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Sleep Hygiene: How To Spruce Up Your Bed Time Routine

10 May 2022

We all have different sleep habits that vary from person to person. While some people can sleep as soon as their head hits the pillow, some people have endless thoughts in their minds, and overthinking is a common cause of insomnia.

Sleep disorders can be described in many ways. You may have trouble sleeping at night or you may want to sleep frequently during the day, maybe you have a problem waking up early. Therefore, there are some suggestions for getting into a good sleep habit.

Set a Regular Bedtime

Biologically, our brains tend to adapt to certain sleep time routines. When bedtime comes, your brain automatically feels tired and will respond to calming influences. If you go to sleep and wake up at certain times every day, after a while, your brain will slow down its activity and be ready to go into sleep mode.

When you set a consistent sleep schedule, you might feel more comfortable and mentally ready for a good sleep. Adhering to your bedtime routine will contribute to your brain's rapid learning process.

In addition to setting a bedtime, if you set your alarm for the same time every morning, your bedtime routine will become easier as your wake-up times will be regulated.

Stay Away From Electronics

Electronics are an essential part of our lives today, but don’t you think that we only use technology for just passing time. When we think of Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok, we involuntarily accept a lot of irrelevant content into our minds throughout the day.

While most of this information is penetrating into our subconscious, we unconsciously increase our stress and anxiety levels. This can become even more harmful, especially at night, close to bedtime.

Computer games, tablets, smartphones, and films, all keep our minds busy during the night. While some of them contain violence, others might be scary. All these images settle in our subconscious. Especially if we had a stressful and tiring day. We can not feel mentally ready for a good sleep and as a result of that, we can’t get healthy sleep.

Have a Warm Bath

What could be better than a warm bath before a good night's sleep? According to scientific studies, body temperature at night decreases compared to daytime. A warm bath before bedtime will both increase your body temperature and relax your mind.

At the same time, a hot bath relaxes your muscles and prepares your body for a good sleep. That’s why if you have a warm bath 1 hour before bedtime, you can relax and get ready for a peaceful night..

Play a Nice Music

Music can help you get rid of the stress of the day. Listening to a relaxing playlist you love before going to sleep can help calm your mind and get you ready for a peaceful slumber.

In your playlist, you should choose calm and positive tones instead of high-tempo or sad songs with negative energy. In this way, your mood will be strengthened in a positive way, and your mind will be better prepared for sleep.

At the same time, you could listen to ambient sounds that make your mind calmer. Also, you can find some mind relaxing frequencies that help you fall asleep easily. If you listen to calm melodies, your brain perceives that you are safe and any anxiety will decrease. Thus you can get a good deep sleep throughout the night.

Use Breathing Techniques

Using breathing techniques is a useful solution for falling asleep faster. You can do this with a guided meditation app or you just simply do it yourself. Tracking your breathing.

Thus you are nowhere, not in your thoughts, not in your mind. You are only in the now. The power of now is the best way to fall asleep. Thus you only focus on your breath and calm your mind easily. In addition, deep breathing techniques also help your muscles to relax, allowing you to be physically and mentally prepared for a slumber sleep.

Enjoy The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is known as one of the most important techniques for reducing stress Meditating on a regular basis increases your awareness and allows you to gain self-consciousness and look at things from a different perspective.

Pre-sleep meditation calms the brain activity and allows you to experience a calmer and more peaceful sleep. You can find a lot of meditation sessions on Youtube or you can purchase professional meditation apps. In these apps, you can choose a meditation that is suitable for your current mood. Thus you can heal yourself as well as calm your mind.

Frequently, we all might go through hard situations. While some are easily overcome, some of them can be kind of hard to deal with, and mostly when we have these problems, we might be mentally stressed. Our brains work like task managers and at the end of the day, you have to shut down the running programs. It is best to let your brain rest, and wake up ready for the new day.

Sleep habits help our brains to understand sleep routines. Relaxing activities that you can do before sleep might support this process and help you sleep comfortably. Many of us are stressed and nervous due to both work and family problems during the day.

All of these can cause anxiety in us, and when we put our heads on the pillow at night, all these thoughts are constantly circulating in our minds as if they will never go away. That’s why good sleep hygiene helps us to calm our inner voice and have a good sleep.