting your legs up in an elevated position to help alleviate this.

Elevating them above your waist is the best option, which usually entails propping your feet up on your desk. If you can also lower your keyboard and lean your chair back to about a 135-degree angle, that would be ideal.

Avoid Soreness by Stretching

Working out while pregnant is understandably the last thing on your mind. On the other hand, simple exercises and stretches can help relieve muscle aches and back pain. It can also help with headache relief and the treatment of leg swelling. You can simply start rolling your shoulders up, back, down, and forward while seated, attempting to make the largest circle possible. This relieves neck pain by stretching shoulder and neck muscles.

Have a Supply of Healthy Snacks

Cravings are a common occurrence throughout pregnancy, and you might be amazed at how much food you can consume while you are just munching. After all, you are feeding two people. Keep a variety of foods on hand to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Trying to keep a few simple snacks on hand is an excellent way to avoid disrupting both your job and your comfort by reaching, stretching, or hunting around in drawers or bags for something.

Dress with Multiple Layers

As multiple chemicals flood your system, pregnancy raises your body temperature, and you will experience a range of hot and cold flashes. This means that regardless of the season, temperature, or office thermostat settings, you will most likely be uncomfortable in whatever you are wearing. In this circumstance, dressing in layers is the best option. Make sure you are dressed comfortably. 

Invest in a Standing Desk

When you are pregnant, using a standing desk might be quite beneficial. Even standing for 10 minutes every hour has significant advantages in terms of mobility and calorie expenditure. Using a standing desk can help at this time since it allows you to stand for long periods, which keeps your blood circulating.

Use an Anti-Fatigue Mat

This can help keep your feet comfy while using a standing desk. A firm floor, even one that does not feel so hard when you first step on it, can cause a slew of problems up and down your bones. It is preferable to stand on a floor mat meant for a long time so that you are as stress-free as possible while standing. Consider getting yourself the Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1 of FlexiSpot


We hope that following these suggestions helps alleviate your worries. Many of the best workplace tips for pregnant women turn out to be good ergonomics in the first place.