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Redesign Your Bedroom Around an Electric Bed for Better Rest

21 June 2022

The Need to Adapt

If there’s anything the last few years have taught us, it’s that our lives can shift and change consistently, and when they do, we must find ways to adapt our living spaces accordingly. It’s all too easy to get used to our living and working spaces over time when nothing huge is changing in our lives, but even without global pandemics, we can find our requirements and habits changing, and changing our needs of our spaces too.

Taking stock of our needs of a space can inspire us to redesigning to make our living and working spaces perform better for us and our needs. If you find yourself struggling to get to sleep or rest consistently well, it may be time to reconsider your bedroom.  

There’s a lot to consider in redesigning one of your most important living spaces. Electric beds may not have even been on your radar if you’re considering redesigning your bedroom space for better sleep quality, but you might want to after reading this! The benefits of switching to an electric bed are numerous, and can greatly improve your sleep quality, improving mental and physical health in the process. Let’s explore what you should consider when redesigning your bedroom for better rest, how an electric bed can benefit you, and how you can best style your space.

What To Consider in A Bedroom Redesign

Whenever you come to reconsider the design of a living space, it’s best to start with what you need of the space, and to consider how your present setup is helping, or hindering you.

Do you feel able to achieve calm and restful sleep in your bedroom? Is it doubling up as a home office and in need of hidden storage? Looking at the way you use your bedroom and how harmonious this use feels can determine what needs to change.

If sleep is a struggle, it’s time to look at your bed and mattress and the possibility of upgrading to an ergonomic or electric bed alternative. Lighting and sound levels in your room at night can always disrupt rest, whilst use of colour in a space can go a long way to creating a calming or energising atmosphere. Ample storage that works around the space you have can help a bedroom feel calmer and hide away anything that will distract you from sleep and relaxation.

The Sleep Benefits of An Electric Bed

An electric bed offers plenty of benefits for better sleep and more comfortable relaxation to reduced symptoms of chronic health conditions, and even improved focus, cognition, and mental health.

By allowing customisable levels for both upper and lower parts of the body when lying down, electric beds allow you to find the position you find most comfortable and supports you consistently and reliably throughout the night. Being able to elevate certain parts of the body may help improve circulation or related chronic pressure or swelling in the limbs, whilst calming the symptoms of chronic back, neck, or hip pain, or sciatica. Meanwhile, the improved sleep quality that an electric bed offers can work wonders in improving memory, focus, and cognition, as well as reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Style and Design Tips

With some basic design knowledge and a high-quality electric bed frame that can be used with pre-existing bed frames, it can be incredibly easy to style your bedroom to your exact preferences. The Flexispot EB01, for example, offers three different height options – 3", 6”, or 9” - making integration with an existing bed frame flawless, with ample underbed storage where needed.

Fresh new bed linen, throw cushions and blankets within your chosen colour scheme can help truly tie your bed into your new bedroom design. You can also add in some layered lighting – combining table lamps, standing lamps, as well as overhead lighting – to create a warm, welcoming, and relaxing atmosphere throughout your bedroom.

Texture can also be a strong factor in creating a relaxing bedroom with a high design feel. Layering soft blankets, faux fur carpets, lighter linens or silks within your colour scheme. Layering contrasting textures can help add a feeling of luxury and comfort to your bedroom and highlight your favourite areas of the spaces to remind you of your focus each time you enter your bedroom: a space to relax, recover from the day, sleep well, and prepare for a bright, joyful and productive day tomorrow.

With our starting points for your bedroom redesign plans, our favourite style and design tips, and our brand-new electric bed range now available, there’s no need to delay on rejuvenating your bedroom space. Get ready for a period of better comfort, improved sleep, and greater piece of mind with an inspiring new bedroom and the comfort and support of an electric bed.