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FlexiSpot's Brand Day is Here

17 May 2022

There is a buzz in the air. FlexiSpot’s Brand Day has arrived.

With incredible savings across a wide range of FlexiSpot products, along with giveaways, competitions, free trials, and much more, our Brand Day promises a tantalising array of possibilities that simply cannot be missed.  

Not only is this the very best time to make that long-overdue purchase, but simply by signing up for our newsletter or playing one of our games, you’ll be in with the chance of scooping one of our many prizes on offer, including iPhones, IPads, FlexiSpot products, and cash.

And we’re still not finished. If you’ve always wanted to try out one of our products, why not throw your hat into the ring for a free trial competition and do just that. We are proud to be trialling two of our brand new products, and we’d love to hear what you think of them.  

A lot is going on at FlexiSpot this Brand Day, so to make it all a little easier, we’ve put all of our activities on offer in one convenient place for you to look through.     

Incredible Savings

Why wait for the New Year sales or Black Friday? To celebrate FlexiSpot's Brand Day on 25th May, we’re offering a savings bonanza of up to 38% across all of our ergonomically minded products.

Whether you’re looking for a new office chair or you feel that now is the time to finally test out a cycle desk or a standing desk, between the 23rd and 31st May, our prices are dropping to unmissable levels.   

If there’s something you’ve had your eye on for a while now but have felt a little unsure about because of the price, now is the time to take some action. With our prices being slashed, there’s never been a better - or more logical time to make a FlexiSpot purchase.   

Our Great Big Giveaway

FlexiSpot’s Super Sale is coming and to celebrate we have an exciting competition that can see you take home an iPad 2021 (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB), a Comhar EG8 standing desk, or a Sit2Go Fitness Chair.  

All you need to do is log in using one of the nine options at the bottom of the page to reveal our points scoring system. For example, subscribing to our email newsletter comes with ten points, following us on Instagram will get you 4 points, and joining our Facebook group will net you 3 points. Quite simply, the more points you score, the higher your chances of success.

And to add a little extra spice, we’re offering a Desk Bike V9 worth £300 to whoever successfully refers the most friends to FlexiSpot using the fifth option once you have signed up.  

Subscribe Now

Want to get 8% off your first order with FlexiSpot with a simple click? Those who subscribe to our newsletter will not only see a handy 8% knocked off their first order, but we’ll also send you our monthly update on the latest discounts & products from FlexiSpot, prize draws for free trials of new products, cash prizes and much more.

But if that wasn’t enticing enough, one lucky person will win an iPhone 13 simply for signing up for our newsletter. The winner will be announced on 26th May and will be contacted via email as well as being announced on our website.

Free Trial

We have selected two of our finest new arrivals, the 8-in-1 standing desk Q8 and the Adjustable Bed EB011, to be part of our free trial. Ten testers will be selected when registration ends on the 20th of June and each will then receive one of the test products to trial for a few days after which we’ll ask that you share your opinion with us.

The 8-in-1 standing desk Q8 is a superb bamboo topped height-adjustable desk, with charging points and Keyboard-tabletop integration which is currently retailing at £699.99.

The Adjustable Bed EB011, priced at £379.99, is an exciting addition to the FlexiSpot family that will help to revolutionise how you sleep. Available in three height options and a head adjustment range that moves smoothly from 0 to 60 degrees, this is the bed that targets back pain, and reduces snoring, sleep apnea, and discomfort during pregnancy.

Whether you have your eye on the standing desk or adjustable bed, it couldn’t be easier to sign up for a chance to be one of our ten lucky testers.    

Test your Speed

Feeling luck? Then why not give our stopwatch challenge a whirl. Simply hit the Long Press button and if the timer stops at one of the three predetermined times, 1.11 seconds, 3.33 seconds, or 5.25 seconds, it’s your lucky day. Should you be a winner, you’ll be asked for your email address to claim your prize.  

With prizes like that on offer with one simple click, you’d be crazy not to take part.    

FlexiSpot’s Brand Day

Help us celebrate our Brand Day this 25th May in true style. Now is the perfect time to make that overdue purchase and with so many competitions and giveaways on offer, why not see whether FlexiSpot’s Brand Day is also your Lucky Day.