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A List of the things you can do when you are burnt out by work

14 May 2021

Everyone has had an encounter with the dreaded feeling of burnout.

As much as you try to fight this feeling, there will come a time that you will succumb to it and feel helpless. While preventing burnout from happening to you is nearly impossible, here is a list of things you can do when you are already amid this sickening feeling.

1. Go to the beach.
2. Sunbathe till you get a nice even tan.
3. Read a book while you are at the beach.
4. Drink some coconut water when you are at the beach. Remember, it is vital to re-hydrate.
5. Learn how to surf with some locals.
6. Try snorkeling.
7. Wait for the sunset.
8. Take one picture of everything you do. It does not have to look perfect since you need a memento to keep forever.
9. Eat a few local dishes that you would never dare try.
10. Admire the scenery once the morning sun comes up.
11. Have a spa day.
12. Avail the most expensive full-body massage experience.
13. Get some complimentary facial detox to bring out the glow your job sucked out of you.
14. Do not regret not having a foot massage. It would make a lot of difference and you will be glad that you took one.
15. Head to a salon.
16. Instruct the hairdresser to surprise you with a flattering look while still being out of your comfort zone.
17. While you are at the salon, get a mani-pedi combo since your nails need love too.
18. Visit your local library.
19. Find the books you have been meaning to read.
20. Spend a whole day at the library just reading and nourishing your mind with any knowledge that you would like.
21. Try to journal your day.
22. Jot down anything that you have done for the day.
23. Decorate your journal with something that screams your personality.
24. Speaking of decorating, why don’t you decorate your room?
25. Overhaul your bedroom or home office with some stuff courtesy of FlexiSpot.
26. Admire the wide array of home and office furniture that FlexiSpot can offer.
27. Admire your new and improved room or home office.
28. Take up a new hobby.
29. Learn a new language and promise to keep on doing it until you are fluent enough.
30. Go someplace you have been meaning to but never had the chance since you were always so busy and loaded with work.
31. Meet new people safely since the pandemic is still very real.
32. Drink to your heart’s content. It does not matter if it's a healthy juice or liquor, what matters is that you enjoy it.
33. Learn how to cook.
34. Learn how to mix up a few cocktails.
35. Practice hard until you get it right.
36. Once you have a signature dish and cocktail, invite some of your closest friends to try and admire your best work.
37. After the dinner party, clean up the room right away. You do not want to be greeted by a mountain of dirty plates first thing in the morning.
38. Do a much-needed spring cleaning.
39. Clean your computer as well from all of the files you would not be needing anymore.
40. Adopt a pet.
41. It does not matter what pet you get, make sure that you are ready to take care of it.
42. Play with your new pet.
43. If you cannot commit to a pet, be a volunteer at your local animal shelter.
44. Be proud of how responsible you are because you know your limitations.
45. Volunteer at a retirement home.
46. Befriend someone old at the retirement home.
47. You will be amazed at how many stories and life-long lessons you will get from the old but cool people from the retirement home; you better take note of what they are telling you.
48. Learn a new but weird skill that might be useful someday.
49. Take a self-defense class. This one is always useful because you will never know what can happen to you.
50. Workout at the gym.
51. Redesign your workplace with new equipment like standing desk, wobble chair
52. Promise to stick to your new workout plan and you will reap the best results after.
53. Do not snub a good yoga session since what might seem simple takes a lot of concentration and muscle strength to do.
54. Go to a silent retreat.
55. Meditate to your heart’s content.
56. Stay up all night.
57. Sleep in all day.
58. Offer to babysit for your friends.
59. Have a bad case of baby fever but then realize that you still cannot commit to having a baby.
60. That’s alright if you still cannot commit to having a baby, just babysit again. Your friends would appreciate you and their babies would love you more.
61. Buy some new clothes that you think you will need.
62. If you have not tried thrift-shopping, it is time that you do. However, make sure that the clothes you get are for your personal use and not to resell at a higher price. Just take what you like and leave other choices for the families who need them.
63. Volunteer for a cause that you truly believe can rid the world of racism, hate, and violence.
64. Educate yourself about cryptocurrency.
65. Stop yourself from diving headfirst into cryptocurrency if you still do not have a full grasp of the concept.
66. Once you have decided to not pursue cryptocurrency, you look at the work that is waiting for you once you get back at work.
67. Looking at your pile of work inspired you to create new goals to achieve once you finally decide to quit the job that is killing you.
68. Reflect on why you are doing all of this.
69. Yep, that’s right. It is because you are experiencing burnout.
70. Quit your job.

You are here to hear the fact that you need to resign from the job that is sucking the life and happiness out of you. While it may seem scary to try and venture out to a territory that you are unfamiliar with, it is scarier to be trapped and burned out as you are unhappy with your job. Remember, quitting is not a bad idea and your physical and mental health should always come first.

Trust yourself and the universe would lead you somewhere you deserve through hard working.