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FlexiSpot’s Exclusive Offer For Key Workers

29 December 2021

While the majority of workers were staying home to do their bit in halting the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, not all jobs allow for social isolation. Even at the height of the pandemic, essential workers were showing up day in and day out to perform the jobs that keep society functioning. During what has been a stressful time full of unprecedented changes and sudden adjustments, the risk posed to essential workers’ health has been an extra burden to carry.

FlexiSpot has always had a dedication to social responsibility and believes that these key workers who have been placing themselves on the frontline to keep life moving on forwards deserve as much appreciation as possible. FlexiSpot’s ergonomic furniture is designed to do good in the world by improving both the mental and physical health of those who use it. These health benefits are more necessary than ever in times of great stress and pressure - and FlexiSpot wants to make sure that key workers are looked after. That’s why FlexiSpot is offering an exclusive sitewide discount of 15% for key workers out there on the front lines!

How does it work?

Key workers eligible for this exclusive discount simply authenticate their status as an essential worker, sit back and relax, and wait for their unique discount code! Click here for verification.

Who can avail of this special key worker discount?

The service of the following professions are all being acknowledged by FlexiSpot for their vital contribution:

1. Teachers

Pandemic or no pandemic, teaching is one of the most heroic professions out there. Dedicating their lives to raising the next generation, teachers pass on not only the valuable knowledge that students need to thrive throughout life, but they also guide students’ personal growth. Without teachers, the progress and growth of the youth would be halted, limiting their opportunities for the future. Teachers, lecturers, and instructors deserve a comfortable desk from which they can carry out their work, and are eligible for the FlexiSpot 15% key worker discount.

2. Military Personnel

Serving in the military is a challenging job that often requires a high degree of bravery, dedication, and discipline. Many military personnel may even find themselves serving in the firing line of danger throughout the course of their military careers, and don’t have the option of staying at home. Even those military personnel whose work sees them out there in the line of action - FlexiSpot believes that these essential workers deserve the comfort of ergonomic furniture to await them back home.

3. Supermarket Staff

Months upon months of lockdowns and home offices have made many people realise just how much they rely on the dedication of their local supermarket staff. Day in and day out, supermarket staff turn up to serve what are often long and gruelling shifts, all to make sure we have our houses stocked with everything we need. Many supermarket workers spend hours a time on their feet, stacking and carrying, whereas others may find themselves stuck sitting behind the till. With such rigorous physical conditions, supermarket staff deserve the height of comfort when they return home from the duty of their shift.

4. NHS

While our healthcare workers are saving lives all day every day, the burden they carry has only been intensified throughout the course of the pandemic. Many healthcare workers have had to go even further in their isolation methods in order to protect both their patients and their families, and the strain of dealing with a global health crisis has proven an incredible weight that these dedicated individuals have bravely carried. As thanks, FlexiSpot is offering this 15% discount to NHS staff.

5. Police and Fire Service

The emergency services are there for us when we need help most, and put their lives on the line on a daily basis to protect public safety. Whether it be for their offices or their homes, FlexiSpot is thanking the diligence of the emergency services in these tough times with their 15% site-wide discount.

6. Healthcare

The healthcare industry extends far beyond the NHS, and the contributions of these invaluable workers should not go amiss. The hard work and dedication of healthcare workers such as EMTs, nurses, and carers has kept the most vulnerable members of our society safe. For their hard work, healthcare workers are also being offered FlexiSpot’s 15% discount.

7. Delivery and Transport Staff

In order for us to have all that we need to survive, we rely on the transport and delivery sector to carry our necessities. Especially throughout the course of the pandemic, the jobs of these workers has become increasingly vital, as more and more people were unable to leave the house and go shopping for themselves. transport workers have put in incredible efforts to protect public safety, and have been a more vital lifeline than ever. As many delivery and transport workers find themselves sitting in uncomfortable vehicles for long stretches of time, FlexiSpot’s ergonomic standing desks can bring much-needed comfort at home.  


If you or someone close to you belongs to one of these incredibly valuable key jobs - now is the chance to be rewarded for your contribution and make a positive change to your mental and physical health, all with an exclusive 15% off