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A Psychologist’s Picks

14 May 2021

A good psychologist has empathy for everyone while maintaining an objective viewpoint of the world. While an average person would see the world only in black and white, psychologists see a spectrum of colors that makes them have a cultured sensitivity that is not easy to find.

With their unconditional positive regard and solid ethical core that puts a client's mental health first, it is easy to see why psychologists are an important sector of our society.

While many may not understand what they usually do, it is no secret that everyone is in awe of the psychologist. That is why patient psychologists deserve only the best ergonomic solutions by FlexiSpot.

1. Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top EG8

A person might imagine a psychologist's clinic to be cold, old, and with colors that scream vintage. Yet, that could not be further from the truth as one also appreciates the beauty that life and nature have to offer; and the psychologist uses these very well for a welcoming office.

To bring in nature inside the four walls of a clinic, the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top - 48" W will exude a one-with-nature vibe thanks to its chic wooden desktop.

Along with the beauty of nature, a psychologist also finds joy by decluttering their headspace from the things that no longer serve them. This keeps the psychologist in top condition to be the professional help a client deserves. While we are on the topic of decluttering, the psychologist keeps the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top - 48" W free from unnecessary clutter that might trigger a client.

Luckily, the Comhar provides a spacious desktop for these mental health advocates that also feature a convenient USB charging port that keeps their devices fully charged for the day and without the worry that one miss call is all it might take for someone to unravel.

2. Ergonomic Office Chair with Padded Headrest and Double Padded Seat Cushion 9107

Sigmund Freud never had a chair that is as great as the Ergonomic Office Chair with Padded Headrest and Double Padded Seat Cushion 9107.

It takes a lot of effort and energy to professionally advise and diagnose a client who came to a psych clinic to look for answers. While the psychologist would not have all the correct answers in the blink of an eye, they would exhaust all of their resources to help the client find meaning to their lives and the bittersweet truths.

This is why a psychologist deserves this Ergonomic Office Chair with Padded Headrest and Double Padded Seat Cushion 9107. With its lux upholstery made from breathable PU Leather, the psychologist would have no trouble writing thousands of psychological reports as long as this is their seat to accompany them.

3. Protable Under Desk Foot Hammock FH01

As dull as it may sound, composing a psychological report is pretty awesome. One record needs a psychologist's complete and undivided attention to assure the highest-quality and correct pieces of information for future use.

A long session of writing can distract the psychologist from the little things that the body needs. But, as one genuinely enjoys creating the report, so much of their energy is spent on it. In case it happens, the lower body would have carried the brunt of the psychologist's weight. Moreover, prolonged sitting can also lead to lesser blood circulation to the lower extremities. Hence, the Portable Under Desk Foot Hammock FH01 by FlexiSpot is here to provide support to the psychologist.

With a fully adjustable canvas rope, it is now easier to adjust this ingenious foot hammock to accommodate one's needs. In addition, the psychologist can use this portable hammock anytime with any desk that they fancy to write their psychological reports.

The Portable Under Desk Foot Hammock FH01 may seem like a weird contraption but this proves to be an ingenious creation that will delight a psychologist.

4. Metal Storage Cabinet 004&002

The client's confidentiality is a psychologist's utmost priority.

The client has taken the brave step to reach out to a psychologist. This step is not only a brave one, but it is also the right choice. That is why psychologists would do everything in their power never to break their client's trust, maintain, and respect their right to confidentiality.

With their sworn oath that they will never breach, the Metal Storage Cabinet 004&002 is the right place to secure a client's confidential files. The understated design will provide an exterior that is so unassuming; onlookers would never bother to pry open this sacred metal cabinet. But try as they might, and no one will still succeed in opening this thanks to the key that only the psychologist can access.

5. Pasadena Manual Recliner with two pin-point massage

Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, psychologists worldwide would again have the freedom to have clients come over to their humble clinic; and what better way to welcome them than with the Pasadena Manual Recliner with two pin-point massage.

This ergonomic recliner can help keep the client calm throughout their visit, courtesy of the extra thick cushion that feels just like the clouds in the sky.

The usual chaise lounge seen in many psych offices needs to stay out since the Pasadena Manual Recliner makes more sense to a client who wants a relaxed time at the Psychologist's office. After all, a comfortable client would have an easier time opening up about their fears and worries once they feel the magic of the two-pinpoint massage that this chair boasts.

This chair is highly ideal for anxious clients who have stiff muscles that need a bit of loosening up, insomniacs who are tired, and those just on the road to self-rediscovery.

The psychologist is a valued member of society. With such high regards bestowed upon them, their offices that receive clients should be on par with these standards.
With FlexiSpot’s ingenious solutions, a psychologist’s clinic would be the safe zone a client needs and deserves.