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Active Seating Chairs: What is It, How It Works, and Why You Should Try It

11 July 2022

As a result of long working hours, office staff can get very tired both physically and mentally. That’s why problems with posture occur, sitting for hours hunched over a desk is good for no one's back.

Discomfort from incorrect sitting postures affects the productivity and performance of employees and only worsens over time if not addressed. Instead of sitting on a chair throughout the day, standing might be more helpful in minimizing the potential pain that you feel.

When you work in the office environment, you may stay too still in one position, and your muscles and joints tense up as a result. Over time, blood circulation in your body slows down and this can serious issues for your muscles and joints. An active seating such as the adjustable wobble stool can help eliminate the negative consequences of sitting at your desk 8 hours a day.

What Is Active Sitting?

Active sitting is the act of using a chair that enables you to move in all directions. They are usually stools, and they require you to use your core muscles. You may experience a loss of concentration and focus in a standard chair, but active chairs keep the body and brain engaged.

If you tend to feel quite tired or even sleepy in ordinary chairs, an active seating chair can help keep you alert and vigorous throughout the day.

If you use an active seating chair, you will always be moving your body, or engaging your core while you stay still, which is turn helps you to feel more comfortable when you go home and rest in a lounge chair. Moving frequently is essential for the correct functioning of our body system. Since blood circulation will be properly moving around a body that is active, the oxygen levels remain more stable and your major organs, especially the brain, will see a huge benefit.

How Does Active Sitting Work?

Although active sitting may sound a little different, it is definitely something to try. It's very interesting to but the theory into practice and observe the results.

When you try active seating chairs for the first time, you may feel a little uncomfortable, but the truth is, this is normal. These chairs will keep you moving, instead of holding you in one position for hours like regular chairs liek you are used to. It will take a few days or weeks for you to properly adjust to a active seat, btu after a while your body will respond.

These chairs will be your best assistant, especially during the endles shifts, and projects the require a great deal of concentration. Active seating keeps your body more dynamic and energetic. Also as you move your body, your mind will be more active.

Active sitters are more concentrated and alert than normal, as they will constantly reaching for a state of balance. Therefore, fewer mistakes leads to less stress and decreased workloads, a win-win all around.

Keeps You Moving

Some might prefer to use an exercise machine at a standing desk, such as under-desk elliptical machines that keep your body moving while you focus on your work. However, if you are worried about sweating, especially during the summer the wobble stool may be the better alternative.

Active seating chairs are a great product that will keep you on the move all day and at the same time will not tire you too much. When you sit in a normal position the whole day, your body will become dull and weaken after a while. In addition, if you sit in a normal office chair for a long time without moving, you are more easily distracted and can lose your concentration. Active seating chairs keep you more alert and able to focus on your tasks.

Supports Weightloss

Another thing to consider is that sitting in the same position without moving the whole day can cause you to gain excess weight. For this reason, active seating chairs give you the opportunity to move while you are working and thus you will burn more calories than normal throughout the day. While sitting on active seating chairs, your core muscles are constantly functioning. This bolsters physical strength.

The usual back and leg pains experienced by people who sit in normal chairs for a long time are very rare in employees using active seating chairs. Active seating chairs keep the whole body in motion, ensuring that the muscles and joints are constantly active. They better support our bodies' natural inclination to remain upright and in motion. For this reason, being on the move while you work is very beneficial for your physical health and keeps you motivated.

Active sitting chairs allow you to move your muscles while working, letting you be constantly active throughout the day. In this way, while your core muscles are working, your body is in motion. Offering a great experience, especially for office workers, Flexispot is breaking new ground in your office life with the introduction of active seating chairs.