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How To Fit Exercise Into Your Work Day?

07 January 2022

Staying fit is enough of a challenge when you have time to work towards your health, but when you have a full-time job, how are you supposed to actually work out?

While you could sacrifice your free time to drive all the way to a gym to work out, it is a lot better for your time management and your mental health to try and work it into your daily routine in a more manageable way.

Now that we are more likely to be working from home, it is easier than ever to work in some exercise as part of your workday.

Here's how to easily fit some extra exercise into your workday.

Tie Certain Workouts To Achievable Goals

The idea of jumping out of your desk chair in the middle of the workday while in the office is a pretty frightening concept, so this tip might not be super relevant to those that work away from home.

But, if you are lucky enough to be working from home in the comfort of your own study or living room, it is so easy to exercise during the day by taking regular breaks to do small periods of exercise.

Try and tie specific workouts to specific, achievable goals; if you finish a small task, why not do 10 pushups? Finish a meeting? Then pump out a few squats or weight lifts!

The key is to make them small, regular periods of exercise that are tied to tasks that you regularly complete. That way, working out becomes just a part of your normal workday and isn't something you have to particularly struggle through!

Don't forget to also take regular, non-workout breaks during your workday as well! Without those little rewards, you will quickly find yourself dreading any kind of exercise period if you aren't being careful.

Walk To Work – Or Walk During Breaks!

If you find yourself having to trudge into the office every day, an easy way to work in a little bit more exercise is to simply walk to work instead of driving or taking public transport.

If you live too far away from your place of work and absolutely have to commute in, maybe consider only commuting part of the way? You could get the bus or train to a stop a couple of stops early and then walk in from there. Maybe try and find an attractive or interesting place to stop at, so as to be able to enjoy your walk-in, such a park?

This is obviously only really relevant for those that have to work in an office away from home, but for those lucky home-workers, why not go for regular walks throughout the day?

Take a small, 15-minute break to go walk around the neighbourhood – if your boss doesn’t like it, they probably honestly won’t notice unless they are using time tracking software. If you are a dog owner, it’s a great way to walk your doggie friend during the day without having it take up a big part of your available free time.

Track Your Activity Level Every Day

It can be a bit disappointing to have to constantly track your exercise, especially for those that start from a pretty inactive level to begin with.

However, tracking your activity levels using an app or a fitness watch is actually a really great motivator for helping to encourage healthy habits.

By being able to see exactly how many calories you are burning and see what exercises are working, you can actually enjoy being active and feel like you are achieving progress every time you look.

You can also easily set up alerts and reminders for when you should be working out, even throughout the day. These little reminders can do wonders for helping to encourage you to get up off of your chair and get to work on yourself!

You can even go the extra mile and track your complete calories as well, using one of the many different calorie counting apps that there are available online. This will help you form a more complete picture of your health and ensure you get all of the nutrients and macros that your body needs to stay healthy.

Get a Fitness Buddy To Work Out With

For many people, working out and staying fit in general is a very personal thing, meant for them only to track and be aware of.

However, choosing to include a friend can actually really help you to stay fit and maintain healthy habits when it comes to working out.

Getting a fitness buddy at your workplace can be a great help in ensuring that you both keep each other on track for your fitness goals. Whether this is your desk neighbour at work who you work out with or just someone at work that you go on frequent walks, being able to rely on someone else to help you out with your routine can really help wonders.