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The Starter Guide to Your First Standing Desk

23 June 2020

You know its time to buy ergonomic furniture when your back starts to ache more than usual from working on your makeshift house workstations. You cant ignore it anymore; but then again, you must not ignore those pains in the first place because those are red flags that something is wrong with your body.


But, you ask, what is the right ergonomic fixture for me? Well, that depends on your need. If you have an existing desk that you want to use, you can opt for a desk riser instead. But if you want to overhaul your office, you can always go for an electric height adjustable standing desk. There are other factors to consider, too, like your current office space and even the length of your cables.


If you want a desk riser, read this!


As a rule of thumb, you can start slow when transitioning to ergonomic furniture. A desk converter is something you can consider buying first before you move up to an entirely new desk. And if budget is a concern, a desk converter is a low-cost alternative to a height adjustable desk. Here are other factors to ponder on:


Easy assembly -- Some desks may come to you as parts and not as a whole unit. If you are not too enthusiastic about this part of the process, you have to know from the get-go how the desk will be delivered to you. This is also crucial because the mechanics must be put together properly to ensure safe and smooth movements. Luckily, other brands deliver products that require minimal assembly time. An example of this is the FlexiSpot desk riser which can be used right after tightening a few screws. Happy customers claimed that they did it within 10 minutes! If they can do it, so can you.


Vertical motions -- Desks have different quirks and personalities, too. There are desk risers that move towards you or away from you when you raise the surface. That can be a little challenging especially when your office space is limited. An ideal desk converter is one that raises and lowers vertically. When it moves up or down, the desk should stay within its footprint so you can use your remaining desk space. Plus, you dont have to worry about your things slipping or toppling. Case in point: You can expect smooth vertical motions from this desk riser.


Infinite adjustable height setting -- Choose a desk that offers unlimited height settings instead of a unit with preset height adjustment. A desk with a limitless adjustment range will satisfy different height and posture demands. This is important because the body should be in a neutral position whether you choose to stand or sit at work.


Warranty -- You know that a product provider is confident when it offers long-term warranty policies. In any case, you must talk to the brand to make sure that everything is written in black and white. Gray areas in the contract might leave you hanging if things go sideways. It would be great if a brand has ready information on their website like what FlexiSpot did for its desk riser warranty coverage. The brand explicitly said that standing desk converters that were purchased on or after October 5, 2016 include a three-year warranty for the frame, medium-fiber desktop, and mechanisms.


If you want an electric height adjustable deskdont skip this part!


Okay, so you are contemplating getting an electric height adjustable desk. Thats cool. Read below about some of the things that you must consider when you get your sit-stand desk.


Price, price, price Suffice to say that a motorized desk will be a tad more expensive than a desk converter. But dont fret! There are also standing desks that can fit your budget like this unit from FlexiSpot.


There are two types of height adjustable standing desks: One is the single motor and the other is the dual motor model. A single motor has a slightly lower price point than the desk riser or manual standing desks available in the market today. Certainly, it is more cost-effective than the dual motor because of their differences in design and function. Read this article for a comprehensive comparison between the two products.


Material and stability – A motorized desk must be made from quality material or else it will wobble or, worse, would not be able to support all your gadgets. Ask your supplier if the unit has undergone a stability test to ensure optimal performance.


Ease of use A standing desk must be a cinch to use easy to lower, easy to raise at any time of the day. If your desk is able to shift heights at your beck and call without any snags, you do not have to take unnecessary breaks that might impede productivity level instead of improving it. That said, you should take the time to check your desks overall design before buying anything.


More features that give you value for money -- Aside from the ergonomics, you might want to go for a standing desk that is packed with distinct features. To further illustrate this point, we can look at some of FlexiSpots products. This model has an advanced all-in-one keypad where you can save presets for your favorite seated, standing, and cycling (in case you decide to buy an underdesk bike too!) heights. Another cool feature is that you can see your exact desk height on its built-in LED display, which automatically enters sleep mode to reduce power usage when the desk is stationary. You can also set convenient activity alerts to remind you to change from sitting to standing positions throughout the day. You can switch it off or on the memory setting according to your mood.


Likewise, this single motor desk bears a smart design. It has a standard two-button up and down keypad which allows you to set your height preferences. This added feature will help you to embrace your new sit-stand-move habit as you work.


Warranty policy – Again, this is something that you must consider before finally buying a standing desk. The longer the warranty, the better. You can trust a brand that offers five years and more warranty coverage for a standing desk. For FlexiSpot, some height adjustable desks purchased on or after October 5, 2016 include a five-year warranty for the frame, motor, and other mechanisms. Meanwhile, it will give a two-year warranty for the controller and switch and electronics.


Remember that if you buy a dual motor desk, there will be more chances of having a double machine breakdown. Meanwhile, the machine in a single motor desk is easier to replace.


Get the Desk For Your Needs


As a rookie in the world of ergonomics, you must find a smartly designed desk converter that will address all your needs especially your health. Your body and mind will benefit from making the switch. Rest assured that once youre in the ergonomic movement, there is no turning back. Happy shopping!