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Height Adjustable Desk Vs. Standing Desk Converter 2021: Which One Is Ideal for You?

01 April 2021

Desks come in varying designs and sizes, each with its unique features that try to make their use a little more bearable. For instance, when comparing a Height Adjustable Desk and a Standing Desk Converter, there are some unique features from either that may work for you and others, which may be a little off-putting. But you really cannot decide between these two without first diving into the details of how each functions and the advantages that each has over the other.

A unanimous winner between the two desks may not be as clear-cut as day and night since people tend to have varying opinions and preferences. For this reason, we are going to look into details of how each of these desks hold up against one another.

Height Adjustable Desk


Source: Flexispot

Height adjustable desks are the type whose height can be adjusted to accommodate different people, from an adult to a kid, by a simple press of some buttons. There are others that can also be adjusted manually, but both sets serve the same function, and that is to create the convenience needed to work comfortably without straining your back.


  • Solid Construction: The desks are made using high-grade steel that’s resistant to stains, scratches, and rust. The frames are well balanced to reduce any form of wobbling when in use, with the legs spaced out evenly to support any weight that’s put on them.

  • Electric Adjustments: Convenience is taken to the next level as these desks come equipped with all kinds of electrical functions that help the user quickly adjust the height of the desk to suit their needs at that time. Some even have memory buttons that store the adjustments for future use. You simply press a button, and the desk recalibrates itself to the measurements you had saved.

  • Great Accessibility: The top part of the height adjustable desk is big and wide. There’s enough space to set up a PC, set a pile of books on the other corner, and still have ample space to serve as your main working area. This creates a high level of accessibility that makes working much more manageable as everything is within your reach.

  • Stylish: Height adjustable desks are not all about functionalities and great performance. Their design also pays attention to aesthetics. They have smooth surfaces, varying color options, and artistic touches in the right places. They may not be flashy, but they are classy in a subtle manner.

  • Anti-Collision Feature: This is a unique feature that’s found in most Flexispot desks that works by moving the desk away once the sensors detect movements that may lead to a collision. This helps keep the user from sustaining injuries and the desk from getting damaged.


  • Costly: Considering how many features and high-quality materials go into the construction of this desk, it is understandable why they would have high prices. They are a better investment in the long run, but that doesn’t take away the fact that their initial costs are highs.

  • Needs Accessories: For the desk to work properly, you may be forced to get some extra accessories on top of the initial cost. If you are using a heavy desktop computer, for instance, you may need another lower compartment to hold the CPU to avoid overburdening the top area.

Standing Desk Converter


Source: Flexispot

This is a smaller workstation desk that is placed on top of another traditional desk to increase functionalities and create more space for the addition of other things. You may be in need of an extra monitor, but if the desk you have can’t accommodate it well, a standing desk converter is what you go for if you don’t have the funds to get a bigger desk.


  • You Keep Your Desk: The cost of buying a new desk can be a lot, especially if your current desk is still in good working condition. A standing desk converter allows you to achieve what you want at a little extra cost, and you get to keep your old desk with you—a win-win situation.

  • They are Cheaper: Standing Desk Converters are cheaper compared to Height Adjustable Desks. The prices may vary from one converter to another, but there’s a general trend for Standing Converter Desks to have a low starting price. This is why adding them to your desk is a better financial move compared to buying a whole new desk.

  • Multi-Level Design: Standing Desk Converters are sophisticated. They come with an impressive number of adjustable options that allow the user to set up different things on the same structure. You can have one tray accommodating the monitor while the other accommodates a keyboard—a very good option for gamers.

  • Lightweight: Standing Desk Converters are lightweight; that’s why they can be placed on top of a regular desk without exerting any pressure on it. This trait also makes it easy to move them around even when you are in the idle of working, a convenience that may not be accorded to you by a Height Adjustable Desk.


  • They are Manual: Owing to their functions they are designed for, most of these desks are manual as far as their adjustments are concerned. The plausible reason behind this is to keep their weight minimal as they are supposed to stand on top of other desks.

  • They are small: You cannot use a Standing Desk Converter independently as your full fledge desk; they are too small for that. The most they can do is accommodate a monitor on one tray and a keyboard on the other with no space for any other form of improvisation.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk EG1 Vs. Standing Desk Converter M3

The Height Adjustable standing desk EG1 is the most popular height adjustable desk from Flexispot, and we are going to compare it with the Standing Desk Converter M3, which is among the most in-demand standing desk converters from the company.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk EG1


Source: Flexispot

The Height Adjustable Standing Desk is an ergonomic standing desk that’s more than height adjustable. It comes equipped with a number of interesting features that include the following.

  • Smooth and light touch adjustments that ensure the transition from one height to another are made seamlessly and in a very comfortable manner. The time it takes to switch from sitting to standing is less than 10 seconds.

  • The desk is super quiet and stable. You will not hear a squeak or a creak as it adjusts the height. The stability is a product of thoughtful engineering that pays attention to the psychology of the human brain.

  • Great structural integrity, thanks to a combination of high-quality materials that range from metal, plastic, and wood. Every part of the desk is built for a reason; there’s nothing idle or unnecessary about it.

  • They have electric buttons that ease the work of making height adjustments. You don't have to burn through your valuable time every day trying to get the configuration right. The memory buttons will do that work for you within seconds.

  • The desktop surface of the EG1 desk is one of the most breathtaking things you will ever see. You can choose from 7 different colors depending on your taste, which is more than what other brands offer. The desk also comes in 4 different sizes, another first from Flexispot. This gives you the freedom to get a standing desk that’s tailor-made just for you.

Standing Desk Converter M3


Source: Flexispot

Of all standing desk converters, the M3 has the best design that delivers exactly what it was made for. It may be manual, but every part is optimized for convenience, which explains why the product is such a huge hit with consumers. The following are some of its standout features.

  • Switching from standing to sitting is easy even when the desk is loaded with items. All you require is a simple squeeze of the handlebar, and with minimum force, you can straighten it out.

  • The M3 converter can accommodate all sizes of people, whether they are tall or short. Adjusting the height can either be done on the main desk below or on the converter itself. This gives you two adjustment options to work with.

  • It has a removable tray under it that can double up as the holding area for the keyboard, giving you a two-tier setup where the upper one accommodates the monitor while you type away comfortably on the lower one.

  • The converter adds more options to your workstation, with extra space being the most beneficial one. You can keep things you need within your reach under it as you work, saving you the trouble of having to move around every 5 minutes.

  • The ClassicRiser feature gives you the correct sitting and standing posture, which is kind to your back. This helps you concentrate more, increasing your productivity in the process. The setup is also easy; you don’t need any outside help. It comes with an installation manual, just in case.

  • The Braced X-Lift feature adds stability to the converter when it's loaded with materials on top. This stops the desk from leaning on one side or getting wobbly. You can continue using the desk safely without worrying about a sudden collapse.

Final Verdict

Having seen the features and functionalities that set Height Adjustable Desks and Standing Desk Converters apart, which is the better product for you? The answer comes down to what you need at that particular moment. If a convenient desk that can switch from standing to sitting is what you need for some light work in your home office, then the Height Adjustable Desk is what you should be going for.

However, if at some point along the way your work increases and the workstation desk you are in becomes too small, then a Standing Desk Converter should be a top priority. You can always get the biggest desk you can find and solve all your problems at once, but there’s a flexibility that one gets when they have both of these amazing products at hand.

In terms of pricing, there’s very little that separates these two. Rather than get a single desk for the price of two, how about getting the two at the same time and see how you fare? The ultimate decision lies with you.