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5 Ways To Combat Winter Depression

15 December 2021

The winter can be daunting for those with seasonal affective disorders. Waking to a dark morning, feeling constantly cold and hardly seeing any sunshine can take its emotional toll. As many as 10-20% of us get depressed in the winter, yet feel fine again in the summer. This phenomenon is common and yet so few people speak about it. But, the good news is, there are ways to combat that. Here are 5 ways you can make living, working and socialising more enjoyable - even in the winter months - and combat that season-related depression.

1. Be cosy and comfortable

Imagine sitting in a dark room, on a hard chair, in front of a glaring computer screen with limited heating and no atmosphere. It’s enough to make anyone miserable. Staying warm, cosy and comfortable throughout the day is a great way to maintain a more positive mood. Instead of sitting in darkness, get yourself a cosy lamp with a warm glow to it. Place flowers on your table to remind yourself that Spring is coming. Put on some music or watch some TV as you work. As for your chair, get yourself a seriously comfortable ergonomic chair to ensure maximum comfort. Ergonomic chairs are different to regular chairs. They are designed with your comfort and health in mind. Every essential part of your body is properly supported when you sit in an ergonomic chair. Your neck, back and overall posture will feel remarkably better. In turn, you’ll feel more comfortable and happier while at work.

2. Practise gratitude

Even if you find winter miserable, there is always something to be thankful about. You can always find someone worse off than you, and therefore it’s crucial that you recognise the good things in your day and try to appreciate them. It might be coffee you had with a friend, or the smell of the roses on your desk, or the fact that you have a warm house to sleep in at night. This type of mindfulness can keep you focused and positive. If you are sitting comfortably, take a moment and appreciate that. If you are laughing at someone’s joke, take note of the fact you are laughing. Soon enough, you will realise just how joyful life is, and leave the winter blues behind you.

4. Stay organised and on top of your work

Getting behind at work during the winter months is only going to make you feel worse. Keeping a tidy and organised desk can help declutter the mind and reduce stress levels. In fact, one study showed that ‘nervousness’ was reduced by more than a quarter when a person mindfully cleans their environment. Tidy house, tidy mind is the common expression! If you’re a little bit disorganised by nature, you might want to invest in some desk organisers and cable separators to make your environment more palatable. You will soon notice a profound difference in your outlook and productivity.

5. Eat wholesome foods

Treat yourself. Not just to junk food but to wholesome, soul-warming foods. Soups, stews, noodles, broths - whatever makes you feel warm inside. Make it flavoursome and nourishing. Good nutrition helps balance brain activity and is directly linked to improve mental wellbeing. You may also feel more energised if you’ve had all your recommended nutrients. You can also take vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D is only naturally found in the sunlight. If you are not exposed to the sun, your vitamin D levels can plummet. This can make you feel tired, cold and miserable. Therefore, a dose of vitamin D every day could be all that’s needed to keep the blues away.

6. Socialise

Friendships are invaluable during times of stress and depression. If the winter is getting you down and you are not in the office due to remote working, then you are more prone to staying in a depression slump. Make sure you seek out friends to meet with, chat with on the phone or even do a virtual call with. If you are remote working and struggling with your mental health, please be sure to reach out to your employer.

The Bottom Line

At Flexispot, we want to make sure you are comfortable, healthy and happy when at work. We do this by providing a range of ergonomic furniture that meets your needs. Having the right furniture boosts productivity, makes your body feel more comfortable and improves your mental health - especially during these long winter months. If you’d like to speak to us about our ergonomic office chairs, standing desks or any of our gaming furniture, we are here to help. Use the website LiveChat link to speak to a team member.