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How to Fix Back Pain When Working From Home

18 April 2022

We’re not sure anyone can call themselves a professional worker without suffering from some sort of back pain. It’s a right of passage for every office chair user throughout the world, that ache creeping up on you and taking away your concentration. Let’s say it how it is: it sucks. Back pain is one of the most annoying parts of adult life and, given that we spend 75% of our lives sitting down and working, it’s also a very frequent one.

The Pitfalls of Chronic Pain

Back pain is common but that does not mean it is tolerable - or should be normalised. Back pain - like any pain - can be exceptionally detrimental to our health. Back pain can cause endless trips to the physiotherapist, restlessness, insomnia, bad mood and depression, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sitting through meetings - and the rest! The longer it is left, the worse it gets. In some extreme cases, back pain can lead to the need for an operation or time off work sick. Some people have to quit their jobs because of back pain or limit their workplace tasks.

But what if we told you that there was a way to rid your working life of back pain? What if we told you that not only would your back become less painful but that your concentration and productivity would be increased at the same time? And what if we told you that there are two very effective options to fit you and your own style of working to make you the person you want to be? Sounds good, right? Okay, enough suspense, let’s take a look at how to fix your back pain and work more effectively.

Get an Ergonomic Chair

You’d think that something called an ‘office chair’ would be designed with working in mind, but in fact it’s quite the opposite. An office chair does its job: it is a chair and it is in an office. That’s it. Now, do you think it’s a coincidence that pretty much everyone who works in an office chair has back pain? The truth is that your back is suffering every time you sit down in one of these, because it’s not designed to help your posture. What you need is a chair that is…

Ergonomic chairs, that’s right! You may have heard the term ‘ergonomic’ before, but for those who haven’t, the term ergonomic means ‘designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment’. Now doesn’t that sound like exactly the sort of thing you need? Our ergonomic chairs are designed to improve posture while working, resulting in little to no back pain. It also decreases stiffness and straining of the hips, which enhances the flow of blood and can help boost the body’s metabolism. All this leads to significant long-term beneficial health effects and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

So it’s time to throw out your old office chair and invest in your back, and your wider health as well. At Flexispot, we’d recommend the FlexiChair BackSupport Office Chair BS8 as the perfect chair for both your back and for home working in general. As you might be able to tell from the name, it’s been specifically designed to support your back, and we guarantee you won’t regret buying this chair. Take it from us, life without back pain is a happier life.

Get a Standing / Height Adjustable Desk

The other effective option to getting rid of your back pain is to simply stop sitting. Easy, right? Standing is generally more beneficial to your health than sitting, helping to deter lethargy and boost concentration while also being more active. But you can’t stand and work at a desk that’s sitting at the height of a regular office chair (that would actually hurt your back more). What you need is a desk that can be at the exact height you need it.

And so I present to you: our Height Adjustable Desks. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, because with the press of a button you can easily adjust the height of your desk to fit your professional needs. With improved focus and absolutely no back pain, you’ll find yourself flying through your workday, and in doing so you’re benefiting your health massively! If sitting down isn’t your speed, we’ve got you covered!

How Flexispot Can Help

So, if you’re looking to enhance your productivity, sustain both your mental and physical health and create a cool new workspace, why not look around our online store and see how we can make your dreams a reality.

Or if you want to learn more about our products and how they can help you reach your professional goals, please speak to us and we’d be happy to help.