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01 April 2021

FlexiSpot is challenging the notion that sitting all day has to be unhealthy with the launch of its revolutionary new Sit2Go Fitness Chair. This unique addition to the company’s ergonomic seating lineup comes at the perfect time as many work-from-home professionals look to upgrade their current office chair for something healthier and more comfortable.

Aptly named as Sit2Go, this sturdy and energizing 2-in-1 seat combines all the comfort of a traditional office chair with the health benefits of an exercise bike.


Its versatile and mobile design makes it easy to use anywhere — indoors or outdoors. Key features include:

Height-adjustable seat - lifts up or down as needed just by pressing the adjustment lever below the seat. It’s so easy to adjust, you can do it without getting off the fitness chair. Thanks to a flexible air spring system, the chair offers a wide range of height adjustments that make it perfect for use with a standard desk, dining table, or even a standing desk.


Comfortable sitting experience - Designed with prolonged sitting in mind, the chair includes a fully supportive backrest with breathable mesh fabric and a thick cushioned seat made for hours of sitting comfort.


Easy mobility - The chair’s compact, streamlined body sits on smooth-rolling casters so it is easy to move from room to room and from indoors to outdoors.


With a bike always at your feet, the Sit2Go Fitness Chair makes it easy to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Perfect light exercise - It’s the ideal way to ease into a fitness routine with light cycling that can be done anytime and anywhere, even while enjoying other work and leisure activities.


Professional-grade quality - You get all the benefits of a professional exercise bike with adjustable resistance levels that let you choose your challenge — from light activity to a more robust workout — with a flick of your wrist. You can also track your activity with key performance metrics like mileage, calories burned, and time spent cycling.


Smooth pedaling experience - Riding is whisper-quiet so you won’t disturb others around you and so comfortable that you can even pedal barefoot.


The benefits of using the Sit2Go Fitness Chair are endless. Not only does it promote good health and prevent prolonged sedentary sitting, it:

● Lets you combine your work with healthy activity.

● Ensures your exercise equipment doesn’t sit for months unused.

● Can be used by the entire family during quarantine

● Keeps the mind alert and active during work and creative activities


The Sit2Go Fitness Chair holds up to 100kg and is available in white and black. It can be purchased at

Retail Price: £249.99