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Top 7 Must-Haves For The Summer Office

10 June 2022

Working is difficult in the summer.

When the sun comes out, the last thing many of us want to do is stay cooped up inside a grey building.

But, we don’t all have the luxury of quitting our jobs and frolicking in the sun! Instead, we have to put up with these longer days and enjoy the sun when we can.

However, there are some ways to make summer work more enjoyable. We’ve got all the tips you need for your summer office, from adding some comfort into your routine to making the most of the weather.

Keep reading to discover which must-haves you need for summer 2022.

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1. Personal Fan

Let’s face it; the summer is hot. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll experience warmer weather when summer rolls around. Some of us love this, but the extra heat is an unwelcome surprise for others. If you struggle with the heat, consider investing in a personal fan to cool yourself down.

A personal fan can be a traditional-style fan, but you can also purchase electric style options. These are small gadgets that are easy to carry to and from the office - ideal for anyone working in a busy city. Ensure you can cool yourself down in hot moments this summer!

2. Sunglasses

Another obvious accessory is a pair of sunglasses. Though this seems like a summer office must-have that everyone will remember, many employees forget to take these accessories to and from work!

If you leave your sunglasses for leisure activities, consider buying an additional pair for office days. Many employees like to dedicate a minimalist pair of glasses to work use. Opt for neutral colours and sleek shapes so that the glasses match your business casual wardrobe.

3. Ice Pack

Do you struggle with the heat? You may want to consider a portable ice pack. Bringing an ice pack to the office may sound dramatic, but many modern options allow you to transport cool water around with you. These are often discreet and easy to use, allowing you to chill out while still looking professional.

4. Breathable Clothes

What’s your summer wardrobe made from?

Clothes and their fabric types can make or break your comfort in the summer months. Remove any chunky knits or thick wool fabrics from your professional wardrobe and replace them with comfortable thin options.

Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, don’t have good qualities in the summer. These fabrics can leave wearers feeling sweaty and claustrophobic. Replace these options with natural fibres such as cotton or linen. These options allow air to pass through them, keeping you cooler and more comfortable.

Of course, these clothing options may cost a little more, but they tend to have a longer lifespan. When you invest in your closet, you’ll have comfortable summer office wear for years to come.

5. Cooling Spray

Another popular product to cool you down is the humble cooling spray. This must-have can be found in most pharmacies, plus it’s an affordable option to prevent overheating.

A cooling spray is essentially a can of cold water. The water comes out as a cold mist when sprayed, allowing you some relief from the overbearing heat. This is ideal for quick moments of serenity in a hot office, but be careful not to drench your desk area!

6. Sunscreen

Do you burn easily? Whether you do or don’t, it’s vital to frequently wear SPF to protect your skin. Even if you don’t turn red as soon as you step into the sun, it’s crucial to protect your skin from excess UV exposure. If unprotected, you could end up with dark spots, wrinkles, and mutated moles.

Make sure you apply sunscreen to your face and any exposed areas before commuting in the morning. To avoid thick and greasy sunscreens, try a moisturizer with SPF in the formula for a lighter feel.

7. Comfortable Chair

Finally, the hot weather is uncomfortable. If your current office set-up isn’t already optimized, make sure you replace any awkward or uncomfortable office furniture with ergonomic options. This will change the way you work - trust us!

We love this office chair with wheels. Not only does it feature a simple and ergonomic design, but it comes in four fun colours, and it offers wheels which give you movement around the office. Switch your office set up in time for the summer months!

The Bottom Line

Are you summer-ready? If you’re not a fan of the heat, you might be dreading this season. However, multiple products can make the season much easier for you! Make sure you try some of these to optimize your summer routine.

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