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Building a 21st Century Office: 2022 Modern Office Design Trends

13 April 2022

A typical Office design in primitive days is a largely stuffed, poorly-ventilated room with a chair and table covered by papers and office appliances under the whirring of dim fluorescent lights. It's always about the work and never about mental health, the aesthetics, and the effects on productivity. You sure don't want to be stocked in this past hell.

Back in our digital age, you can now have a smart office to yourself, thanks to advancements in science and tech. An office that increases creativity boosts your work culture and fires up your morale through heart-warming serenity and aesthetics. There's almost no way you'll find yourself working in such an environment without getting pumped up. Man loves comfort, and he'll be at the peak of his performance when you satisfy him with everything he needs to carry out a task. It's very simple logic.

Now, this is where we hit the horn and pop the corn. So we advise you follow more attentively. Employees no longer appreciate the idea of spending eight to ten hours in an energy-draining cubicle every day. So this explains why they want workstations that give them homely, relaxing, and comfortable vibes. And most importantly, they want a flexible workstation that gives them the freedom to determine which days of the week they'll come to the office or work from home.

We guess that you must have also felt this way before. Let's go further. Have you ever worked on a desk for hours only to end up with back and neck pain? You're yet to upgrade your office to a modern workstation. So that makes you figure you need to spice up your workstation with a few pots of plants, natural lights, decors, and ergonomic furniture, right? That's exactly what a modern office design is all about.

Modern Office vs. Traditional Office

traditional office

To make it more engaging, you can even pay a random visit to any workplace close to you, and you'll understand better the difference between the duo.

A traditional office usually gives room for privacy by especially assigning work areas to each employee. Some even use partition walls to separate the space.

For instance, there's usually an enclosed cubicle from which you can work with little or no distraction from your counterpart sitting next to you in his cubicle.

You might probably think that's a plus, but we advise you to read further before reaching such a conclusion.

Other features of a traditional office include:

Dark colors.
Little or no natural lights in circulation.
Ordinary office furniture.
No flexible work schedules.
Antiquated office decors.
No artworks or team pictures hung on the wall.
Absence of relaxation spots or lounges in the workplace.

Modern offices

On the other hand, modern offices come with certain perks that'll make the employees feel revitalized as they work.

Modern offices allow you to hang pictures of your family members and loved ones on the wall. You can even frame one up and put it on your table.

This has the psychological effect of renewing your strength as you gaze on them while working. Through this, positive energy flows within you, and it'll sustain you through the day's work.

So what are the features you should expect to differentiate a modern office from the regular one? Let's flow through the piece together.

Comfy and relieving ergonomic office furniture
Visual harmony of the offices with various compatible decors.
Proper ventilation and natural lights.
Relaxation spots and lounge rooms.
Home away from home feel.
Tech integration.
Disco balls and potted plants.

Benefits of 21st Century Office Designs

Benefits of 21st Century Office Designs

As you might have guessed, the modern office comes with irresistible aesthetics that give its users some heartwarming benefits.

Let's look into the advantages of setting up a modern office in your workplace. How does it benefit the employer and his workforce? Check the following lines.

1. Boosts Productivity and Morale

Workers tend to be more productive when they work in an environment they can easily flow with. In such a state, this inner peace triggers them to work at a faster pace.

Do you even know it's not all office tasks you execute privately?

This is why the modern office creates room for collaborative space where workers can pull up, converge and rub minds together.

After all, two heads are better than one.

2. Modern Offices Reduce Anxiety and Stress

A recent study conducted by the Department of Design and Labor of Hamilton University said that close to 85% of employees in the UK workforce suffer from stress due to their jobs.

For a fact, stress is a nasty problem that eats deep into your work-life and personal life. So how does the modern office comes into the scene to regulate this anomaly?

A modern office creates a cool atmosphere that affords you the chance to relax during your spare time at work.

Unlike a traditional setting where you'll have to work round the clock with little or no time to rest, the modern office is your sure key to an abundance of mental and physical wellness.

Some workplaces don't even have lunch breaks, that's very bad. If care's not taken, such a workplace can drain employees' strength.

To avoid such, we recommend opting for a workplace interested in your wellbeing.

Hot Office Design Trends

To set up a modern office, you need to incorporate some of the latest trends into your planning to have the best result.

You need to look out for the best designs, decors, and office appliances to help you live your dream while working.

But guess what? Your job is already halfway done. All you need to do now is focus on the following trends we're about to discuss.

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic Furniture

If you've ever been to a friend's workplace and sat in his ergonomic chair, you'll probably understand how important this element is.

Do you still have a mental picture of how soothing the experience was? That's an ergo chair at work.

On the other hand, working in a regular wooden chair and desk is like working amid thorns.

So uncomfortable, and the problem gets compounded when you have to work in that "prison" for long hours.

With ergonomic office supplies from Flexispot, you can finally bid farewell to hip, back, and neck pain.

Little wonder many workplaces are now investing in ergo furniture. Other important ergo office furniture you'll need include:

Desk bikes
Adjustable-height desks
Standing mats

Incorporating Natural Elements

Incorporating Natural Elements

Never forget that nature is beautiful and to be beautiful is to be natural.

This is also known as a biophilic design in some quarters, and it's fast gaining prominence in the corporate world.

The rationale behind this is that human beings have detached themselves from nature in the name of civilization and technological advancement.

So modern design strives to bridge the severed link between man and nature by introducing biophilic designs like decorating the office with potted plants.

With this element, you can place an aquarium with different fish species in the office. That's a beautiful natural view there.

Other examples you can use to build a modern office include:

Hanging images invoke the fuzzy feeling of nature on the wall.
Using natural materials like stone and flowers as decors.



Imagine the flexibility of moving around on a seat in your office. That's exactly what a hot desking does.

Instead of a specific working spot, this modern office idea allows workers to use various workstations depending on their immediate needs.

For instance, if your team needs to collaborate and rub minds, probably presentation, you can opt for a meeting space.

And if you need to work with no distraction, there are private spaces that you can use. Voila!

Technological Integration

Technological Integration

We live in a digital age. So this explains how important technology is to the corporate sector.

Integrating tech into your brand's day-to-day operations will give it a competitive advantage over your rivals that stay traditional. That's a plus for you right there!

As a business manager, you can introduce wireless chargers for your employees' PCs and cell phones.

Depending on your brand's financially buoyant, you can introduce artificial intelligence.

That's huge leverage you can capitalize on. All thanks to the modern office.

Color Psychology

Color Psychology

You must have heard the saying that there's a way color combo makes a person grumpy, more productive, or help them feel psychologically stable.

That's an idea called color psychology. Don't worry; it's nothing formal.

When you decorate your home workstation with your preferred interior design, what makes you feel the vibe - that makes you relate with those designs - is color psychology.

For instance, green color is believed to have calming effects while orange invokes your passion.

So it's recommended that you keenly consider including this in your plan to set up a modern office; it's one of the carriers that'll lift your spirits when you're down.

Lounge Rooms and Relaxation Grounds

Lounge Rooms and Relaxation Grounds

At surface level, having a relaxation spot or lounge room at work might sound counter-productive but do you know you need to create an intimate atmosphere as you work?

And that's one of the tenets of the modern office. Having a lounge room at work gives you an avenue to free yourself from accumulated stress.

You can go in there and unwind, and as you do that, you're spicing up your morale.

This idea can also draw prospective recruits closer and enchant your clients. Through that, you just killed two birds with a stone.


Information is currency, and you're now armed with it as far as setting up a modern office is required. So it's time you put them into action.

Turn your workplace around with Flexispot. You're also spicing up your clients for more patronage as you spice up your workstation. Seeing is selling.

With Flexispot, you have all the office appliances, gadgets, and office furniture you need. Draw out your plan today, and let's help you achieve that dream.