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Consider These Things Before Buying a Computer Chair

21 January 2022

So, you have decided to buy yourself a comfortable computer chair? Before telling you all the details, let us discuss what an ideal computer chair should be like. Know about its characteristics and an ideal sitting position.

Your arms should be levelled with the desk, feet planted on the floor, and thighs lie horizontally. Moreover, it should cause no strain in your back. You should be able to sit for a significant time without feeling any discomfort. Remember, a good chair must address all of these qualities.

Here is a list of things to consider before buying yourself a computer chair:

Type of Material

No one would deny a chair with good quality material. Remember, the quality of a chair desired by you depends on several things. These include your budget, purpose, length, and need to use the chair.

For instance, a cloth seat might be more beneficial than a leather seat if you use the computer longer. On the contrary, it is easier to clean a chair made up of leather than a clothed one. That means you should choose the material that suits you best depending on your needs.

Seat height:

One of the first things to consider before buying a chair is its height. Check whether the height can be adjusted or not. The height of a chair varies from 16-21 inches off the floor. One should be able to adjust the height to look directly at the monitor.

Moreover, the computer might not be used by you alone; other people using the chair might have different heights. So, different users can accommodate all the heights as per their needs with an adjustable seat height.

Seat Depth and Width:

Remember, the comfort of a chair also depends on its depth and width. So, if you sit on a chair for longer periods, such things must be considered. Your experience will be more stressful if the chair lacks proper depth and width fitting your physique. Your computer chair must have enough depth and width to support the body comfortably.

Ensure that the depth is such that your back fits entirely against the backrest. The knee backs should be 2-4 inches away from the seat of your computer chair.

Adjustment Control:

Remember, it is so important to discuss adjustments repeatedly. No one will deny a good chair being customizable as per the needs, but one should be able to control it easier for better comfort. You should be able to reach the controls comfortably from a seated position without any special effort or strain.

No one would like to stand up repeatedly for adjusting the chair. You must be able to change the swivel, tilt, and height for the seated position and make adjustments, sit in the chair while doing your work.

Lumbar Support:

Our backbone is not straight, rather arched inwards naturally. Your lumbar area might get strained by sitting for too long in a chair. This may cause pain and need medical support.

Thus, choose an adjustable chair that supports the lumbar vertebrae. Remember, if your lower back has proper support, it means you can sit for a significant time period without any issues.

Proper Working Wheels:

Everyone loves to have the comfort of being able to move from one side to another without the need to stand up. The wheels on your chair help you with that. Choose the wheels as per the type of floor you have in your room or office.

Buy yourself a chair with soft rubber wheels if the computer desk lies on a harder surface. Suppose your room is covered with a carpet; it's best to have hard wheels in the chair. To avoid any functionality problems, you must ensure that the chair has proper wheels.


Having an armrest on your chair is optional and will depend on several things; if you sit on a chair for a significant amount of time. While resting on the armrest, your shoulders and arms must be relaxed.

Furthermore, make sure to rest your lower arms and elbows lightly. It would be better to have a chair with detachable armrests helping you move around without any hassle.


Consider the price while buying a chair. It doesn't matter what features your chair comes with if the budget doesn't allow it. Thus, before choosing yourself a computer chair, make sure to check the price. At Flexispot, you can find chairs for your office and home at a reasonable price.


For complete freedom of movement, the chair needs to swivel. For example, if you wish to turn on the printer. Would you prefer standing up or rotating the chair to reach it? Of course, you would love to turn on the printer without standing up. Choose a chair that rotates 360 degrees to access all accessories easily.


You need to choose the right kind of chair for you. Make sure the computer chair is comfortable to sit for extended periods. Your back must not ache, or it must not offer any discomfort. The material of your chair will depend on the floor type. A chair with soft tires would be best for a hard surface and vice versa.

Make sure the seat height, width, and depth are perfect for your needs. It should support your lower back, causing no aches. Being able to adjust the direction, tilt, and swivel is desiring. An armrest is preferred for better comfort if you sit for too long. Keeping these things in mind while buying a chair from Flexispot will undoubtedly help.