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How to Turn Your Limited Home Space into an Effecting Space for Remote Work

24 March 2021

Ideally, having a home office means you have a dedicated office room, but most people's reality is that their houses are quite small. The beauty of a home office is that you can set it up anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a studio or can only spare a small space for your workspace; you can create an effective remote work area.

Creating a limited work space in your home space requires that you get creative with your setup. A corner desk can make the perfect workspace, and you be quite productive on that small desk. The one thing to remember about work from is that it’s imperative that you dedicate a spot for work.

Your dining area or the sitting area will not serve as effective workspaces. Avoid working on your bed or the floor as your mind will not fully concentrate on your work. Essentially, a home office helps stimulate your brain to work.

So, how do you turn a limited work space into a home office?

Put simply; you need to optimize your small desk or small area into your remote work area. To achieve this, you need to consider the following:

  • Function over aesthetic

    At the very base of a home office, you need a desk and a chair to get to work. Therefore, in a small space, you can invest in a small desk, a chair and a few other accessories that will help your corner desk feel like a home office.

    Not to say that you shouldn’t make your workspace aesthetically pleasing; however, you should lean more towards function.

  • Your home office should have good lighting.

    Your remote work space is an area where you’ll spend many hours in your day; therefore, it is important that you choose an area with good lighting. This helps protect your eyes as you’ll be spending a lot of time on a computer.

    You can always achieve this by setting up your home office near a window. Natural light is always a good direction to go, but if you’re not getting a lot of light, you can go for adjustable lights.


  • Consider a prime spot for video calls.

    You want to make sure that the spot you pick for your home office is ideal for video calls. Consider the background and lighting as you pick a spot for a small desk. It is a lot more effective to consider this before you set up your corner desk.

  • You can go for adjustable.

    Small desks for small spaces come in all shapes and sizes. For your limited work space, you can invest in a standing desk that is adjustable to maximize the use of your small space.

  • Separate your spaces

    Circling back to not working on your kitchen table or your bed, it is important that you put your work away at the end of the day. Once you have your work from home spot setup, don’t carry your work into your personal space and vice versa.

A workspace that inspires productivity

Bringing the office home is not an easy transition, and you need a lot of self-discipline to be productive and effective while working from home. A work-life balance is also hard to maintain when you work from home. However, it is crucial that you learn to draw the line between work and personal life. Experts have found that having a dedicated work area in your home makes it easier to get work done.

With your workspace set up, it is also important that you:

  • Schedule breaks

    It is easy to get lost in work since you’re working from home, but you need meaningful breaks between your work hours. Take some time to stretch, walk around and treat your home office as you would a regular workplace.


  • Dress for work

    The Pajamas to work lifestyle is quite inviting; however, it is easy to feel sluggish as your mind is torn between the casual dressing and the seriousness of your workspace. Dress for success and inspiration.

What do I need in my limited work space?

Having a checklist of things you’ll need for your space and visualizing it help you better plan your shopping if you need to shop. Some of the basic things you need for your small area are:

  • A Compact All-in-one Desk

    Emphasis on a small desk; you should have measurements or an idea of how big your space is before you get a desk for it. Standing desks have become popular as they combine health benefits and functionality. They are now incorporating technological aspects as well.

  • A Comfortable Chair

    Even if you go for a standing desk, you still do need to sit, and you can switch between sitting and standing. A good ergonomic chair that will be kind to your back will improve your productivity and help you with your posture.

  • Internet Connection

    It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in today; it is crucial that you have reliable internet for your video calls and other forms of staying connected.

  • Refreshing Plants

    Plants can help boost your mood, making you more effective in your work. You can place a plant on your work desk to bring life to the space.


  • A power outlet

    As you pick your home office corner, ensure your space has a working power outlet or cords that will supply your work space.

Should I go for a standing desk?

Yes, yes and yes! If you’ve experienced backaches from sitting too long or having the wrong posture, then a standing desk is what you need. It is a good change, and it doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily stand all day.

With the growing popularity of the standing desks, it is worth looking into a standing desk's ergonomic benefits.

Comhar is an all-in-one small work from home standing desk where beauty meets function to give you an effective desk. It is incredibly practical and you won’t need to choose function over aesthetic as it is the total package. You can go for the glassboard top, and we’ve got two classic colors in options for you to choose from to match with your home decor.


First, the design of the Comhar standing desk is a delight. It is a perfect corner desk for your small space. The desk is adjustable at the press of a button, from child to adult height, as it measures 120x 60cm. Plus, it comes with an embedded drawer for your daily storage of your stationery.

In addition, you get USB charging ports installed to keep your workspace organized and avoid tangled cords all over your floor. This small desk is big enough to fit everything you need and small enough to fit your small space.

All in all, the Comhar all-in-one standing desk is worth every buck you would pay for it, and let alone its price far more competitive in the market in view of its loaded features.

The future of remote work

Working from home is a good thing; that’s if you’re doubting yourself. It is easy to get distracted by all the other things you have at home, but once you get into an effective work schedule, work from home is a breeze.

Before we get into the future of remote work, it is important to highlight the pandemic's effect on work from home culture. Many people have had to work remotely due to the pandemic, and most didn’t get an adjustment period or have the right workspace.

However, this has shown the importance of having a home office, even if that means having a small desk pushed up against a corner in your house. The size of your home should never keep you from having a dedicated work space that helps improve your productivity.


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Bottom line

To wrap up, now that more people are conscious of the effects of sitting too long and investing in standing desks, technology is finding it’s way here. Electric standing desks with fitted USB ports are making the modern home office much more effective.