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How To Create a Zen Office Space

23 February 2022

Zen: a small word that encompasses calmness, productivity, peace, and general satisfaction with the world. Who wouldn't want to create this kind of environment in their workplace? 

Imagine going to meetings where the mindful practice is pretty much standard? Or colleagues who shun stress and seek a calmer work environment instead? Zen concepts are said to boost creativity and productivity, creating happier workplaces and employees.

This atmosphere may be a pipe dream for your company right now, but you can start the ball rolling by giving your office desk or cubicle a Zen makeover. Here are a handful of simple ways to create a space where chaos gives way to calm.

Streamline Your Desk Space

Cluttered space often leads to a cluttered mind, while disorganization can trigger stress and lead to time-wasting. Plus, even if you know where everything is, a messy desk gives a pretty poor impression to others.

Splash out on some desk caddies to corral pens, calculators, and other random office supplies. Keep the things you need that day on display and within reach, and tidy everything else away out of sight.

Be vigilant and disciplined by developing good habits, like throwing unwanted items straight into the wastepaper bin. Deal with paperwork as soon as you receive it. Of course, there should be clearly marked spaces to separate items needing further action from those to be filed. If possible, end every day with a clean and tidy desk.

These approaches help to break patterns and bad habits. 

Add a Plant

Choose a living plant that will bring the joys of nature into your office space. Go for something simple and easy to care for. Flowering plants, leafy types, or even prickly cacti work, so the choice is yours.

Light up Your Space

Unless you happen to sit near a decently sized window, you probably have to deal with a harsh lighting source. Striplights are anything but Zen, but you can enhance your space with something softer. 

Look at buying a desk lamp with angle features for ultimate flexibility. Or perhaps a spotlight that clips to your computer screen would work better? Whatever you go for, your eyes and inner calm levels will thank you for it.

Try some Zen Aromatherapy

Pleasant scents are fantastic for encouraging tranquillity and sensible, thought out decisions. Generally, health and safety concerns make burning candles or incense impossible. However, a small dish of wax crumbles, an essential oil spritzer, or even scented oil stick diffusers can all work just as well.

Reduce Noise

Everyone has a different tolerance level when it comes to noise. If it irritates you, affects your work, or triggers anxiety, then it's time to tackle this issue head-on. 

Possible solutions to help include noise-cancelling headphones, earbuds, or even a white noise machine or app. It's also worth raising noise concerns with your supervisor, as chances are they are responsive to employees' concerns.

Find a colourful desk decoration

There's plenty of scope here, as the point is simply to choose something you can focus on when you want to. This object may bring you calm or perhaps inspire dramatic achievements. Reds and yellows are energy-giving, while blues and greens represent peace and contentment.

If space is limited or this idea is impractical, consider using crystals. These have a dual benefit, bringing both colour and their specific natural energies.

Crystal information

The lovely light purple amethyst crystal helps calm both your body and mind. Better sleep and a calmer approach to life are also potential benefits.

The pretty light green crystal Jade is linked to abundance and growth. This could be a material gain, like a lottery win or a pay rise. On the other hand, sometimes, Jade encourages emotional growth.

Rose quartz is a soft pink crystal that represents blossoming and strengthening relationships. If something in your life is stuck, this crystal will help you move things on.

Black tourmaline is the ultimate cleansing crystal if you sense negative energy is polluting your office space. It's also a good thing to have around when you struggle to find your feet.

Put Together a Simple Zen Garden Display

Relax; this kind of garden is less about grass and more about pebbles. Take a look at Pinterest for inspiration on creating your Zen table garden in a tray. This garden can be straightforward, with small stones, perhaps a bell, plant, or Buddha ornament, and a small candle for decoration. 

If you have desk space for a small Zen garden, it's worth creating one. The design represents balance, order, and fuss-free energy, a truly Zen experience.